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The Spawn are creatures found in The Evil Within 2, first appearing in Chapter 3 after completing the Resonances main quest.


Spawns are frightening abominations that appear to be a fusion of at least four people. Their front portion has three heads fused roughly into a triangular assembly, with a maw filled with razor sharp teeth. Another head juts out from the creatures' rear, providing them with a near-360 degree view of its surroundings, making it hard to sneak up on them. Spawns don't have conventional legs per se, but rely instead on numerous clawed hands for locomotion, which they can use to deadly effect against their prey if need be.


Having a somewhat dog-like behavior pattern, Spawns either roam Union in search of prey, or lie in wait for them to pass by. Once a victim has been spotted, they will scurry up to them quickly and attempt to pounce and bite them. They are fast, persistent and typically travel in pairs, making them formidable to those who aren't prepared, and their constant sidestepping makes combat difficult for those who are.


  • The Sawed-off Shotgun is a valuable asset against the Spawn due to its large spread and damage potential. Because it doesn't need to be accurately aimed to be lethal, it effectively nullifies the Spawn's advantage of speed.
  • The Hand Axe is a one-hit kill against the Spawn if Sebastian can hit low enough.

Death Animations

  • If Sebastian's health is low enough when pounced by a Spawn, it will get on top of him, pin his arms down and extend its throat jaw, proceeding to bite down on his head, killing him. The creature then rips his head off and devours it.


  • The Spawn seems to inherit the kill animations of the Sentinel.
  • Most Spawn appearances are scripted and telegraphed by an animation of said enemies crawling onto the scene, thus making them one of the few non-boss enemies in the game to have fixed spawn points every playthrough.


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