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The two Torn Letters are collectibles found in The Assignment and The Consequence. They are notes written by Ruvik that were torn into fragments and hidden around the maps in small safes. When reassembled, they can be read and will provide more insight into his thoughts, as well as the incident in The Evil Within.

Torn Letters

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The article or section below may contain minor to major plot spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.


First Letter

TEW1 Torn Letter 1.png


I sensed it the moment Marcelo triggered the machine.

He had removed my mind from the core. He thought he figured out how to get around me, but he is such a fool. The brain is nothing but matter. My consciousness is omnipresent.

I can see them all: their memories, their thoughts... their fears.

And by pulling in so many people I will consume them all. From the weakest first, each mind gives me more power to conquer.

Where does my world end and reality begin? From now on, that line begins to blur.


Location: See the Letter Scraps list below.


Second Letter

TEW1 Torn Letter 2.png


This machine, this system... I was reborn inside and I will be reborn again. For every person STEM touches, a seed of myself will be within them. Piece by piece I will corrupt you, consume you.

I envision a world where a mere glance of the eye will allow me to spread on to the next. Just as you said, I am a ghost, but now I have a vessel in all of you.

The man from Mobius... he entered here lusting for some sort of power long ago.

As for you... Kid... even if you happen to escape, I will leave my mark on you as I did to him.


Location: See the Letter Scraps list below.

Letter Scraps

# Image Location Chapter
TEW1 Letter 1 Fragment 1.png

After navigating past the first Haunted patrolling the hall, Juli will end up in a lit room with a cart blocking her way forward. The safe containing this scrap will be on a desk to her right. The four-digit combination is random each playthrough, but is always marked with bloody fingerprints, with the correct order being one with the most blood to one with the least.

An Oath

TEW1 Letter 1 Fragment 2.png

After spotting Leslie Withers in the hall, Juli will come across a save point. From this save point, proceed down the hall past the automatic doors, but don't follow the two Haunted at the foot of the stairs into the next room yet. Instead, round the left corner and duck through the vent into the nearby lounge. The safe will be on a coffee table with three color-coded dials, the combination of which can be found on three large pictures nearby: the motivational image, Modern Art Keeper and the landscape photograph. Shine the Flashlight on these pictures to see the numbers.

An Oath

TEW1 Letter 1 Fragment 3.png

An Oath

TEW1 Letter 1 Fragment 4.png

An Oath

TEW1 Letter 1 Fragment 5.png

Crossing Paths

TEW1 Letter 1 Fragment 6.png

Crossing Paths

TEW1 Letter 1 Fragment 7.png

Crossing Paths

TEW1 Letter 1 Fragment 8.png

Crossing Paths


  • When arranging the letter scraps with a PlayStation or Xbox gamepad, using the D-pad and tapping the directional keys slightly can help with precise placement, since the analog stick causes the pieces to move very quickly.
  • The letter scraps need not be perfectly placed for the whole letters to assemble. Just putting them close enough to each other in the correct arrangement is enough, and the complete letters will snap into place when the last pieces are moved into position. Do try to place them within the given frames, however.


A Warning.jpg A Warning
15 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Complete the hidden letter in The Assignment.
This is Just the Beginning.jpg This is Just the Beginning
15 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Complete the hidden letter in The Consequence.


  • The handwritten letters are worded slightly differently from their transcripts in the game.
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