The Syringe is the player's primary means of replenishing health in The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2, apart from Sebastian Castellanos' limited passive regeneration.

Overview Edit

The Syringes in the The Evil Within universe are composed of two separate tubes containing nondescript fluids of unknown composition. The liquids are green and blue, respectively. Unlike traditional syringes, those used by Sebastian are unusually large, with a massive ring-shaped plunger handle to accommodate the entire heel of the user's hand, rather than being pressed with the thumb.

A Syringe is consumed immediately from the inventory screen when selected, which has Sebastian injecting himself in the arm with its content to regain a small portion of health. An unupgraded Syringe heals for 30% of Sebastian's base HP in The Evil Within, and 40% in the sequel.

Juli Kidman regenerates her health naturally and thus has no need for Syringes.


The Evil WithinEdit

Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Syringe heal
30% Syringe heal 36% Syringe heal 42% Syringe heal 48% Syringe heal 60%
GreenGel 5,000 GreenGel 9,000 GreenGel 15,000 GreenGel 30,000
Max syringe
2 Max syringe 3 Max syringe 4 - -
GreenGel 2,500 GreenGel 5,000 - -
Legend: Syringe heal Syringe Heal %, Max syringe Carry Capacity

The Evil Within 2Edit

Tier I
Tier II
Syringe heal2 110% Syringe heal2 120% Syringe heal2 130%
GreenGel 1,500 GreenGel 4,000 GreenGel 7,000
Syringe Second Chance Special
GreenGel 5,000
Legend: Syringe heal2 Heal Efficiency, Syringe Second Chance Special Upgrade
Tier unlocks with RedGel Red Gel are shared across all skill upgrade categories.

Syringe pouch
Max ammo pouch
Max ammo pouch
- - -
4 6 - - -

Ammo Pouch locationsEdit

  • Pouch 1: Chapter 5 – After defeating the Guardian, look on the concrete behind the ruined white van to spot the dead MOBIUS agent carrying the pouch. Can be retrieved at the end of the chapter if the Guardian was avoided when attempting the Sometimes Fighting Isn't the Answer achievement.
  • Pouch 2: Chapter 11 – On a dead MOBIUS scientist in the Restricted Wing. The corpse can be found on the second floor of the large morgue-like room with a scanner door, in the rightmost room when facing the door itself. The player will come across this pouch naturally when searching for the Unity chip.

Second ChanceEdit

TEW2 Second Chance

Second Chance is the Syringe's Special Upgrade, that allows the player to automatically use up one Syringe to restore Sebastian's health when receiving fatal damage. This effect does not trigger on scripted death sequences or when struck by enemies with instant-kill moves.

Trivia Edit

  • Two syringes are used as stabilizers on the upgrade chair, as witnessed during the sitting and upgrading animation. Exactly how these are ever used is unknown, since the plungers are not connected to anything and the needles don't extend far enough to even touch Sebastian, much less pierce his skin.