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"Sebastian finds Leslie imprisoned in the maze of catacombs beneath the church."
―Chapter description.

The Keeper is the seventh chapter of The Evil Within.


After getting past the Sentinel, Sebastian and Joseph enter Cedar Hill Church for some rest and answers. As they make their way inside, Joseph receives another headache as Sebastian hears Juli Kidman and Leslie Withers speaking from the catacombs below. Before he could react, Joseph stumbles over, worried that he will once again turn Haunted and hurt Sebastian. Disturbingly, the more he turns, the less he wants to resist, and just as Joseph's resolve begins to wane, both detectives receive another headache which forces Sebastian to sedate his partner with a Syringe. Shortly thereafter, Ruvik appears to Sebastian and levitates him into the air before teleporting him to an underground section of the church. 

Cut off from both partners, Sebastian has no other choice but to push ahead. As he enters the catacombs, he spots The Keeper descending into a basement of some description that's blocked by a stone slab requiring three Lithographs to open. With two routes open to him, Sebastian tracks down the Lithographs inside the AlterEgo-infested tunnels, being stalked by the Keeper all the while. With all three Lithographs inserted, the stone slab opens, revealing a torture chamber of sorts, which Sebastian quickly becomes trapped inside. Here, he finds Leslie locked inside a cell, having been separated from Kidman earlier. As he sets Leslie free, both are afflicted with a splitting headache that sends the latter down a staircase, tripping an alarm in the process which locks Sebastian inside as the Keeper emerges.

To make matters worse, toxic gasses are slowly being released into the area as well, which will kill Sebastian if not shut off in time. Outmaneuvering the Keeper, Sebastian manages to shut all three gas valves and crush his adversary in a spike trap, giving him a brief moment of respite as he exits out into the caverns below.


The chapter begins inside the main chapel chamber. As soon as control is granted, move towards the pulpit for a [ ★ MAP FRAGMENT ] and some Green Gel. There are also some miscellaneous loot around the room up for grabs. Once done, walk up to Joseph sitting on the first pew and be ready for a cutscene. When the cinematic is over, Sebastian will have been teleported to the crypts below ground. White urns spawn throughout this area, which may reveal minor loot and ammo when smashed.

The path ahead is fairly linear. Enter through the doorway into a large chamber with aisles full of candles and a large memorial altar in the center. There are some ammo packs and Green Gel scattered about, but do be mindful of traps when collecting them. Exit through the other doorway and go up the stairs to an L bend in the corridor, with a nearby room on the left. Take out the few Haunted patrolling the area and search the room for loot, most notably several bullets for the Sniper Rifle as well as some Green Gel, then move up to the far end of the hall. To the right is a small room with an altar and some urns, and to the left is an ornate stone door that leads forward. Interact with the stone door to open it and acquire the [ ★ OLD LITHOGRAPH ], which will come in handy very soon.

After opening up the stone door, Sebastian will enter into a worker's room. Approach the table on the right for some Gel and the [ ★ CATACOMB NOTE ], then turn around and disarm the safe on the opposite table for a [ ★ KEY ]. Collect the nearby ammo and Trap parts if desired, then exit the room through the other doorway. Go down the stairs and approach the metal gates to witness a short scene involving The Keeper, who will lower a huge stone block onto the exit door.

Three Lithographs

The block must be moved by inserting three Lithographs into the slots on its face, so go ahead and put in the one on hand to open up the metal doors on either side of the room. The other two Lithographs can be found by going down these halls, but go through the small door near the slab first for the [ ★ LILY'S BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT ] collectible and a Safe Haven mirror. Enter the mirror to find the [ ★ CATACOMBS FOUND ] article on the newsstand in front of Sebastian, then turn around and collect the [ ★ CHRIS ] missing persons poster from the board. Feel free to unlock safes and upgrade Sebastian here, and leave once done.

