The Executioner has 3 types of collectible items found throughout the DLC: Daughter's Diary pages, MOBIUS Files, and Torments.

Daughter's DiariesEdit

These are pages from the journal Marta Martin kept while inside the world of STEM. These can typically be found via the Memory Scanner near objects that are emitting red pulses.


Daughter's Diary 1




The doctor said you were going to come help me.
Are you ever going to get here?
There are monsters all over the place.
I'm going crazy."


Location: Underneath the Victoriano family portrait directly opposite the main entrance. Unmissable.


Daughter's Diary 2



"Are all these other people alive?
Are they dead?"


Location: Underneath the save mirror in the room directly to the left of the Victoriano family portrait.


Daughter's Diary 3



"I saw some guy killing the monsters! I think I should go meet him and see what happens. He might know Dad. But just in case he's a creep I'm going to leave my letters and stuff here."


Location: On the hand of the broken statue directly after the Memory Scanner tutorial.


Daughter's Diary 4



"That guy said he was a killer and that his job was to kill monsters.
He said that he was collecting those weird tokens and made me look for them, but when I tried to put one in my pocket he started screaming and got this scary look in his eyes.
He might kill me if I try to run away.
He might kill me if I don't."


Location: Use the Memory Scanner on the skull painting next to the dining table on the way to fight the Chainsaw Sadist.


Daughter's Diary 5



"Is everyone going to turn into a monster?
There was a tall guy I walked with for a while because he was lost.

He said he couldn't remember where he came from. He was always talking to his brother even though you couldn't see him. He started to freak me out so I got out of there. Then he started chasing me and, when I looked back, he was turning into one of those things. Is that going to happen to me? This place is so weird.

Everything from before I came here seems like a long time ago."


Location: Use the Memory Scanner on the piano after the Safe Teleport tutorial.


Daughter's Diary 6



"How did I get here anyway?
I try to think, but I can't remenber.
I think it was therapy, but Dad and I fought about it?
He said that Ruben guy might be able to help me, but he didn't trust him.
But I had to try."


Location: Use the Memory Scanner on the bathtub in the bathroom on the way to the fight the Haunted Joseph Oda.


Daughter's Diary 7



"I'm all right.
The guy with glasses didn't look like anyone I should be talking to.
I can still hear his laughter in my head. I don't think he knew who he was anymore.
I think the trick to keeping my mind together is to think about all the stuff I'm going to do when I get out of here."


Location: In the same hallway as Entry 6, enter the Victoriano master bedroom at the end of the hall and use the Memory Scanner at the foot of the bed.


Daughter's Diary 8



"What was my doctor doing here?
I saw him walk down the hall."


Location: After defeating the Sadist, Zehn and Joseph Oda, the Victoriano family portrait will dissolve under a shower of blood and revealing a long hallway. Follow Marta's shadow down the corridor to find the page. Unmissable.


Daughter's Diary 9



"I know I must have seen all kinds of scary things, but I can't remember, so I don't feel scared at all."


Location: On a shelf in the save room in the basement.


Daughter's Diary 10



"I don't know what to do.
I keep forgetting Mom and Dad's names. It's happened like five times now... I can't believe I'd forget something like that. I should tattoo them on my arm or something."


Location: While on the way to fight the RPG Sadist, enter the door after the slime recedes. Take a left into the first room on the left, then turn left again and use the Memory Scanner to reveal the page.


Daughter's Diary 11



"Hey doctor, do you remember my Dad?"


Location: Behind the two blade traps blocking the way towards the RPG Sadist.


Daughter's Diary 12



"The shaking won't stop.
I can't remember Dad's face. I'm slowly forgetting who I am. There are all those monsters around. It's like I don't even care if they get me anymore. But at least I want to see Dad one last time."


Location: Immediately after opening the doorway to fight the Amalgam Alpha, use the Memory Scanner next to the empty torture rack to find the page.


Daughter's Diary 13



"Where did the doctor go?
Everyone's gone."


Location: Use the Memory Scanner on the wall with the bloody writing in the room with the other test subjects to reveal a doorway along with the page.


