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Theodore Wallace's Domain is a location found in The Evil Within 2.

Background Edit

This area is mainly where Theodore Wallace inhabits. His domain consists of a stronghold that is hidden from plain sight with the Stable Field Emitter activated that he forced Liam O'Neal to build, along with a pit where dead bodies are thrown away.

When the Stable Field Emitter was destroyed, Theodore's stronghold appeared in front of the Business District, surrounded by an impenetrable wall of fire.

Areas Edit

Bottomless PitEdit

A dark area filled with a shallow sea of blood and rubble. Contains traces of Sebastian's life Theodore took from his memories.

Theodore's StrongholdEdit

Theodore's hideout and base of operations. It was found in the Business District of Union, hidden from plain sight with the Stable Field Emitter and surrounded by a wall of impenetrable fire when revealed.

The Evil Within 2 Edit

Chapter 9: Another Evil Edit

After killing Stefano, Sebastian returns to his room where he finds candles and altars. Investigating them will bring Sebastian in the cell block of Theodore's domain. As he progresses through the realm, he finds an illusion of Lily in which becomes a wall of fire where Sebastian will encounter his first Disciples.

He then approaches Theodore Wallace, who convinces him to hunt down Myra to kidnap Lily for himself. Refraining from doing so, Sebastian is washed away by a huge river of blood, sending him back into Union.

Chapter 12: Bottomless Pit Edit

Chapter 14: Burning the Altar Edit

After Hoffman sacrifices herself while breaching Theodore's stronghold, Sebastian must climb to the top of the stronghold where Theodore awaits him. As he makes his way to the top, he finds a large room where Theodore closes off the stairway and summons several Disciples in the process, to hinder Sebastian's progress.

When Sebastian finally makes his way at the top of the stronghold, he confronts Theodore who uses Sebastian's memories from Beacon in the events of the first game to torment him. He first encounters the Sadist, who chases him down the hallway.

As he runs down the hallway, Sebastian gets confused of the Sadist's whereabouts, who appears at the elevator at the end of the hallway. He then kicks a chair at him and stabs him from the back. Sebastian grabs the Sadist's chainsaw and to slice through his torso, who attempts to cover the chainsaw's blade with a masshette, Sebastian will finally cut through his torso, splaterring blood in his face in the process.

Once the Sadist is dead, a tripwire will wrap around Sebastian's legs, dragging into the ceiling and into the chamber where he encounters The Keeper. He will face a total of three Keepers, one will appear initially after the Sadist is dead, while killing it will spawn two Keepers.

Once all three Keepers are dead, Laura will appear out of one of the Keepers' safes, shifting Sebastian to an arena with Laura. Sebastian must burn Laura with either the Flamethrower (if Sebastian obtained it earlier) or the valves laid across the arena connecting to the incinerator in the middle of the arena.

Once Laura is dead, Sebastian will return to Theodore's stronghold with Theodore retreating from him, then resulting in Myra stabbing him through the torso. Once Myra is talking with Sebastian, Theodore will attempt to kill her with the blade in his cane, who is stabbed through the neck, officially killing him, making fall into the debris below.

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