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Union Security is a detachment of MOBIUS agents assigned to the town of Union as guards, monitors and peacekeepers. After the downfall of Union, many of its members perished, either due to the townscape's structural shifting, their own damaged psyche, or at the hands of Stefano Valentini and the various creatures roaming the town.


Prior to the downfall of Union, these MOBIUS agents were stationed in the town to keep the inhabitants safe, and to monitor its developmental status as well as acting as a rudimentary police force. Copious numbers of them are posted throughout the town, either at checkpoints or in Safe Houses, while the non-combating few monitor all activities throughout Union from The Marrow. All members of Union Security are openly armed, and the detachment possesses many armories hidden throughout the town and its locales.

Notable members

"Fuck 'em. Let 'em fend for themselves. This ain't the Marines anymore."
―Ryan Turner disregarding the technicians.

Ryan Turner is an ex-US Marine and partner of James Hayes. Sebastian Castellanos comes across several residual memories of Turner during Chapter 3's TEW2 quest side.png Rogue Signal side quest, where the latter discusses going through with MOBIUS' Alpha One Emergency by hunting down and killing remaining civilians, so that they don't turn into more of The Lost. Due to the gravity of the situation, Turner openly elects to go rogue and abandon his fellow agents to their fates. Ryan Turner is presumably alive as of Sebastian's arrival, as the player's Communicator can intercept some of his messages at certain points.

Soon after, Turner is seemingly separated from Hayes and visits several weapon caches on his own before heading to the Visitor's Center directly across from Liam O'Neal's safe house, where he is intercepted, bound and executed by Stefano Valentini.

James Hayes is Ryan Turner's partner and former comrade in the US Army. He does not make much of an appearance in the game proper, only briefly during the initial residual memory of TEW2 quest side.png Rogue Signal, where he shows some modicum of consideration towards his fellow agents, unlike Turner who elects to abandon them to their fates. Hayes and Turner split up shortly afterwards, and the latter is not seen again which leaves his fate ambiguous, though he likely visited the North Safe House before going dark as the residual memory of the deceased agent inside mentions him by name.

It is worthy of note that Hayes does not have a unique character model, him appearing identical to various corpses around Union and the agent who died protecting Liam O'Neal.

Randall Figg is one of the many MOBIUS agents who fell prey to Stefano Valentini. Barely anything at all is known about him, and his corpse is only briefly encountered at the end of TEW2 quest side.png Rogue Signal, after Sebastian is surprised by Valentini when trying to leave the Visitor's Center. Figg was apparently shot in the head by Valentini's Magnum, then frozen with a camera snapshot, leaving his corpse strung up in stasis with a quasi-exhibition arranged around him.

Jonah Constant is a member of the security detail assigned to the Union City Hall to protect the Stable Field Emitter. Like his teammates and fellow MOBIUS agent Miles Harrison, Constant was attacked and slain by Stefano Valentini prior to Sebastian Castellanos' arrival at the City Hall, him being shot in the head and captured in stasis as his body is falling to the ground floor from a balcony.

Constant's corpse vanishes upon resetting the Stable Field Emitter.

Agent Stevens is a female member of the MOBIUS security detail. Sometime prior to Sebastian's arrival, Stevens was tasked to retrieve a nearby MOBIUS APC so that she and fellow operative Lawson could escape the town, but was injured halfway, likely by a Guardian. Bleeding out and backed into a corner, Stevens panicked, but then quickly resigned to her fate as she's gradually expiring from the blood loss. Shortly before dying, Stevens apologised to Lawson, lamenting her failure to save either of them and indirectly causing the death of both.

Her corpse can be found next to her last Residual Memory in the Business District, being fed on by a Lost. Searching Stevens' body reveals a Storage Shed Key that the player could use to unlock the shack next to Post Plus, where the Full-Barreled Shotgun is located.

Agent Lawson is one of several MOBIUS operatives who were left stranded in the Business District after the fracturing of Union. His corpse is found in the entrance hall to Post Plus next to his Residual Memory, having bled out while waiting for Stevens to return with an APC.

The wounds resulting in his death were likely caused by a Guardian, or the Lament stomping around outside the safe house. The latter is more likely, since it was big enough to nearly rip his arm off, and was particularly tough that Lawson's own Handgun was found to be inadequate in driving it off. Since Stevens took off with the storage shed key, Lawson was unable to retrieve the Full-Barreled Shotgun to defend himself and bled out in the safe house.

Agent Watkins was one of several operatives stationed inside The Marrow before Union's destruction. He was last seen near the collapsed tunnel leading to Exit B2, having been trapped by the cut-off. Watkins was likely trying to reach the Business District prior to his disappearance, though finds himself unable to go through with the plan due to the gas leak. He pleaded with MOBIUS Command to send backup, though was promptly abandoned by his superiors. Watkins is last heard cursing his commanding officer before the Residual Memory abruptly ended.

Watkins' gas mask is strongly implied to be the one retrieved by Liam O'Neal for Sebastian's use.



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