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Stamina is an important gameplay element of The Evil Within series.


A fully-upgraded Stamina bar in The Evil Within 2 next to Sebastian's health line

Stamina is represented by a yellow meter next to the Health line (see right) that drains when sprinting, and refills gradually when the player is not. Standing still replenishes it faster.

Exhausting this meter greatly slows down the player, as Sebastian and Juli will need to pace down to catch their breath.


Stamina is expended during gameplay to allow Sebastian Castellanos and Juli Kidman to quickly sprint around the playing field to either run away from enemies, or simply to move around faster. Pedro Martin as The Keeper does not have a stamina bar, though his sprinting speed is slower than Sebastian's. Various skill upgrades can extend this meter to allow the player to sprint longer. Sprinting is done by holding down Shift while moving, and is a toggle by default in the sequel. 

A minor tweak introduced in The Evil Within 2 is a slight speed modifier should Sebastian try to sprint after being spotted by an enemy. Being detected makes Sebastian sprint 20% faster than usual, though his stamina bar will go down just as quickly.

The player cannot sprint when at 30% of their default health meter or below, and the stamina bar will disappear accordingly. Sprinting is not disabled in the sequel upon reaching this threshold, though both Sebastian and Juli will suffer a considerable speed penalty when doing so.

Synaptic Focus

Synaptic Focus is a researchable ability in The Evil Within 2 that drastically slows down time to allow for precise shots or dodging enemy attacks, at the cost of stamina. Stamina is drained just by having it toggled on, and executing any attack at all takes off a huge chunk of the meter, therefore limiting its use.




  • Holding the sprint button while climbing a ladder causes the stamina bar to appear. It does not increase Sebastian's climbing speed, however, nor does it decrease his stamina.


  • The Evil Within 2 implements a counter for the number of times Sebastian has exhausted his stamina bar.
  • At certain points in both games, Sebastian will magically have infinite stamina and can sprint indefinitely. These are often boss chases with instant-kill failures, though, which justifies the change.
  • Sebastian's low starting stamina is handwaved by the developers as a consequence of his heavy smoking. Because of this, his stamina bar is considerably longer in the sequel due to him cutting down on cigarettes.