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The Executioner is the third and final DLC for The Evil Within. Throughout the course of The Executioner, the player takes control of the Keeper as he battles the many creatures and bosses within the Victoriano Estate during the search for his daughter.


The Executioner takes place after the conclusion of The Evil Within. Having collected data from the case of Leslie Withers, the MOBIUS administration wants to see if they could duplicate Ruvik's escaping methods using a new STEM system they constructed. Having lost control of a new batch of test subjects, one of which is Marta Martin[citation needed], they offer her father Pedro[citation needed] a chance to enter STEM space using the avatar of The Keeper to rescue his daughter and stabilise their system from the inside.

Pedro's original mission is to eliminate the other rogue subjects to slow and eventually halt Marta's mental degradation, as she will be beyond saving once she hits that point. But as he goes through the first set of subjects, it becomes apparent that his daughter's own mental degradation slows, only to suddenly pick up again, even quicker than before, which MOBIUS eventually realizes is due to Pedro himself reading her notes. In order to properly release Marta from STEM, Pedro must battle a dark manifestation of his own avatar, who plots to keep his daughter imprisoned within the dark mindscape forever.

Pedro battles against this "Dark Keeper", but discovers that he cannot defeat his enemy or save Marta, who the Dark Keeper is holding prisoner, unless he terminates his own avatar, at possibly the cost of his own life. Pedro hesitates, but goes through with it anyway and crushes the Dark Keeper, which destroys the Keeper's own safe-head, seemingly killing him, before the screen cuts to white. The last cutscene shows Marta awake in the real world, standing next to Pedro in his STEM pod, now at peace and possibly surviving the mental trauma of his self-induced separation.


Taking a departure from the third-person over-the-shoulder gameplay of The Evil Within and its previous DLCs, The Executioner is played from a first-person perspective. Unlike the rest of the game, it has a strong focus on melee combat and a plethora of thematic gear for The Keeper to utilise. Much of the enemies in The Executioner are variants of The Haunted, with the marked "bosses" being unique named characters/creatures from the main game. As was the case of the main game, The Keeper can teleport himself to the many safes littered about the maps by ripping his own head off and respawning at a nearby location, which is mandatory to get past several chasms and puzzles.

Melee combat in The Executioner is rather rudimentary but effective. The Keeper fights his enemies by hitting them with his melee weapons, which after a certain amount of strikes will leave them dazed for a quick finisher. Each melee weapon bar the Chainsaw has its own finisher moves that The Keeper can perform on certain enemy types. Should an enemy comes too close, The Keeper could block their attacks to set up a riposte as they are dazed from the failed attack. Complementing those are several traps, grenades and even a Rocket Launcher. Healing is done through collecting Medical Kits strewn throughout the mansion.

The Executioner does not make use of Green Gel to upgrade The Keeper's weapons and stats, but instead requires special Memory Tokens to do so. Memory Tokens of varying values can be collected from slain enemies, bosses, or in secret locations throughout the play area.



Throughout the course of the DLC, enemies will drop memory tokens, a currency that can be used to purchase weapons and upgrades from the shop.  The shop is represented as The Keeper's vault on a wall in certain locations.  The following items are available for purchase from the beginning:

  • Health Upgrade
  • Defense Upgrade
  • Speed Upgrade
  • Hammer Upgrade
  • Wire Traps
  • Dynamite

The following items are made available after completing certain tasks:

  • The Chainsaw - Defeat the Sadist
  • Molotov Cocktails - Defeat Joseph Oda
  • Rocket Launcher - Defeat RPG Sadist
  • Sword - Defeat Dark Keeper
  • Golden Hammer - Defeat Sebastian Castellanos - 250 tokens
  • Unlimited Ammo - Complete all Torments

Execution Chambers

Execution chambers are small challenges throughout the DLC. They are presented as portals, and once inside, The Keeper must eliminate a set amount of enemies using a combination of weapons and traps throughout the room. They are presented as a good way to get memory tokens. The enemies are:

First boss: Sadist ( Very Easy)

Second boss: Zehn (Easy)

Third boss: Joseph Oda (Medium)

Fourth boss: RPG Sadist (Medium)

Fifth boss: Amalgam Alpha (Medium)

Final boss: Dark Keeper (Hard)

Secret boss: Sebastian Castellanos (Very Hard)

Upon staring a New Game+, the Final Execution Chamber is made available near the end of the game in the mental patient ward. Inside, swarms of enemies will attack, along with several bosses from earlier. The Sadist will come first, followed by Zehn on his defeat. After Zehn is defeated, both the Sadist and RPG Sadist will attack. After their defeat, the Haunted will no longer spawn, but Joseph and Sebastian must be faced together.


  • The Executioner does not have additional difficulty levels to select. The only available mode of play is Survival.