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This is a timeline for the collective events transpiring throughout the Evil Within franchise. Please ensure that all dates are official, referenced and appear chronologically. Please also note that while this timeline is primarily factual, some dates may be speculated or inferred. In addition, this timeline may reference a variety of content, the canonicity of which may require validation.


Pliocene Epoch

Pre-18th Century

  • MOBIUS is founded by "the superiors", and begin various forms of research.
  • Krimson City is officially founded.


Throughout the 19th century, many important characters to the series are born, in addition to the founding of several key locations, namely Beacon Mental Hospital or Cedar Hill Church, which was responsible for extreme indoctrination and manipulation over the years, even leading to the cultists throughout the villages performing ritual sacrifices for the botched products of their negligent experimentation, as well as catacombs filled with mummified bodies beneath the courtyards.














  • Oscar Connelly is born.
  • Young Ruben begins slowly disecting decapitated pig heads and drawing diagrams based on their anatomy, alongside sunflowers, which his mother loved, and grew around their home.
  • Ruben Victoriano meets Dr. Marcelo Jimenez, who adopts him as a protégé. 
  • Founder of Beacon Mental Hospital "dies". 


  • December 22 - Stefano Valentini is born.
  • Yukiko Hoffman is born.
  • Laura Victoriano is gravely injured in a barn fire caused by the villagers of Cedar Hill, and later dies subsequently from her wounds.
  • Krimson Park Carnival opens.
  • Ernesto Victoriano takes to locking his son Ruben away in their basement out of shame, and lies to his wife about it.





  • Dana Robinson is born.
  • Ray Shaw dies in an accident at Silver River Power Plant.


  • Patrick Higgins is likely abducted by Salvador Graciano to reduce risk exposure of embezzlement/impropriety bylaw violation associated with Ernesto Victoriano.


  • Ruvik escapes from basement and murders parents Ernesto and Beatriz Victoriano.
  • April 28 - Smog growth in Krimson City worsens.
  • September 14 - Krimson City phone lines begin playing a white noise.


  • Marta Martin is born.
  • Without parents or a lawyer, Ruvik is unable to continue donating to Beacon Mental Hospital, and is temporarily cut off from resources by Marcelo Jimenez. Mourning the loss of his beloved sister, Ruvik formulates a plan for a device that can allow him to live the life he should have had, and to be with Laura once again, using his vast knowledge of neuroscience to begin construction of it.


  • Juli Kidman runs away from Cedar Hill village and makes her way to Krimson City.
  • Ruvik begins trapping the "vermin" of Cedar Hill and perfoming live vivisections on their brains, studying the different regions and their agony threshold.


  • October 26 - Hurricane Tucca heads for Krimson City.


  • Twin orphans Neun and Zehn are taken in by the Cedar Hill Church.


During the early 2000's, many characters begin pursuing their goals, whether it be for benevolence or malevolence. Marcelo Jimenez takes Ruvik to MOBIUS, and a deal is worked out in which they provide him with the necessary supplies, and in turn he utilizes them for greater opportunities to pursue his research, which he was then obligated to share with them. In the meantime, signs of a newer brand of villainy begin surfacing.


  • Foreman Chris Taylor reported missing, likely abducted by Salvador Graciano's men after workers under his watch contacted the Krimson Post regarding sepulchers beneath the transept.
  • Fernando Cabrera filed missing.


  • November - Sebastian Castellanos earns his gold badge.
  • December - Sebastian Castellanos is promoted to the rank of "detective" and partnered with Myra Hanson.


  • February - Myra Hanson suffers a near-fatal gunshot wound while in pursuit of a suspect.
  • March - Sebastian Castellanos is re-assigned to detective Joseph Oda. Myra Hanson agrees to go on a date with Sebastian.
  • September 17 - Sebastian Castellanos and Myra Hanson's marriage.


  • January 15 - Krimson City ex-mayor Prescott donates fortune to charity.
  • June 18 - Lily Lynh Castellanos is born.


  • May 5 - Fernando Cabrera found sequestered away at Beacon Mental Hospital.


  • June 16 - Lily Castellanos' first day of preschool.
    • Number of disappearances within Krimson City has proliferated exponentially.
  • Juli Kidman visits hometown of Cedar Hill; oddly rendered vacant.
    • Likely coincided with disappearances of Salvador Graciano and several parishioners, such as Fernando Cabrera, who was last sighted near Beacon Mental Hospital.
  • Jack serves during a peacekeeping rotation in the Middle East, and is traumatized for the rest of his life from his experiences there.
    • It is quite possible that this is the same war Stefano Valentini covered, in turn suffering a shrapnel wound to the eye, nearly penetrating his brain. The disturbing imagery likely played some part in the deterioration of his sanity.
  • Cedar Hill's populace spent, Ruvik begins searching new locations for potential test subjects, Elk River and Pine Creek seeming quite opportune cesspools.


  • Kate Mellor is abducted by Ruvik, later dying during experimentation.
  • With newfound access to the patients of Beacon Mental Hospital, Ruvik hits a breakthrough in his research, the twisted minds of the disabled much more suited to his needs than the hapless villagers of Krimson City's outskirts.
  • Krimson Subway derails at Echo Falls, twelve injured, twenty killed via drug overdose. Krimson City General faces lawsuit.


