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The Lost are the most common types of enemies encountered in The Evil Within 2. Similar to The Haunted of the first game, these are formed after complete and rampant STEM domination of the denizens of Union, though most of them are created by accident rather than deliberately after STEM was destabilized by the removal of its Core.


In terms of behavior, the Lost are generally more feral and insane compared to the Haunted, and as such are prone to random fits of screaming and thrashing, even when idle. Their intelligence also varies quite wildly depending on the situation, as while most simply wander aimlessly until prey is sighted, others can play dead or hide under vehicles to catch their victims off guard. The Lost share their appetite for human flesh with the Haunted, though if a large enough amount of corpses are around, they will pile them up instead to facilitate the creation of a Guardian. Occasionally, shooting off certain limbs or even their heads may fail to kill off the Lost, who will promptly regenerate said damaged extremity and resume their attack.

The Lost slowly lose their humanity once infected, mutating and losing their rationality. This cumulates with a belief they are being pursued like prey by an invisible, inescapable force. Once they “succumb” to the “force”, their physical transformation begins rapidly and they then adopt a predator-like need to hunt and feed. As there are no contamination based ailments in STEM, this is entirely a breakdown of their mental psyche.


They range in shape and size due to the physically diverse amount of Union citizens who became infected. Much like the ragged and mutated look of The Haunted, most members of the Lost look less human-like in appearance, with less intact clothing and with bubbling, mutated skin and red glowing eyes. Despite this, these variants of the Lost still look as if they were formerly human, enough for them to be considered humanoids. On the other hand, different variants of the Lost are significantly more mutated and less-human looking in appearance (with some variants not even appearing human-like at all). As the game progresses, these different and tougher variants tend to show up more frequently along side the common variants of the Lost.


The Lost do also possess several unique variants that, in addition to being aesthetically different, have their own characteristics distinct from their common brethren.

  • Hysterics: These are an uncommon variant of Lost that can randomly switch between a slow shuffle and a quick sprint toward Sebastian. They deal very high damage and have slightly more health than the average Lost.
  • Gluttons: They do also have a rare explosive variant, which appear as large multi-limbed and vaguely-humanoid creatures, who will quickly home in on a detected prey as soon as they became aware of its presence.
  • Albedo: These only appear briefly in the game after the death of Theodore Wallace. They boast increased speed and are more malformed than their standard cousins. Albedo Losts may brandish more than one hand on each arm and croak instead of roaring or shrieking.


Like their Haunted cousins, the Lost roam throughout Union in packs. Those who do not either play dead to set up ambushes or are tasked with piling up dead bodies to facilitate the creation of a Guardian. Lone Losts are weak and unintelligent, and can be easily distracted by noise and taken down with a single knife stab to the head, and they don't stand up very well to gunfire, either. They seem to lose interest rather quickly if their prey manages to get out of sight. Being somewhat more animalistic compared to their Haunted counterparts, the Lost are less predictable, however, and are more prone to ambushing the player from corner, or just straight-up mobbing them in sheer numbers. They also sprint faster than their Haunted counterparts when in external environments and can easily catch up to Sebastian if he tries to run away from them. However, Sebastian can shoot their leg one time to knock them over if they go into their very fast sprint animation.

They do seem to retain some modicum of intelligence, however, which allows them to wield crude weapons like axes and molotov cocktails, though more advanced weaponry such as firearms are well beyond their capabilities.

Death Animations

  • If Sebastian is low enough on health and is grabbed by an unarmed Lost, one of three death animations can play:
    • The Lost will bite into Sebastian's throat and rip out his jugular vein, causing him to die from blood loss.
    • One will pin him to the floor and bash his head in. This can also happen if Sebastian fails to kick off the Lost who ambushes him in the Union Auto Repair yard.
    • The pouncing Lost may also drag Sebastian to the ground and rip his stomach out.
  • Alternatively, if the Lost is armed with an Axe, it will slice a gash in Sebastian's neck, then proceeds to chop down on him repeatedly as the detective falls to the ground.


  • The first Lost Sebastian encounters has no mutations other than red eyes and several veins going down its face. This Lost apparently retains some of its memories, as it tries to force-feed what is presumably its son, only to end up smashing his head against the table until he dies.
    • Lost such as this apparently appeared among the populace before Lily was removed as the Core, according to reports these made up 0.05% percent of all citizens and it was believed to be a result of the memory overwrites they received.
    • After Lily was removed, twenty percent of the Union citizens turned into the Lost encountered in-game, and did so at a much faster rate than the first cases.
  • The Glutton may be connected to Theodore Wallace, as they only appear after he has taken over STEM.
  • It is hinted that people turn into the Lost after they succumb to whatever invisible force it was that was chasing them. Whatever this force is, it can only be seen by the person themselves and no one else; like when Sebastian witnesses a priest in Union's residential district turn into one seemingly all on his own. It acts ghostly and can go through walls. This is supported by the fact that in-game a woman mentions its ghostly attributes, and a Mobius agent who had locked himself in an area was turned into a Lost regardless of the measures he took. It also seems to take the form of something relevant to the person it is chasing, as heard from the old man's resonance in Juke Diner who mentioned it looked like something from his childhood. In addition, its presence is indicated by a drop in temperature as was written by one of its victims.
    • In Sebastian's case, this invisible force manifested into the Anima. It fits all the descriptions recorded from the victims succumbing to the unknown force. And the death animation that plays when it catches Sebastian looks similar to what had happened to the priest.
    • It is unclear if the victims saw the same thing; if they saw the Anima or a creature formed from their own memories and experiences.
  • Shooting off the heads of corpses can prevent surprise attacks from Losts playing dead. Although a corpse may appear normal and human-like, it will be swapped for a Lost model upon its trigger being activated and will attack Sebastian as he backtracks, but this change will not occur on corpses without a head. If a corpse cannot be decapitated, then it is part of the static scenery and will never rise as a Lost no matter what it looks like.
  • Some Lost, when their heads are blown off, may show psychoplasm inside their body cavity.