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Sometimes Fighting Isn't the Answer is an achievement in The Evil Within 2


This achievement requires the player to gain access to the Union City Hall during Chapter 5 without killing the Guardian. As there is no clear signposting of any kind to show otherwise, this achievement can be difficult and frustrating to try and unlock, especially while being chased by a boss capable of quick gap closing.

Basically, the arena where the Guardian is fought has a secret path around the back of the City Hall that lets Sebastian enter the building without using the front doors. Simply go to the top left corner of the yard once control is regained. There's a pile of debris here that can be blown up via the red barrel nearby. Once the obstruction is cleared, duck under the tripwire directly ahead make the next right. As soon as this happens, immediately stop running, as two Explosive traps will spring as soon as Sebastian rounds the corner and trips their trigger wire. Quickly smash the stack of boxes, then disarm the nearest trap and crouch under the other one, then shove the backdoor open and enter the basement to unlock the achievement.

It and Not Running This Time are mutually exclusive and cannot be earned at the same time, however one can reload an old save and unlock both during one playthrough.


  • The Guardian is allowed to take damage from the Explosive traps, so the player won't have to slow down to disarm every single one.


  • The Guardian will have mysteriously vanished after exiting the City Hall despite her being alive for the purpose of this achievement.