Left Route

Back in the slab room, go down the left hall first. There is an open vent at the end of the hall releasing toxic gas, which will suffocate Sebastian if the meter is allowed to go to full. Use the valve handle to close the vent and gain access to the nearby doors. Enter through the doors and move slowly towards the corner, where Sebastian will meet a new type of enemies: AlterEgo, who can spit acid from afar, or kill the detective instantly with a grab.

The first AlterEgo will be hanging from a noose in the distance, and another approaching Sebastian, so stay put and shoot the further one down to trigger a trap that will kill the other one. Be careful not to immediately rush in after shooting down the hanging AlterEgo, since the trap is delayed. There are minor loot in the side rooms. Be careful of the mine trap on the wall, and move towards the intersection ahead. On the right is a trap trigger that will lower a spiked platform that will crush the enemies standing under it, leaving pools of Gel that can be collected by going through the gate that the second AlterEgo came through just moments ago. There is a Grenade hidden behind the doors at the intersection, but be careful of the mine trap behind the chair in the room. Once done, head left and go down the ladder.

The Keeper will appear and shut the hatch, forcing Sebastian to go further down to exit. Toxic gas will begin flowing into the room, so find the valve handles to shut it while be mindful of an AlterEgo hiding in an alcove to the right. Once all valves are shut, go down the other ladder and into the tunnel, again be mindful of the AlterEgos stomping around in the dark and mine traps. Exit the tunnel into what looks to be a crypt area, be sure to crouch down to avoid the mine traps that can be disarmed for parts, then run towards the staircase on the far end and use the wheel to close the gate to block out any AlterEgo that might still be around.

Sebastian is not out of danger yet, however, as the corridor section ahead is littered with wiretraps and crawling AlterEgos. Thankfully AlterEgos are slow and can be run past, or simply use a Match to burn several of them at once. Use the other wheel at the end of the hall to shut them out and open the exit, then beat feet out of there, up a ladder, and collect the [ ★ OLD LITHOGRAPH ] from the wall, thus opening the stone door and leading Sebastian back to the slab room.

Right Route

With two Lithographs on hand, take the right route this time. Travel down the stairs into a trap workshop of sorts, be sure to collect the Syringe on the way in if necessary, and approach the table with the lit lantern for the [ ★ GUARDIAN ] audio log. Search around the room for some Gel and supplies, then trigger the trap lever in the corner to drop the spiked pad, that can be climbed on to to reach a hidden [ ★ KEY ] as the platform rises.

Once done, proceed onward, but be sure to turn on the Lantern to spot the tripwire hidden by the darkness. Now, while still standing in the stone corridor, look past the nearby gap for two levers mounted on the wall and shoot them. Do not stand in the pit while doing this, as a spiked platform will fall down on and kill Sebastian. Ride the platform up to the next level, but stay frosty as several AlterEgos will drop down from the ceiling. Dispatch them, and exit the elevator once it stops moving.

In the next room, don't cross the dark pit in the middle, and look behind the urns on the far end for a crawlspace instead, which contains some Gel. Cross over using the crawlspace and disarm the nearby trap for parts, then lay down several Explosive Bolts near the large metal doors with the cult symbol. Be absolutely prepared for this, as several AlterEgos will burst out from behind these doors once Sebastian starts turning the nearby wheel. Once the traps are set, interact with the wheel and immediately stop to deal with the enemies. With some deft footwork, luring the AlterEgos down underneath the spike trap to wipe them all out is also an option. Don't start turning the wheel just yet, and go through the doors those AlterEgos just came out of.


This area is only accessible if Sebastian had disabled the toxic gas on the left route.

There are some minor supplies in this room, as well as a dark tunnel leading to a [ ★ KEY ] and a stash of Green Gel. Be careful of mine traps and not to step on the tripwires hidden in the dark. With the treasures collected, return to the wheel from before and use it to raise the metal gate. Once passing this gate, metal spikes will shoot out and block the path back, so the only way to go is forward. The pit ahead is full of crawling AlterEgos. Either shoot them dead or climb up to the other landing to drop the spike trap onto them. Dispose of the lone AlterEgo guarding the exit door and loot all of the Gels they drop, then lower the spiked platform and ride it up to an alcove up high, where the final [ ★ KEY ] in this chapter can be found, along with some ammo and Gel. Once done, head back down and interact with the stone wall to acquire the final [ ★ OLD LITHOGRAPH ]. Exit out into the main slab room and place all three Lithographs into their slots.