  • Ivan Diaz becomes too suspicious and is abducted by Ruvik at Marcelo Jimenez' command, and connected to STEM.
  • Ruvik discovers Patient 105: Leslie Withers, and is dumbfounded upon realizing that the was the perfect compatible subject all along.
  • Ruvik is abducted by MOBIUS; his brain is then extracted and used as the core for the prototype STEM system he had nearly completed.
    • March 16 - Victoriano Estate is burned down by MOBIUS.
    • Marcelo Jimenez discovers a small portion of influential research left behind in the wreckage (presumably in a safe), and decides to utilize it to his advantage, even publishing Ruvik's findings as his own. Ruvik's unbridled fury regarding it becomes so concentrated that it manifests itself within STEM in the form of a monster known as The Keeper.
  • Emily Lewis is murdered by Stefano Valentini.
    • September 23 - A newspaper article reported Emily's death.
  • Laura (Creature) drives her claws through Ruth Shaw's back, killing her.
  • Paul Carey is mauled by the Haunted.
  • Dana Robinson manually disconnects herself from the STEM prototype, killing herself from within.


  • February 11 - Castellanos household is burnt down.
    • Lily Castellanos is kidnapped by MOBIUS.
    • Juanita Flores dies in fire at Castellanos household.
  • February 27 - Lily Castellanos' funeral is held.
  • March - Lowest temperatures in March since 1813.
  • July 11 - Sebastian Castellanos has taken up drinking.
    • Myra Hanson begins investigating MOBIUS.
  • August - Sebastian Castellanos and Joseph Oda are assigned junior detective Juli Kidman.
  • September 1 - Myra Hanson leaves home to pursue investigation of MOBIUS.
  • December 20 - Sebastian Castellanos begins personal investigation regarding Myra Hanson's disappearance.


  • March 13 - Joseph Oda reports Sebastian Castellanos to Internal Affairs.
  • The Administrator recieves an orbitoclast scar on his left hand from Ruvik after exiting STEM.


  • July 18 - Juli Kidman is given a peculiar infusion by MOBIUS.
    • Marcelo Jimenez activates experimental wireless STEM terminal.
    • Sebastian Castellanos, Joseph Oda, Oscar Connelly and Juli Kidman arrive at Beacon Mental Hospital.
    • Sebastian Castellanos, Joseph Oda, Oscar Connelly, Juli Kidman, Marcelo Jimenez and Leslie Withers enter STEM inadvertently.
  • Oscar Connelly transforms into a Haunted.
  • Marcelo Jimenez is killed by the Amalgam Alpha.
  • Joseph Oda is unintentionally shot by Juli Kidman and falls into a comatose state.
  • Ivan Diaz passes away within STEM.
  • Ruvik assumes control over Leslie Withers' consciousness.
  • Juli Kidman overcomes her fear and escapes STEM.
    • An orbitoclast scar appears on her left hand afterwards.
  • Sebastian Castellanos is freed from STEM by Juli Kidman.
  • Pedro Martin enters STEM to save his daughter, Marta Martin, from losing her identity and fading away.
  • Samuel Dista defects from MOBIUS and goes rogue against them in Krimson City.
  • October 16 - Mu Centers founded approximately around this time.


  • Sebastian begins seeing a therapist.
  • Investigator Tobias is murdered by the Nursery Rhyme Killer.
  • The Nursery Rhyme Killer is killed by Juli Kidman.
  • January 13 - Stefano Valentini hosts solo show at Krimson Art Gallery.


  • By now, Sebastian Castellanos has lost his job at the Krimson City Police Department due to his seemingly delusional stories.
  • A coup is devised by Myra Hanson, Esmeralda Torres, Juli Kidman and Theodore Wallace to overthrow MOBIUS.


  • The world of Union is created by MOBIUS using the advanced STEM system.
    • Stefano Valentini enters Union.
    • Theodore Wallace enters Union.
    • Myra Hanson enters Union.
  • Alpha Team sent into Union to retrieve missing core.
    • William Baker is killed by Stefano Valentini.
    • Ryan Turner is killed by Stefano Valentini.
  • October 13 - Sebastian is abducted by MOBIUS, and willingly re-enters STEM to save his daughter.
  • Miles Harrison bleeds out in Union City Hall.
  • Stefano Valentini is killed by Sebastian Castellanos.
  • Liam O'Neal is killed by Sebastian Castellanos.
  • Esmeralda Torres is fatally wounded by the Lost.
  • Yukiko Hoffman is incinerated.
  • Theodore Wallace is killed by Myra Hanson.
  • Limbo collapses.
    • Myra Hanson dies as Limbo collapses.
  • The Administrator is killed by Juli Kidman.
    • MOBIUS is allegedly rendered defunct.
  • Sebastian Castellanos rescues Lily Castellanos.
  • Juli Kidman's orbitoclast scar heals.

Uncertain Dates

The Administrator's Birth

Pedro Martin's Birth

Esmeralda's Birth

Ivan's Birth

Leslie's Parent's Death

Arnold Brown's Death

Detective Arnold Brown was lobotomized by Ruvik after apparently acquiring significant evidence regarding related cases, though was dispatched before he could make it to the precinct. Whether or not he was captured in late 2011, before Ruvik was abducted by MOBIUS, or late 2014, possibly being one of the officers on-scene at Beacon Mental Hospital shortly before Marcelo Jimenez is unknown. While it would seem more likely that he was killed in late 2011, his body is strangely seen in STEM in 2014, though if he arrived in 2014, it would be unlikely that information regarding his possession of evidence regarding said case could be gathered before he was subsequently pulled into STEM.