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"They lose who they are and become clay, completely reshapable in my image."
―Ruvik, using a metaphor for the claimed consciousness' of the patients connected to STEM

The Haunted are what became of normal people who died while connected to STEM, or were dominated by its effects. At Ruvik's command, legions of these husks beset upon Sebastian Castellanos throughout The Evil Within.


The Haunted appear as mutilated or rotting walking corpses festooned with various nails and glass shards pinned into their flesh, along with having barbed wires or chains wrapped around their bodies. The Haunted bear bluish-white glowing eyes and are clad in the tattered remains of their clothing, though the masked variant encountered later on have relatively more intact apparel.

In The Assignment and The Consequence, a unique variant of the Haunted is featured instead. These ones, while are relatively intact compared to Ruvik's other minions, have glowing sores and pustules throughout their bodies that change colors depending on their current status. Normally white when docile, these Haunted can glow yellow if they became alerted to Juli Kidman's presence, and red when they are hostile. Some of these Haunted may have large clusters of boils on their bodies, which indicates that they turn into a Cadaver when killed.


All Haunted share a taste for human flesh, most specificaly the brain, which they can be seen messily feasting on from time to time when not aware of the player's presence.

The Haunted, although savage and brutal, have been shown to have a degree of intelligence, demonstrating knowledge in the use of a multitude of weapons, ranging from all manner of brutal melee like knifes and hatchets to heavy-duty firearms like sniper rifles and the agony crossbows and can often be seen exhibiting behaviors in combat such as ducking underneath the spinning blade in Chapter 10, zigzagging to avoid bullets, or blocking with their arms to prevent headshots. Many Haunted will also attack in groups and coordinate in an attempt to kill the player. They are also able to create and set up various traps, along with playing dead to ambush unaware foes.

Some Haunted are seemingly more intelligent than others, allowing them to talk, though only in short, repeated and disjointed sentences. Whether by instinct or by choice, the Haunted also seems to have a penchant for torturing and maiming/killing any ordinary people or animals they capture.

The Haunted seem to have a fascination with mannequins. They are seen to be preoccupied with them throughout the game. This is a possible indication that the Haunted are aware of their horrific disfigurements, and view mannequins as reflections of their former appearance before Ruvik transformed them.

According to Shinji Mikami, the Haunted have undergone mutation and are expressing the evil that permeates within them, a reference to the game's name, "The Evil Within".


A single Haunted on its own poses little threat to the player, as they are slow, unintelligent, and fairly easy to kill. However, large groups of Haunted are much more dangerous, as they can easily surround and overwhelm the player, especially in confined areas.

The Haunted are most commonly encountered wielding melee weapons such as hatchets, knives and pickaxes. In later chapters, Sebastian will also have to contend with Haunted armed with ranged or thrown weapons such as dynamite, molotovs, Agony Crossbows and firearms. Unarmed Haunted will punch and kick at the player. If they get close enough, unarmed Haunted can also use a QTE grabbing move, dealing moderate damage if the player fails to shake them off.


The Haunted gain a significant improvement to their AI while playing on AKUMU difficulty, allowing them to attack with much greater ferocity while frequently sidestepping shots and dodging melee attacks. Bloated Haunted will attempt to block shots directed at their upper torso with their large arms, while those armed with Sniper Rifles will almost never miss.


