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The Consequence is the second DLC for The Evil Within, which serves as the continuation of The Assignment. It was released on April 21st, 2015, on all supported platforms. 


Gameplay during The Consequence is very similar to, but slightly changed from that of The Assignment, namely that firearms are usable now, albeit briefly. There are still no upgrades of any sort and enemies will not drop Green Gel when killed.

Similar to The Assignment, the new episodes places great emphasis on puzzle solving in order to accomplish Kidman's objectives. Combat, while possible, is discouraged, due to the restricted availability of firearms and overall scarcity of ammunition. New features include pushing enemies off of ledges and usable chemical lights in some areas instead of the flashlight.


Chapter 3: Illusions

The Chapter starts with Juli Kidman waking up in the Safe Haven and meeting Tatiana Gutierrez. After that she explores the area seeing Shade, The Administrator, Ivan Diaz, Leslie Withers, Sebastian Castellanos, and Ruvik before being able to leave. When she does she ends up back at the MOBIUS headquarters. She decides to go the bottom floor to the STEM terminal because she thinks Leslie is heading there.

Along the way she learns more about Ruvik's relationship with MOBIUS and the way they treated him. She once again runs from Shade and then heads to the terminal. When she gets there she's led back to Krimson City and goes through the police department. She sees memories of Sebastian and Joseph from their earlier days until recently. After this she begins feeling sympathy for Sebastian.

After that she heads out into Krimson towards Beacon Mental Hospital. Along the way she battles and defeats Shade. Then she meets back up with Sebastian who gets turned into a Haunted by Ruvik. She manages to save Sebastian and find Leslie. However The Administrator chases her until she gets to a school bus that has both Sebastian and Joseph in it. She starts the bus and drives away, looking back to see the Heresy land on top of The Administrator.

Chapter 4: A Ghost is Born

The chapter starts after Ruvik telepathically launches the bus into the hotel in the main game. Kidman recovers and is separated from Sebastian and Joseph. She loses her handgun and has to proceed without it. Along the way, she encounters paintings of Ruvik that create red blobs. She figures that she can burn through it and it works. Kidman later finds other paintings of Ruvik that are trying to take control of Leslie. Kidman saves Leslie and Leslie runs out of fear. Kidman winds up in the kitchen and notices a dumbwaiter that Sebastian is stuck in. She pushes the button and saves him. Proceeding further into the kitchen, she finds more paintings trying to take control of Leslie. While trying to burn the third painting, hands of Laura burst from the ground and ensnare Kidman. Leslie is pointing a gun towards Kidman, hinting at a temporary possession. Kidman tells Leslie to not do it and Leslie fights off Ruvik's control and shoots the painting, saving Kidman. Kidman retrieves the handgun from Leslie and takes him with her, hoping that Leslie will be safe.

Kidman and Leslie exit the hotel and enter the playground from the main game. This scene plays differently from the main game, as Kidman is experiencing the same situation, but with some changes. Leslie asks if he can take the train home. Kidman says he can't right now, but she promises to protect Leslie. Leslie is happy, but then the world freezes, as Leslie fluctuates between himself and Ruvik, showing once again the possession. Kidman draws her gun and says that she is sorry for Leslie and that it is not his fault. Suddenly, a voice tells her to stop. Instead of Sebastian from the main game scene, it is the Administrator. He asks what she is doing. Kidman says he does not understand what Leslie will become and that the Administrator does not understand what Ruvik is after, that he is after Leslie. The Administrator says that they know what Leslie will become and that Ruvik is a corpse. Kidman does not appreciate his patronizing tone. She has orders, but she will not let Ruvik escape into Leslie. When she turns around, Sebastian is shown instead of the Administrator and Leslie has an outburst, causing an earthquake. Kidman tries to shoot Leslie, but hits Joseph on accident. She runs for Leslie, but the world changes and she is brought back to Mobius HQ.

Then, she goes through a door and is brought to Beacon, where she accesses other rooms and learns through various visual echoes showing conversations between Marcelo and the Administrator about Leslie's synchronzation with Ruvik's brainwave due to his loss of family, just like Ruvik, and her being an expendable agent that could potentially neutralize Ruvik, showing Mobius had betrayed her a long time ago. Kidman is transported to the Sadist's Torture Room that Sebastian was in at the start of the main game, then she is transported back to MOBIUS HQ with the Administrator laughing at her. Kidman says he will not stop her. Kidman comes upon a lone Haunted with a sawed-off shotgun and is able to steal his shotgun and kill him. Kidman rushes through dozens of Haunted and is able to get in an elevator that leads up to the apex of Beacon where the Mobius facility is. The Administrator taunts Kidman, explaining that STEM was built on the premise of fear as a way to control individuals. She would be the first to succumb to this. Kidman makes it to the main STEM terminal in Beacon, where she spots Leslie, who takes cover behind Sebastian. Sebastian does not trust Kidman and says that he knows her background and that Leslie is not ordinary. The world shifts again; the stem terminal becomes a brain and Ruvik is here. Leslie walks towards Ruvik, who turns Leslie into a fluid, which looks like cerebrospinal fluid. The fluid is absorbed into the brain, then the world shifts again.

Kidman is brought into another area, and she stands face to face with the Administrator. He says he failed her mission. Kidman says none of this is real and that he isn't real. She is no longer afraid of him. With her use fulfilled, the Administrator makes a final attempt to end Kidman. He attacks Kidman himself, uses clones of Kidman, then finally tries to kill Kidman with giant, black hands. These do not stop Kidman and she delivers a final shot that weakens the Administrator, bringing him to his knees. The world shifts and she is back in Mobius HQ, in the Administrator's office. She finds a pistol that was provided by the black cat and slowly walks towards the Administrator. He simply laughs saying that she thinks she has won, but he will always be with her. Kidman denies it, saying she is stronger than he thinks, delivering a final shot.

Kidman awakens in the real world standing. She sees Leslie emerge from a STEM terminal, coughing. She is confused, but has little time to question it as men take Leslie away, as well as Joseph. She sees that the vessel that housed Ruvik's brain is empty. A woman, most presumably the Agent that indoctrinated Kidman into Mobius, calls out to Kidman from behind, saying she's got him from here. Kidman asks how long it has been. The Agent replies "37 minutes since the first pulse". She asks what Kidman is talking about when Kidman asks how we got here. Kidman says she needs a minute to get her head straight. Another agent calls out to the woman, addressing her as Myra, Sebastian's wife. Myra says "he" will need a debriefing as soon as Kidman gets back. With no one watching her, Kidman frees Sebastian, saying that she failed in her mission to neutralize Ruvik, but they did not count on Sebastian (Kidman is unaware that Ruvik left his mark on her, as he addressed in a letter found as a collectible). Kidman owes him one. The screen turns to black. Kidman tells the Mobius members to leave Sebastian, Connely, and Jimenez. They were not going anywhere. The Administrator's voice is heard as he finishes her sentence with "No one is".



  • This DLC gives the first indication that Myra Hanson has indeed joined MOBIUS after leaving Sebastian Castellanos.
  • Instead of going after Leslie after reaching the STEM hub room near the end of the second part, Juli can instead attempt to shoot Ruvik's brain through the machine's glass cage. Doing this instantly cuts the game to black, followed by a brief run of the credits before gameplay resumes. Kidman is expectedly confused by this, and the game continues on like normal.