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Stefano Valentini's Domain is a location in The Evil Within 2.


This unnamed realm is under the control of Stefano Valentini, who likely fashioned it from the distorted fragments of Union. It consists mostly of dark halls and exhibitions containing the gruesome remains of his victims on display, and the many corridors of the realm are plastered with framed photographs that Stefano himself took for his morbid art. Despite the location being mostly structurally intact, several traversible parts of the realm are either missing or in ruins, exposing a dark, swirly deep-red void governed by the massive Aperture, which serves as a type of guard dog to ward off unwanted visitors.

Stefano himself can stretch and crush the dimensions of the location at will to hinder the progress of Sebastian Castellanos.


Mannequin Warehouse

Display Gallery

The Evil Within 2

Chapter 2: Something Not Quite Right

After exiting Sebastian's Room via the mirror, Sebastian will enter the strange realm. Progressing through the area, he comes across a room to find a dead William Baker captured in slow motion. He will then comes across a room where he encounters a survivor running into the room, who is eventually killed by Stefano Valentini and captured in slow motion similar to the death of William Baker.

He eventually finds his way out by taking an elevator leading to a dark room where several corpses lie. Sebastian then gets ambushed by Stefano, who takes a picture of him. In another area, he finds a photo of him on a glass mirror. He sees a strange woman behind him, then gets ambushed by the Guardian. He is forced to flee from her. At the end of the hallway, Stefano throws a knife at his chest to prevent Sebastian from escaping. The Guardian will then grab him by neck, in which Sebastian draws the knife from his chest to stun her so he could escape.

Chapter 5: Lying in Wait

While Sebastian makes his way to the Stable Field Emitter on the second floor of City Hall, he finds a room where he must recreate the picture of the mannequin. Doing so will open a hallway behind the display, where several blank paintings are hanged up. They will illuminate as Sebastian progresses towards the end of the hallway.

After investigating all the paintings, someone can be heard banging on the door which will open the door afterwards to a new hallway where a picture of a door can be seen. Looking behind will cause a door to appear on the left. Investigating the room will cause the hallway to change. Stefano can be seen at the end of the new hallway in which the doors will close.

Progressing on the other side of the hallway will lead downstairs in a room where a mannequin's head can be seen on the chair, which will change into a corpse's head when Sebastian approaches. This will cause the lights to go out with Obscura approaching him in the darkness. Once the lights turn back on, Sebastian will find himself in a room with frozen Albedo. He can exit through the double doors to find himself back where he originally took the picture.

He will eventually make his way into the room with the Stable Field Emitter, where he is ambushed by Stefano and Obscura upon activating it. Stefano will leave the room, leaving Sebastian trapped inside with Obscura who prevents the Emitter from activating. In order to unfreeze the Emitter, he must shoot Obscura in the lens. Repeating this until the Emitter restarts will cause it to activate, shifting Obscura out of existence and returning Sebastian to City Hall.

Chapter 8: Premiere

Sebastian returns here while chasing Stefano to prevent him from making Lily one of Sebastian's artworks, thus killing her. He enters a room where he faces off with Stefano. When Stefano is halfway dead, the Aperature joins him the battle.

When Stefano reaches his fate, he tells Sebastian that he has made him a masterpiece on his dying breath. Sebastian will then leave in which Stefano will try to take a picture of him. Sebastian will shoot him through the camera, killing him in which Sebastian will teleport back to the Theatre.



Promotional and Concept Art


Stefano's Artworks