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Two on Two is a secret achievement in The Evil Within.


This is a story related achievement and is unlocked in Chapter 6: Losing Grip on Ourselves by defeating the twin giants, Neun and Zehn.


  • The courtyard just past the arch next to where Zehn was contained has a large statue with a crawlspace that can be used as a convenient hiding area. Simply run past Zehn as he is released and hide in this tunnel, the twins will give chase and eventually get bored after a short while. Use this opportunity to pop out, get in a few shots and duck back in when they start charging again.
    • As the twins will be completely out in the open using this method, Joseph can be of great help as he will always have line of sight to his enemies.


  • Despite the achievement's name implying a coordinated effort between the two detectives to take down the twins, it is entirely possible to take them on with Sebastian alone and it will unlock regardless.
    • This is most easily achieved if the player manages to stand ground when Zehn first appears and subsequently defeating the brothers on their own. The large statue nearby will deny Joseph of line of sight, thus leaving him out of the battle entirely.
  • Also of note is the achievement image, which depicts two Zehns instead of both brothers at once.