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The Marrow is a traversible sublevel of STEM and is an area of major importance in The Evil Within 2.


The Marrow is a sublevel of STEM created by MOBIUS to act as a sort of "backstage" area where they can monitor the happenings inside Union without rousing unwanted attention. It essentially is a series of interconnected bulkheads and tunnels with multiple exits to Union so that MOBIUS personnel can quickly travel from place to place without taking the long way above.

While connected, the Marrow's structural integrity is largely independent of Union's actual state of damage, allowing Sebastian Castellanos to use it as a hub to navigate the many fragmented regions of the town, such as the Residential Area, Union City Hall, Business District and Union Nature Preserve.


The Armory is a small sublevel of The Marrow that is accessed during the This is a side quest Rogue Signal side quest. As the name implies, it's a small weapons depot, connected to 322 Cedar Ave.'s basement. The Armory consists of several storage rooms connected to a small elevator hall, and a weapons storage area secured behind a Resonator lock containing the Sawed-off Shotgun, some crafting materials and ammunition.

Due to its state of disrepair, the Armory seems to have been cut off from the rest of The Marrow. A Hysteric and four Losts prowl the area, which must be dealt with or avoided to safely enter or leave.

The Experimental wing of The Marrow is yet another top-secret sublevel that requires special privileges to access. It houses a prototype device that presumably allows one to manually exit STEM space from within Union, though at a statistically staggering 75% chance of failure.

This wing is visited during Julian Sykes' This is a side quest The Last Step side quest and is initially infested by The Lost. It is accessed from a restored terminal in Sykes' Safe House.



  • In keeping with the prevalent brain imagery within the series, the Marrow was likely named after the core of the human spinal column that serves as the connection point between the brain (the STEM inhabitant's mind) and the brainstem (STEM). It also helps that the Marrow was designed to be a hub area of sorts that connects the many parts of Union together, much like the structure and purpose of the real-life spine.
  • Despite accessing the Armory during This is a side quest Rogue Signal, Sebastian doesn't seem to know what The Marrow is until O'Neal explained it to him at the start of Chapter 4.