Survivors are civilians that have not succumbed to the influence of STEM and turned into horrific, hostile creatures.

The Evil Within Edit

Bonfire Woman Edit

During Chapter 4, if Sebastian heads around Valerio's house, he will see a Haunted carrying a villager over him back towards a bonfire. As she screams for help, Sebastian will have to quickly decide whether to save her or let her die. Either way, the consequences will not effect the game's ending.

Should Sebastian choose to save the woman, whether it be by shooting the haunted or running up and hitting him, he will drop the woman, who runs to safety in a nearby shack while Sebastian deals with the Haunted. If Sebastian follows her back to her house she will be kneeling on the floor, trembling, and will give a large sum of Green Gel upon vanishing.

If Sebastian chooses not to save her, the Haunted will carry her over to the bonfire and impale her on a wooden spike, screaming as she burns alive.

Guillotine Man Edit

During Chapter 6, as Sebastian and Joseph walk over a bridge overlooking a cliffside, they look ahead and see a pair of Haunted carrying a large man over to a guillotine. He screams for help, but is decapitated before either of them have time to react.

The Assignment Edit

Abandoned Mobius Agent Edit

During the first chapter of The Assignment, Juli sees a hysterical MOBIUS agent mysteriously locked in a room from the inside. His face is blurred. Juli quickly heads through the ventilation system trying to get to him in time. However, he is devoured by the Shade before she can reach him in time. His body is bisected.

The Evil Within 2 Edit

"Woman" Edit

During The Evil Within 2 in chapter 3, Sebastian has the opportunity to go and rescue a woman in danger by following a signal on his Communicator. If he follows it, he will be led to her home, and he will have the option to save her from The Lost. If he does, she will thank him, revealing some interesting expository information, as well as some items.

Others Edit

There are several citizens in Union who can be encountered in Chapter 3, either dying from wounds or being mauled.

Also, later in Chapter 8, dozens of people who aren't affected by the collapse of Union are seen all tied up in a theatre with bombs strapped around their necks and sacks over their heads. They have been brought to the theatre by Stefano Valentini, and after Sebastian arrives and the artist's speech regarding what he plans to do with Lily, he detonates the bombs and freezes time, taking a picture of the people at the exact moment of their deaths.

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