Daughter's Diary 14



"Something is getting closer.
I can feel it. I guess this is it. Sorry, Dad. I know you tried."


Location: On a desk in the last save room before the fight with the Dark Keeper. Unmissable.

MOBIUS Files Edit

MOBIUS Files are always found on the player's path as they clear their way through the DLC's bosses. The Directive files need to be collected to trigger the objectives, and the Transcripts bar the way to important boss fights unless picked up, so neither are missable.

MOBIUS DirectivesEdit


MOBIUS Directive 01

"Mobius Directive 01:
Establish synchronization.

Final test subject has been successfully inserted and attunement with the safe-headed creature has been verified.

You should be able to use our carrier wave to scan for residual traces of strong emotions.

New directives will be transmitted for placement into the environment."


MOBIUS Directive 02

"Mobius Directive 02:
Eliminate test subject CB-212 ("Murderer").

This experiment will explore a method of extraction from within the STEM environment. Your objective is to rescue your daughter, who is already inside STEM, by eliminating all other test subjects.

Subject CB-212, a convicted murderer, has been completely dominated by STEM. His influence grows and he is disrupting your daughter's memory patterns. Kill CB-212 and assess the girl's conditions.

STEM erodes a subject's memories incrementally, gradually altering their personality and physical appearance until finally the subject is dominated by STEM.

Based upon the data from the Ruvik incident it can be inferred that the Ruvik entity was able to leave the STEM system by entering the physical body of the test subject Leslie Withers. This first trial will explore STEM's mental degradation effects on more standard methods of egress.

Transmissions from the outside as well as tracking within STEM are subject to error and time delays. Use your own judgement in handling any encounters.

Connection Status: Seven Subjects:
Adolescent Female
Twin Sibling
Paroled Murderer
Psychiatric Patient
Father of Adolescent Female"


MOBIUS Directive 03

"Mobius Directive 03:
Eliminate test subject CB-207 ("Twin").

The rate of your daughter's memory loss has been greatly reduced with the death of CB-212. It can be surmised that his influence on others has been negated.

Data indicates that your daughter is on the move, possibly with subject CB-207. Eliminate him. Data will be recorded and progress and stability of STEM domination analyzed.

Dominated subjects are used by STEM to emit at wavelengths which deteriorate the memory and willpower of others in the area. This ancillary function serves to accelerate STEM's domination function.

Testing and analysis needed to determine effect of removing a relay point upon the stable extraction of a subject in a target memory state."


MOBIUS Directive 04

"Mobius Directive 04:
Eliminate test subject CB-204 ("Detective").

Your daughter's memory degradation has slowed, but STEM domination of the remaining subjects has progressed steadily.

The only subject confirmed to still be in the house is CB-204, the detective. Access the corresponding area and kill the detective.

At this time we are unable to say definitively that the death of a test subject and the subsequent removal of their influence leads directly to memory preservation.

The possibility exists that an unknown element is affecting the integrity of subject memories.

Must observe the girl's movement patterns and be watchful for unanticipated phenomena."


MOBIUS Directive 05

"Mobius Directive 05:
Eliminate test subject CB-205 ("Soldier").

As before, with the death of CB-204 the rate of your daughter's memory loss has slowed. However, all other subjects show more advanced decay than previously recorded. More investigation is necessary.

Coinciding with this event, a pathway at the heart of the mansion has opened. We have also located subject CB-205, an ex-soldier.

CB-205 must be eliminated.

Eradication of remaining test subjects will leave the girl the only one to retain any memories. However, there is a strong possibility that those memories will not be intact.

The approximate locations of remaining subjects can now be determined, but deterioration of the memories of the other subjects suggests that full STEM domination of other subjects may have occured.

The appearance of this new location within the manor house suggests a link with the Ruvik entity, and it is believed to be a residual effect of his presence.

It is unknown if any part of his consciousness is retained within STEM. However, the girl is now on a linear path directly out of our observable area. Influence of the Ruvik entity would account for this change.

Cross-reference previous Ruvik case files as well as goals of test subjects discernable from their individual transcripts."


MOBIUS Directive 016

"Mobius Directive 06:
Eliminate test subject CB-210 ("Psychiatric patient").

