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You Had This Coming is a secret achievement in The Executioner DLC.


This achievement requires the player to fight and defeat Sebastian Castellanos during a New Game+ run of The Executioner. Upon completing the DLC once and loading the cleared save and defeating the turned Joseph Oda, an additional boss chamber will appear in the same location as the grinder traps in the main campaign (i.e. opposite of the Victoriano manor's master bedroom). 

Sebastian has relatively high health, about on par with the Amalgam Alpha and has increased resistance to the Rocket Launcher and barbed wire traps. He uses a Magnum and Agony Crossbow loaded with Explosive bolts during combat.

The achievement is unlocked after defeating him here along with the Golden Hammer. Doing so in the hidden Final Execution chamber does not grant the achievement.


  • Sebastian's Magnum has a very high stagger rate and takes off a huge chunk of health from the player with each shot, so unless there's ample cover to exploit, charging blindly at him will not end very well.
  • A sound strategy versus Sebastian is to sit in a secluded corner and riddling the entrance with traps and wait for him to come to the player. Despite his resistance to barbed wire mines, he will still be immobilized by them for a short while, so spamming these can effectively stun-lock him and opening him up for several hammer blows.
    • The Sword is great for shaving off huge chunks of his health if it's available. The chainsaw is also viable, though great care must be exercised, as he will retaliate once the trap wears off.
    • Spamming Dynamite or Molotov Cocktails can bring down his health rapidly.


  • In the Japanese version of the game, Psychobreak, this achievement is called "セバス・マスト・ダイ", meaning "Seb・Must・Die".