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The Watcher is a boss in The Evil Within 2, serving Myra Hanson, who has become willingly trapped in Union so she can be reunited with her daughter.


The Watcher, like all creatures created by Myra, is comprised primarily of psychoplasm, a viscous, white substance that it sheds in copious and bubbling amounts wherever it treads. This slimy substance is sticky to the touch, as merely stepping on it slows Sebastian down considerably. The Watcher can manifest extra hand-like appendages from large puddles of this substance.

The creature's main body consists of a vaguely skull-shaped head without a lower jaw that sits atop a thin stalk-like body and has glowing compound eyes in each socket.

The Evil Within 2

The Watcher is first encountered in Chapter 6, as Sebastian makes his way to the Business District of Union through the Marrow tunnels. Partway through the tunnels, large amounts of a strange sticky goo starts appearing all over the walls and floors that slows Sebastian down when he treads through it.

When Sebastian nears a large storage room, a strange creature darts through the doorway out of the corner of his eye. Following it through the doors leads to the Watcher proper.

Part of the Watcher is witnessed again at the end of Chapter 8, where Myra uses it as a form of transportation to whisk Lily Castellanos and herself away after the boss fight with Stefano Valentini.


When Sebastian encounters the Watcher in the Marrow, the creature will initially be unaware of his whereabouts. Available options are to sneak past it, which will be very difficult due to the creature's slime hindering movement, risk a fight with it, which can be costly on higher difficulties, or just sprint past it to the exit while avoiding its smaller hands.

Should the player decides to fight the Watcher, its glowing eyes are a weakspot that can be shot to deal extra damage. Keep hammering at its face to bring it down, as it will take next to no damage otherwise. Be aware of its spit and hand attacks as well, as these can be very damaging on Nightmare+.

If Sebastian can sprint past the creature, it will send one of its arms after him and will grab him just as he's opening the doors to escape. The Watcher will then show its face, and its eyes must again be shot out to drive the creature off and proceed.

Death Animations

  • The Watcher will occasionally create a larger hand out of its body which, if not dodged, will perform a grab on Sebastian that pulls him under into the pool of the white liquid it excretes; the detective struggles to no avail as multiple smaller hands sprout out from the pool and overpower him, causing him to sink and drown. This is an instant kill attack regardless of Sebastian's remaining health.
  • If Sebastian fails to free himself when grabbed near the exit, the Watcher will swallow him whole.


  • While dealing enough damage will cause the Watcher to slump over and seemingly "die", reaching the end of the storage area will still prompt the creature to grab Sebastian. This also does not prevent it from reappearing later during the cinematic that plays after the defeat of Stefano Valentini.
  • Sneaking past the Watcher will cause the creature to eventually rear its head up and destroy the ceiling lights, which will persist throughout the rest of the plot.