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Valerio Jimenez is a minor character in The Evil Within. He is the brother of Marcelo Jimenez and was Leslie Withers' original doctor.

The Evil Within

Valerio is encountered in Chapter 4 as one of the Haunted. After Sebastian and Marcelo escape the Sadist in Elk River, they pass under a large wooden gate and into a deeper part of the village, which Jimenez informs Sebastian to be called "the Hospice". The doctor tells Sebastian that his brother lives there and can provide them with shelter.

The two seek out his Hospice and hear a sinister voice coming from inside. Sebastian enters cautiously, and they find the doctor hunched over a slab in a back room, talking to himself. Sebastian advises Marcelo not to approach the seemingly working Valerio, to which he ignores and walks in anyways, introducing the two. Marcelo stops suddenly as he notices Valerio is not himself. Chunks of viscera fall to the floor as Valerio looks over his shoulder from the body he had been eviscerating and hisses at the two, raising his large scalpel. Sebastian frantically puts down the abberant doctor in self-defense, Marcelo in utter disbelief.

Afterwards, Sebastian experiences another STEM headache and a flashback of Valerio's transformation into a Haunted appears; Valerio is seen screaming maniacally about an 'itch' located on his left temple, which he madly scratches open in desperation. Valerio is seen with red veins all over his body like other Haunted and begins mutilating a portion of his scalp as he fades away.


He appears as a tall, overweight man wearing a white button up shirt, a brown vest, brown trousers, black shoes and a red tie. He also sports wire rim glasses and a thick mustache on his upper lip.





  • Valerio is the only Haunted that is heard speaking in the main game, as he sings before the player alerts him. The other would be Oscar Connelly, who speaks to Kidman in the beginning of The Assignment.
  • Valerio's transformation in the flashback sequence is yet another reference to the Resident Evil videogame series, in which Shinji Mikami previously worked on. Specifically, the infamous Keeper's Diary from Resident Evil 1 and it's remake. The diary detailing the final days of a mansion groundkeeper who got infected by a bioengineered virus along with his gradually deteriorating mental psyche as seen in his writing. The diary then ends with final words of the owner who complaining about "Itchy. Tasty" after having already killed and ate one of his co-worker. After the player finished reading, the groundkeeper, now fully zombified, will burst forth from the nearby closet and attacks the player.