  • Standard: The most common variety of Haunted found in The Evil Within, standard Haunted, without any weaponry, attack primarily through punching, kicking, biting and swiping. In appearance, they can range from simple peasants to impressionable businesspeople.
  • Light Melee: The second most commonly encountered variant, these Haunted carry small single-handed weapons such as sickles, cutlery knives, butcher cleavers, scalpels, torches, adjustable wrenches, crowbars and hatchets. These deal slightly more damage than unarmed brawling Haunted, and large, steadfast groups of them can quickly overwhelm foes with their slashes and bludgeoning.
  • Heavy Melee: Later on, Haunted will begin appearing with much more lethal two-handed melee weapons, such as sledgehammers, garden hoes, fire axes, pickaxes, scythes, shovels, rebar connected to a chunk of concrete, and baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire. Immense damage is taken from direct blows from such weaponry, especially to the face, often crippling Sebastian.
  • Blade-Handed: Exclusively female, these are encountered towards the end of the game, mostly in Ruvik's Eye.
  • Light Firearms: Occasionally accompanying light melee comrades, these Haunted can be found early on with sawed-off shotguns, though police officer Haunted can be seen wielding semi-automatic handguns in Krimson City later on, each dealing moderate damage.
  • Heavy Firearms: Armed with heavy-duty firearms, the first to be encountered carry sniper rifles and mini Agony Crossbows loaded with Explosive Bolts, which they make excellent use of, though S.W.A.T. team member Haunted found in Krimson City wield assault rifles, which they fire off in rapid and spontaneous bursts, and can be a significant threat on account of their bulletproof vests and iron masks.
  • Masked: A proliferating commonplace among foes, masked Haunted can coincide in abilities with a number of other variants listed, or not. They are easily recognizable by the white ceramic masks covering their faces, depicting a wide grin with dark, empty eyes and painted blushed cheeks. This will protect them from headshots, at least three bullets from an unupgraded revolver are required to shatter it.
  • Iron Masked: A much more powerful variant of the masked Haunted, these fiends bear facial coverings forged from a gray metal, impervious to gunshots as well as Harpoon Bolts, rendering their bodies the only weak point, though there are numerous other methods of quickly dispatching them, fire being one of them, whether it's a Shock Bolt/shotgun blast to the legs to knock them down for a match drop opportunity, or a Flame Bolt/fully-upgraded Harpoon Bolt to the chest. A spare Freeze Bolt smash or a Flash Bolt execution can render them dead even quicker, as their throats and the backs of their heads are exposed. If hidden, a well-placed shot to the back of the head will also suffice.
  • Molotov: These Haunted wield molotov cocktails, which they will hurl at Sebastian or Joseph from a distance, lighting a considerable area on fire as they shatter. When positioned precariously, they will simply topple backwards with one direct shot, though are far more resiliant on sturdy ground. A well-placed shot to the cocktail itself can cause it to erupt in their hands, lighting them on fire. Care should be taken if a molotov Haunted is knocked down with the cocktail in it's hands, as dropping a match will cause the molotov to explode as well, hurting Sebastian.
  • Dynamite: These Haunted wield sticks of dynamite, which they will hurl towards Sebastian or Joseph from a distance, exploding violently, and launching anyone or thing nearby backwards, if the high damage didn't already blow them apart. When injured, they will sprint towards him wildly with a pack lit, attempting to blow him up along with them. A simple way to deal with them is a shot to the knee, which can knock them over.
  • Bloated: These Haunted appear swollen and physically larger than common Haunted. They have the same move set as other Haunted but due to their larger size, they have significantly higher HP. They can survive more body damage than The Keeper, including multiple shotgun blasts, so the easiest way to kill them is to destroy their heads or set them on fire after they've been knocked down. They may be filled with glass shards, wrapped in chains or ropes, shirtless or in priest robes.
  • Firefighter: A rare variety found in the twisted Krimson City, they can easily be distinguished by their bright firefighter gear and helmets, as well as the oxygen cannisters on their backs. Their helmets, covering their faces, provide them with mild resistance to small firearms, though anything larger than an unupgraded Handgun would still punch past the visor, and their back-mounted air tanks can be shot to blow them up several seconds thereafter, which harms nearby enemies in addition to instantly killing the firefighter Haunted. Despite their garb, these Haunted are no more resistant to fire than their standard counterparts.
  • SWAT: Found in the Krimson City, they are what appears to be former SWAT officers brought under Ruvik's influence. Wearing bulletproof vests and sometimes metal masks, they also carry around automatic rifles, which can do a lot of damage to Sebastian if he's caught in the open. Like the standard Haunted, they know how to make use of low cover to protect themselves against returning gunfire, so timing is key when fighting them on higher difficulties, where a single volley from their assault rifles can potentially be deadly. Other than that, they are no more durable than their fellows.
  • Suicide: Found in the hotel section of Chapter 13. They are Haunted that have explosives strapped to their chests, which will detonate when they're close enough to Sebastian, dealing heavy (and potentially fatal on Nightmare+) damage to him.
  • MOBIUS: These Haunted have cracks in them that will glow red as a result of Juli's past afflicting them. They may lay on the ground to appear dead, though will grab potential prey by the leg when the opportunity arises.
  • Cadaver: A creature born from the core of a dead Haunted, symbolizing Ruvik's desire to persevere. They crawl about upside-down, latching onto victim's with the large ribcage that protrudes from their glowing red sores at the stomach. When agitated, Cadavers will swell up and shamble after their prey frantically. If they get too close, or grab hold of their prey, they will kill them instantly by violently erupting in a gory explosion.
  • Bloated Cadaver: The largest Haunted of all, about 4 1/2 feet taller than a regular Bloated Haunted, they are strong enough to pick up The Keeper, and must be bonked in the head several times by him before they let go. The red sores on these Haunted now have white spikes protruding from them, and completely engulf their mouth. The eyes on these haunted now glow red. They can endure a tremendous amount of damage from The Keeper's hammer before defeat, but can be executed if staggered. They take no damage from falling, and will sometimes charge at the player with short bursts of speed. They never carry weapons.
  • Invisible: These Haunted are invisible unless they are attacking or being attacked by the player. They make a squelching sound as they move and tentacles protrude from their mouth and face. They also wear straightjackets; however their arms are not restrained.
  • Doppelgangers: These are Haunted that were so heavily influenced by Ruvik that they transform into flawed copies of him, apparently with no face and wearing a white coat with the Beacon Mental Hospital logo. They are understandably immune to headshots, and wield the ability to summon a traveling rift of clawed hands that hone in on Sebastian and can kill him instantly if they reach him. These Haunted are still vulnerable to Sneak Kills, however.

