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Zehn is an enemy that appears in The Evil Within and The Executioner.

The Evil Within

Zehn is one of the two giant guardians of the church, released in the maze-like area found in Chapter 6. Not much is known about Zehn, except that he is Neun's twin brother. Physically, his head seems slightly deformed, and a tumorous mass carrying up from the side of his neck nearly envelopes his right eye. He is known to be the more cowardly of the two, and wields a large stone club, which he will swing around and bash the ground with while fighting opponents.

As Sebastian and Joseph approach the maze-like area before the church grounds, Joseph runs along the top of the wall, telling Sebastian that the path leads to the church, and that he'll provide cover for him with a sniper rifle should anything go awry. As Sebastian follows along the path, he comes across a Masked Haunted, which runs up to a wall and pulls a lever, raising up a metal portcullis, revealing Zehn, kneeling down, his arms chained to the walls. Zehn angrily breaks free from his chains and kills the Masked Haunted, and then proceeds to grab a stone club from a pile of dead bodies. Sebastian must take the giant down to proceed, though if he runs past him, his brother, Neun, will break down a brick wall and charge towards him, meaning Sebastian will have to take them both on at once. Defeating both of the giants unlocks the Two on Two achievement.

The Executioner

He is the second enemy boss encountered in the DLC The Executioner. Marta Martin described Zehn (still human) as "a tall man", who kept talking to his brother even when she could not see him. Scared by his strange behavior, she runs away from him, and when she looks back she witnesses him turning into his monster form. In the STEM transcripts, Zehn is shown having a conversation with his brother, asking him why he is not turning into the monster but his own body is.

The Keeper (Pedro Martin) battles Zehn in the same place that Sebastian did, but unlike Sebastian's fight with him, the Keeper's hammer attacks have little effect on Zehn. Instead, the Keeper can use several arrow launchers in the vicinity to temporarily stun him, and use Zehn's own club to deal significant damage. However, this has to be done several times to down him completely.

In the Final Execution Chamber challenge, Zehn appears once more, alongside the Sadist, Fat Cadavers, and other enemies.


  • Zehn is German for 10. Despite Zehn's name being a higher number than his twin, Neun, Zehn often appears in the maze first.
  • Neun and Zehn were born as craniopagus conjoined twins. After defeating them, a document can be found on a desk showing two babies joined at the skull, with the names "Neun" and "Zehn" at the top.