It would be wise to enter the Safe Haven and make a manual save now, as well as collect as much ammo as possible from the safes, since the next portion will be quite tricky.

Reaching the Keeper

Once done, head down into the newly-revealed pit, only for the slab to slam right down, blocking the way back. The metal doors at the bottom of the stairs will open, revealing the Keeper at the other end taunting Sebastian, who will blunder into one of the boss' barbed wire traps. Mash the displayed button to break free before the spiked ceiling goes down on Sebastian, and be ready for a mad dash. Once the spiked pads have risen, rush into the hallway and dodge the traps on the floor, but be quick since the ceiling will be coming back down on Sebastian. If caught in a trap, restart from the last checkpoint immediately, because Sebastian will be good as dead. This may take a few tries due to the camera's awkward positioning and the mine traps' weird hitbox.

After clearing the hallway, proceed ahead to reunite with Leslie, who's locked in a cage. Break the padlock to release him first, then scour the room for some ammo, and interact with the crank next to the cage to trigger a cutscene leading up to this chapter's boss fight.

Boss Fight: The Keeper

After blundering off (again!), Leslie triggers a tripwire that traps Sebastian inside an arena where he must defeat the Keeper to escape.


If one is going for the I Don't Have Time for This! achievement, the first mandatory fight will be here.

The Keeper himself is not very tough, and can be beaten by a few Shotgun shells or Rifle bullets, though don't bother trying to outlast him, as there are numerous safe heads on the floor that he can respawn from. Upon defeating him once, the nearby wall will rise, so go through that and use the nearby valve handle to shut off the toxic gas blocking the next chamber. Don't worry if the Keeper respawns close by, as there is enough of a delay to fully turn the wheel.

Dodge his attacks, and head through the circular doorway that was blocked by the toxic gas just a minute ago. A short cutscene will play showing the Keeper ripping his own head off and respawning in the room Sebastian is in.


For the I Don't Have Time for This! achievement, the second (and last) mandatory fight will be here. Don't kill him any more after this, or the achievement will be void.

Close the next valve, then turn around and kill the Keeper again before heading back out. He will have respawned and broken the next valve handle before Sebastian could reach it, so double back to find a replacement [ ★ VALVE HANDLE ] sitting on a workbench. Freeze Bolts will come in handy here, as they will give Sebastian enough time to run back to the valve and close it. If the Keeper breaks free, keep freezing him, since the valve "remembers" how much progress has been made. Once the last valve is shut, run down the staircase next to it and through the circular doorway, which shuts and blocks the Keeper out. Climb up the nearby ladder and approach the safe head on the floor, which will attack Sebastian, so mash the on-screen prompt to shake it off, and trigger a cutscene where Sebastian finishes off the Keeper once and for all. Or so he thought...

If the Keeper had only been killed exactly twice before, I Don't Have Time for This will unlock about now.

Once all is done, the spiked platform will have created a new path. Walk over it and through the hole in the wall down to what appears to be an underground cave. Turn right first and up the stairs for a large jar of Gel, then double back and go in the other direction for some more Gel and a ladder that leads to the end of the chapter.




Missing Person Posters

Personal Documents

Audio Tapes

Map Fragments


New Equipments

  • There are no new equipment found in this chapter.




What's In The Box?.jpg What's In The Box?
20 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Escape the Keeper beneath the catacombs.
This is a Secret achievement.
I Don't Have Time for This!.jpg I Don't Have Time for This!
10 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

It won't stay dead! Better only fight when I have to.


  • The Keeper is immune to all damage until at least six seconds after spawning. Avoid shooting him until he starts chasing after Sebastian to avoid wasting resources.
  • The gas valves "remember" how much progress was made on each so Sebastian can stop opening one to fight off the Keeper and resume his work when safe. 



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