The influence of the soldier subject has been negated. We have also determined the location of your daughter as well as your next target.

STEM's domination of your daughter dramatically accelerated. The moment she is completely subdued, rescue will no longer be possible.

You must find and eliminate the psychiatric patient CB-210.

It is unclear if the sudden acceleration in STEM domination is caused by CB-210 or some artifact of the Ruvik entity. There has been circumstantial evidence of his presence, but nothing has been verified.

Will examine data from the Ruvik incident to support the supposition that reducing the number of test subjects will bring one closer to the core.

Erosion of the girl's memory cannot be avoided, but we are formulating a new hypothesis to account for recent developments.

Transmission is difficult in the basements below the mansion. There are two targets left, but obtaining accurate readings is difficult."


MOBIUS Directive 07

"Mobius Directive 07:
The Next Phase.

The anomalous readings of the Ruvik entity have ceased. Despite this, your daughter's progress towards STEM domination has not stopped.

Ruling out Ruvik as a possible cause, it is reasonable to believe that the only other other test subject within STEM is the cause.

The last remaining test subject is you. Have you been in direct contact with your daughter?

Transmitting files on your daughter, but your location within the manor house basement cannot be determined."


MOBIUS Directive 08

"Mobius Directive 08:

Based upon recent evidence, this will be the final test.

A single subject has been stealing the influence of each subject as they die. It is unclear if this is some aspect of their physical form within STEM or paternal relationship with the girl.

That subject, the one you must defeat, is you.

If you are to return even part of your daughter's memories and free her from STEM, you must sever your own connection."


Final Research Report

"Final Research Report:
Successful release from STEM.

Per mission directives, the father test subject has slain all test subjects except for the girl, thereby restoring her memory.

The girl became the only living being inside STEM, and this allowed her to regain consciousness and leave STEM.

In the Ruvik case, the prevailing theory is that he left STEM by entering the body of subject Withers. The results of this experiment are a great step forward in understanding the dynamics of STEM.

Moving forward, we recommend that the girl be placed under our control so that the integrity of her memory can be determined.

The father's death within STEM was confirmed, though corresponding brain death of the subject has not occurred.

This concludes trial 82347-BX. A full report will be forthcoming."

Subject TranscriptsEdit


Transcript, Subject CB-212 ("Murderer")
"Nobody said it was going to be like this."

Time Index 01:
"Those motherfuckers barely put up a fight."

Time Index 02:
"That old broad who put me in here might have shown me a better time."

Time Index 03:
"Who the fuck put a kid in here? Thought this place was full of zombie crackheads."

Time Index 04:
"Your dad's who? Who the fuck is that? Why should I care?"

Time Index 05:
"Knew I couldn't trust that little shit. Tryin' to pocket my loot..."

Time Index 06:
"What the fuck? I can hear someone whispering at me."

Time Index 07:
"You trying to get inside my head? You think you know me?!"

Time Index 08:
"Don't be giving me orders!"

Time Index 09:
"Where'd that sweet little girl go? Gotta be around here somewhere."

Time Index 10:
"Now I see what you are after. Tricking me into coming in here..."

Time Index 11:
"You think I'm your lab rat? You think you got me?! I will kill every last one of you."


Transcript, Subject CB-207 ("Twins")
"Lost children."

Time Index 01:
"My brother! It is so good to see you again. Losing you was unbearable."

Time Index 02:
"I came here to get away, to find solace. Somehow I knew you'd be here."

Time Index 03:
"Yes, I know. We agreed to help. But now I feel...conflicted."

Time Index 04:
"No I am changing. Just look at my body. Don't you see it? Why aren't you changing...?"

Time Index 05:
"You know, I feel like it's not just my body...Our mind is changing..."

Time Index 06:
"Who do you think this girl is? Surely she couldn't be working for "them". That's inconceivable."

Time Index 07:
"The girl ran away. I think we -- I scared her."

Time Index 08:
"That thing at the core of me that is not me continues to grow. You feel it too?"

Time Index 09:
"The hooded man watches me. Is he Death?"

Time Index 10:
"We can play. Like when we were kids."


