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Various weapons and character upgrades are made available to the player during the course of The Executioner DLC. Most of these are obtainable as the player clears out the many areas of the Victoriano manor, though some will require achieving certain feats to unlock.


The game starts by giving the player the Hammer for free, while the rest of the loadout can be obtained from slaying various bosses throughout the mansion. Unlike the upgrading mechanics of the main campaign, player gear in The Executioner only allows for damage improvements, and capacity upgrades if applicable. Player stats are additionally limited to Health and Movement Speed increases, though the streamlining does not impact gameplay all that much considering how straightforward it already is.

Both upgrades and weapons require Memory Tokens Memory Tokens to purchase, which can be obtained from killing enemies, using the Memory Scanner in certain locations, or randomly from smashing furniture.

Weapons Edit

Hammer Tokens:

Chainsaw Tokens:

TExe Rocket Launcher Tokens:

Sword Tokens:

Barbedwiretrap Tokens:

Dynamite Tokens:

Molotovcocktail Tokens:

Character upgrades Edit