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What´s In The Box?! is a secret achievement in The Evil Within.


This is a story related achievement and is unlocked in Chapter 7: The Keeper by beating the level's titular boss.


  • As The Keeper must be defeated at least twice in order to progress, this achievement is unavoidable. The Keeper himself is fairly weak despite his intimidating appearance.
    • About three to five point-plank hits from the Shotgun or about one and a half cylinder of Handgun fire will take him down. Otherwise the Agony Crossbow and Grenades will also make short work of him if the player plans the explosions carefully.


  • The achievement title is a reference to the climactic scene at the end of the crime thriller movie Se7en, specifically the part where the protagonist demands to know what's contained in the box sent to him by the antagonist. In both cases, the boxes contain an unseen head.