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"Pressing further into the village Sebastian finds Dr. Jimenez's patient, Leslie."
―Chapter description.

The Patient is the fourth chapter of The Evil Within.


The chapter begins with Sebastian Castellanos and Dr. Marcelo Jimenez entering the yard of a hospice ran by the latter's brother in search of Leslie Withers. Jimenez reveals that Leslie was once a patient under the care of Valerio until he was transferred to Beacon for further treatment. Searching through the houses, the duo is attacked by the hospice's deranged owner, whom Sebastian manages to defeat. Leslie is then found cowering inside the hospice's photo studio, whereupon the party is intercepted by Ruvik.

As he approaches the hooded man, Sebastian is separated from Dr. Jimenez and Leslie and finds himself in a large disposal room after being swept away by a tide of blood. Ruvik then appears once more, and set a mob of his Haunted on Sebastian to impede his progress, but the former manages to emerge victorious, though he is then immediately hounded by the reincarnated form of Ruvik's beloved sister, Laura. Either managing to outmaneuver or drive away his pursuer, Sebastian proceeds onward, only to be approached by yet another apparition of Ruvik, who then causes the catwalk he's standing on to collapse and plunging the detective into the dark depths below.


Hospice exterior

At the start of the level, walk up the path to the fork in the road ahead. Take a left here and go up the stairs to a small shack on stilts to find a fat Haunted bursting through the door. Dispose of him as desired, then check the room where he came from to find some supplies, a [ ★ MAP FRAGMENT ] and a rigged chest that can be disarmed to gain some resources. Once done, head back to the fork but ignore the large building on the left for now, and instead go forward onto the porch of the house on the right side of the starting area. There should be a ghost of a woman rushing out the door screaming, but she's otherwise harmless and will disappear shortly, leaving behind a small pool of Green Gel. Enter the house and walk up to the back right corner to spot a doorway blocked by debris. Squeeze through the gap here to find a bedroom with some supplies and the [ ★ VILLAGER'S NOTE ] on the mattress. Shimmy back out and return to the fork.

Approach the gate of the hospice and look to the right to spot a small shack with the Safe Haven symbol on the door. Enter through here to find the [ ★ JOURNAL OF SEBASTIAN CASTELLANOS - FEBRUARY 2005 ] and a mirror. Go through the mirror and check the Haven's notice board for the [ ★ VALERIO ] missing persons poster, along with the [ ★ MISSING PATIENT FOUND ] newspaper on the rack. Provided the player has triggered the cutscene involving Nurse Tatiana and the backroom safes in a prior chapter, a [ ★ MAP FRAGMENT ] will appear in Sebastian's room on the floor. Return to the hallway afterwards and walk towards Nurse Tatiana, who's standing at the mirror. The adjacent chamber door will slowly creak open by this point and Leslie's voice can be heard, so enter it and walk forward until a ripple appears, then check the nearby sink for another [ ★ MAP FRAGMENT ]. Continue walking forward when finished to witness a disturbing cutscene, after which Sebastian will be teleported back to the main room. Save and/or purchase some upgrades here if possible, then exit the Haven via the mirror to proceed.

Exit the shack and head around back to see a Haunted carrying a screaming woman to the central bonfire. Saving her here is optional, but recommended. Simply shoot the Haunted with any weapon to make him drop his catch, then dispose of him as needed and follow the woman to her hiding spot where she will promptly vanish, leaving behind a small pool of Green Gel 2,000. Once all is done, return to the entrance and pay the local doctor a visit.

Hospice interior

Once inside, search around the hospice to find some minor loot scattered about the place, as well as a Haunted lurking on the second floor. It is here that the player will also hear someone mumbling to themselves, so head into the clinic on the first floor to investigate. A cutscene will play whereupon Sebastian and Dr. Jimenez encounter the latter's transformed brother, who will immediately attack the duo. Watching the whole cinematic unlocks the Home is Where the Hospice is achievement. Defeat Valerio, then inspect the X-ray negative on the desk nearby for a clue on how to interact with the body on the table. Aim the knife at the corpse and move it until the game gives the prompt, then activate it to net a [ ★ KEY ], as well as a jumpscare. Exit the hospice when done.

Afterwards, follow the right path up to the last house with scarecrows out front, where the player will hear Leslie's screaming coming out from within. Inside the house are some minor supplies, most of which is ammo and some harpoon bolts. Grab as much as one's carry stock allows for it, then walk down the hall to the red-colored room. Kick open the door to find Leslie cowering in a corner. Sebastian will then detect something else abound, which is a new invisible subtype of the Haunted. The creature will immediately kick open the door and make a beeline towards Sebastian, so firing a Shotgun blast in the opposite direction is often enough to kill it. Once the invisible Haunted is dead, Dr. Jimenez will start to move Leslie outside, only to find the way blocked by a wall. Ruvik then appears to the party, and after a short cinematic sequence, separates Sebastian from his companions.


After waking up, the player will find themselves trapped in a blood-filled chamber full of corpses. Pull the lever near the edge to drain away the blood, then hop up one of the broken staircases. Watch out for the two tripwires and bomb. There is a lever near an oil slick, which should be pulled, once to dispense a corpse out of a chute, and twice to reveal a goddess statue containing a [ ★ KEY ]. There are also some crates around to smash. Once done, climb up to the ledge near the lit up doorway and approach the exit. Ruvik will make an appearance here and seal the door to trap Sebastian in the room with a horde of newly-appearing Haunted. After disposing of the horde, the fleshy seal on the door will disappear, allowing the player to leave.

Across the hall from the previous door is a morgue-type room. There is also a locked door on the right of this short hall, which will become important later on. Enter the morgue and approach the corpse in the middle to trigger a blood-curdling scream, heralding the arrival of a particularly tenacious foe, Laura. While she's not invincible, she has an instant-kill move which she will use if Sebastian fails to evade her grapple attack. Standing ground to fight her in the tight quarters of the corridor is suicide, especially considering Sebastian's weak gear on a first playthrough. Instead, make an immediate U-turn and run. The previously-locked door will burst open revealing a Haunted that Laura will attack, giving the player some time to run ahead. Once inside the next large room, hit the big button to close the shutter, then burn the bodies here to deny Laura of a spawn point. Climb down the ladder in the corner to find a long hallway with an elevator at the end. Don't start running, though, as there are several tripwires ahead, so duck under them while sprinting whenever possible as Laura will be coming down the ladder soon. Ride the elevator down a floor, then immediately break it past the door on the left to find a spike trap and a closing door. Run for the door and Sebastian will just make it underneath.

With that done, Laura vanishes and will no longer be chasing after the player. Descend the staircase until Ruvik appears, then backpedal and run up to the starting platform and wait until the chapter ends.




Missing Person Posters

Personal Documents

Map Fragments


New Equipments

  • There are no new equipment found in this chapter.


Note: † = Deceased



  • Burning every hung corpse in the hospice yard spawns a Giant Pig next to the bonfire that can be killed to gain Green Gel 1,000.
  • Should the player manage to defeat Laura inside the morgue, the door that would normally have a Haunted barging through will open normally with nobody coming out from it.


  • If the player had already obtained the Key inside the corpse in the hospice, it will be replaced with a small amount of Green Gel during New Game+. The X-ray film will still show the Key, though.
  • Laura makes her first appearance in this chapter.
  • The Invisible variant of The Haunted also make their first appearance in this chapter.



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