The Evil Within 2

The Haunted make a brief appearance in The Evil Within 2 as targets in the Shooting Range. Cardboard cutouts of various Haunted that Sebastian faced appear as targets to shoot at. While adventuring in the game itself, however, similar creatures called The Lost take their place as main enemies.

Haunted cutouts seen in the Shooting Range.

Notable Haunted

Death Animations

The Evil Within 

The Haunted have many kill animations which they will perform on Sebastian once they've managed to deplete his health. The specific animations depend on what weapon a Haunted is carrying at the time of the kill.

  • Unarmed: The Haunted overpowers and throws Sebastian to the ground. As the detective lies dazed on his back, the Haunted finishes him off by stomping hard on his face and breaking his neck.
  • Unarmed, Bloated: The Haunted tackles Sebastian to the ground before sitting on him and punches him thrice, with the final blow snapping his neck.
  • Knife: The Haunted shoves the blade into his throat. As Sebastian lies choking on the ground, the Haunted sits down on him and pushes the knife in further, killing him.
  • Cleaver: The Haunted grabs onto Sebastian by the head and slices off his left arm with its cleaver before decapitating him with it. The Haunted holds onto Sebastian's head as he topples over.
  • Polearm/Hoe: The Haunted spears Sebastian through the stomach and lifts him up into the air, then tosses his corpse onto the ground when he finally dies.
  • Pickaxe: The Haunted strikes Sebastian twice, with the second hit piercing his neck and pinning his corpse to the ground.

The Assignment & The Consequence

Most of the death animations for Juli are shared with Sebastian, however there are a few that are unique to her in the DLCs.

  • Unarmed: If Juli is finished off by an unarmed Haunted with a grapple attack, the creature will wrestle her onto the ground before sitting on her and pummeling her to death with its fists.
  • Axe: The Haunted grabs Juli and slices her neck open with its hatchet. As she drops to her knees while choking on her own blood, the creature finishes her off with a chop.
  • Pipe: If Juli lets a Haunted get too close to her during the defense in Chapter 2, the creature will finish her off with a blow to the head from its heavy metal pipe.


  • If a person transforming into a Haunted is able to resist the effects or is somehow snapped back into proper senses before their STEM domination becomes irreversible, any visual deformities will instantly revert, though the individual will be completely aware of their actions while transformed, as witnessed in the case of Joseph.


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