Archive Record, Subject CB-204 ("Detective")

Phase 5

At Phase 4, our detective subject exhibited repeated loss of self-awareness as well as involuntary suicidal tendencies. We count at least four attempts. Subject also showed repeated intermittent physical deformation.

Subject's initial recovery has reversed course and at present he has lost self-awareness. Inflow of consciousness from other subjects is a component of STEM domination. Subject's memories appear to be disorganized and linguistic ability minimal.


Transcript, Subject CB-205 ("Soldier")
"This place is like a dream come true."

Time Index 01:
"I never seem to get tired here. I can fight forever."

Time Index 02:
"These grunts are stupid but they don't quit. If I could get 'em organized..."

Time Index 03:
"Gettin' a little sick of these dead-heads. I keep blowin' 'em away but more of 'em come."

Time Index 04:
"Somebody somewhere is watching me. You won't get the drop on me."

Time Index 05:
"I can do anything I want in this place. I'm a rocket-launchin' fool."

Time Index 06:
"Bring it on, bitches! I got ammo out the ass!"

Time Index 07:
"It's like there's an icicle freezing my brain. They're tryin' to take my thoughts..."

Time Index 08:
"I ain't one of you! No one's ever gonna take me down! Hooah!"


Transcript, Subject CB-210 ("Psychiatric patient")

Time Index 01:
"Watching from beyond, writing their little notes. Transmission received."

Time Index 02:
"Look behind the brainstem and see the past perfect present tense."

Time Index 03:
"You thought it and we heard it. We grabbed the thoughts. New bones and muscle."

Time Index 04:
"All the different ones, all the same thoughts, pulsing, like brain radar bouncing back."

Time Index 05:
"They're of me, they're in me. But he is not."

Time Index 06:
"The serpent retains its form but it stays inside. It blinds my dreams."

Time Index 07:
"No escape, only craving; an eternal void."

Time Index 08:
"As it all becomes one in form and function. We join. We are the new being, hideous and beautiful."

Time Index 09:
"I think he's taken my soul. I probably wasn't using it anyway. I am his disguise."

Torments Edit

Torments are different ways of executing an enemy as the Keeper, some of which are rather straightforward while others can be a little bit tricky and situational. Working as a type of achievement, the player must complete all Torments in order to unlock Unlimited Ammo in the shop.

Keeper Torment 2 Torment 2
Execute a prone enemy.
Keeper Torment 1 Torment 1
Execute a standing enemy.
Keeper Torment 4 Torment 4
Impale an enemy on wall spikes.
Keeper Torment 3 Torment 3
Execute an enemy caught by a barbed wire trap.
Keeper Torment 6 Torment 6
Blow up an enemy with a stick of Dynamite.
Keeper Torment 5 Torment 5
Dismember an enemy with the chainsaw.
Keeper Torment 8 Torment 8
Incinerate an enemy with a Molotov Cocktail.
Keeper Torment 7 Torment 7
Blow up an enemy caught by a barbed wire trap with Dynamite.
Keeper Torment 10 Torment 10
Blow up an enemy with the Rocket Launcher.
Keeper Torment 9 Torment 9
Incinerate an enemy caught by a barbed wire trap with a Molotov Cocktail.
Keeper Torment 12 Torment 12
Blow up an enemy with a flung car.
Keeper Torment 11 Torment 11
Slay an enemy with a turret.
Keeper Torment 14 Torment 14
Blow up an enemy with an exploding Haunted.
Keeper Torment 13 Torment 13
Kill an enemy with a rotating blade trap.
Keeper Torment 16 Torment 16
Dismember an enemy with the Sword.
Keeper Torment 15 Torment 15
Blow up more than one enemy with an exploding Haunted.
Keeper Torment 18 Torment 18
Clear the hidden final execution chamber.
Keeper Torment 17 Torment 17
Execute an enemy with the Sword.


Nosy Parent Nosy Parent
15 Gamerscore - Trophy bronze

Collect all Daughter's Diaries in The Executioner.
Cruel and Unusual Cruel and Unusual
40 Gamerscore - Trophy silver

Complete all Torments.
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