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"Sebastian enters STEM. Kidman tells him that finding the members of the lost search team may be useful...Sebastian sets out to Union in hopes of finding any trace of Lily."
―Chapter description.

Something Not Quite Right is the second chapter of The Evil Within 2.


After reluctantly going under once more, Sebastian enters STEM space in search of his daughter. However, upon regaining his bearings, he finds himself wandering a strange, surreal realm instead of the town simulation he was supposed to be. Trekking carefully throughout the location, Sebastian soon happens across the dead body of William Baker, leader of the missing search team he's told to link up with, and quickly realises something else even more sinister: he's not alone.

As he moves through the realm, Sebastian witnesses the murder of a civilian at the hands of a mysterious killer, and was almost killed himself until he managed to sneak away from the man's view. But it was not to last, however, as the killer then ambushes him just a short distance forward and dazes him with the flash of his camera. As Sebastian regains his vision, he sees a photograph of himself stuck to the large mirror in front of him, along with a strange woman behind him that turns into a hideous grinning monster upon second glance. As the monstrous woman chases him, Sebastian narrowly avoids her grasp by ducking into an overhead vent, though it is clear that she knows where he is. Exiting out into a large dark room, the monster once again gives chase, and the mysterious man shows up once again to surprise Sebastian by wounding him with a thrown knife, but the former detective manages to escape by jumping through a lit doorway, emerging into Union proper.

As he exits out into the town, Sebastian vows to find his daughter at all costs.


Strange Realm

As soon as the chapter begins, assuming one hasn't already viewed the Slide.png Slide 01: Happier Times using the projector, quickly do so, then head through the mirror in Sebastian's Room to enter the strange realm. Open the door directly ahead and go through the doorframe on the far wall, which will slam shut as Sebastian passes it. Quickly turn around and go through that door into a short corridor where the flashlight and sneak tutorial will show. Follow the L-bend into the large room with William Baker's corpse and investigate the scene, then turn around and enter the next chamber, be sure to check the sinks by the wall for the File.png Photo of William Baker. Once done, head towards the lit-up corner and investigate the metal shelf twice to move it, opening the way forward.

Shortly afterwards, Sebastian will have reached a large hall with a staircase leading upwards. A phone nearby will ring, but it's not required to answer it. Go up one floor and look for a half-opened metal gate that can be ducked under to find the File.png Extravagant Letter sitting on a small table.

Encountering the Killer

Continuing on upwards will lead to a dark corridor with a set of double doors at the back, leading to Stefano Valentini's first appearance and onscreen kill, and also the cover tutorial. Hit the cover button once the scene is over to immediately hug the couch and sneak left to evade Stefano's vision. Getting spotted by him is an instant death. Wait for him to pass by the gap between the two cover pieces then quickly hop over, then watch as he leaves the room.

Exit via the other doors and proceed along the corridor to yet another staircase. Don't go up just yet, however, and turn right instead to spot a room in the dark corridor with a pair of legs sticking out. Approach the legs to make them retreat into the room, then open the door and vault over the obstacle here to find the File.png Photo of Another Victim on the floor. Once done, head back out and go up the stairs, the path forward might seem suspicious and dangerous, but is otherwise empty and linear. Keep going until Sebastian reaches a large atrium with a giant display, the look to the left to spot an elevator opening. Ride it down one floor and duck under the hole in the fence here to enter a dark room with corpses hanging from the ceiling. Start hugging the far wall and walking in a circle clockwise until the scene changes. Inspect the camera on the tripod then try to open the door for a surprise by Stefano.

As Sebastian recovers from the flash, inspect the photo on the mirror in front of him to reveal the game's first boss: a Guardian. Getting close to her here is suicide, as there is no weapon to fight back, so Sebastian must flee. Quickly get around her and run along the corridor until Sebastian can shut a door in her face. It will not hold her for long, however, so look up to the ceiling to spot an overhead vent to climb into. The Guardian will manage to break through just as Sebastian got into the vent and will stay there leering at him. Pay her no mind and instead proceed through the vent until Sebastian reaches a long darkroom. Be prepared to run, as the Guardian will come bursting in after taking a few steps. Keep running forward here, as being caught by the Guardian is an instant death. Stefano will show up partway through to tag Sebastian with a knife, letting the Guardian grab him and initiate a quick-time event. Mash the button to escape and watch the ensuing cutscene.

Union proper

As the chase ends, the game will give a warning of Sebastian's low health and passive regeneration. Go through the door and use the Syringe on the dining table to get Sebastian up to fighting shape. Don't leave, however, as there is a File.png Journal in Abandoned House collectible in the side room just beside the front entrance. Once that's done, try to exit through the door and Sebastian will be granted a free Semi-Automatic Handgun for his troubles. Step out onto the porch to prompt Sebastian to pull out the File.png Photo of Castellanos Family, securing every collectible of this chapter.

After a short call from Kidman, follow the linear road ahead. There is a wrecked car along the way that can be broken into for some supplies.

At the far bend will be a house, and approaching it will prompt a strange woman to run inside and slam the front door shut. Follow her inside into the kitchen for a short cutscene introducing a new enemy type: The Lost. The changed woman will immediately begin attacking Sebastian, which may or may not trigger a grapple sequence depending on whether she manages to grab him or not. Dispose of her, then check the room upstairs for some minor loot, then exit the house. Depending on the difficulty chosen, an additional Lost may be trying to break in from the porch, so kick the door open if it's the case to knock them down and gain the upper hand. Continue along the path ahead for some smashable boxes containing minor loot, then head into town using the main road.

O'Neal's Safe House

On approach to the Residential Area entrance, some gunshots will ring out, alerting Sebastian to two MOBIUS agents retreating from a mob of monsters. A short cinematic will play where one of them escapes, while the other gets swarmed and killed.

Sebastian will be in cover when the cutscene ends with the Bottles tutorial playing. While most of the Lost in this area can be fought, there will not be enough ammo to do so, so instead pick up the nearby bottle and sneak around them. Break left into the small parking area past the fence and work one's way towards the Lost banging on the door to take them out. There will be an additional Lost patrolling back and forth on higher difficulties as well, so beware. The cars around the area contain minor loot, though grabbing them will alert some of the creatures, so this is inadvisable. Once the Lost at the door is dead, Sebastian must break in via a quick-time event that alerts every other creature in the yard. The door will be blocked behind him, so feel free to explore the house for some resources, then head down to the basement to trigger a cutscene introducing the surviving agent, Liam O'Neal.


  • This is a main quest Something Not Quite Right


Photographic Slides


New Equipments


Note: † = Deceased



  • Certain events in this chapter will only trigger if the camera is currently pointed in a different direction.
    • The door with William Baker's name plaque will only shut if the camera is pointed away from it. This could be triggered by waking backwards towards the large painting on the far wall while looking at the door itself, or by going around the partition it's on and rotating the screen to focus on it. The second the camera is panned away, the door will slam shut and Sebastian will jump back in surprise.
    • The mannequin warehouse with the camera leading to Stefano's ambush will only change in layout if the player goes in a complete circle while looking directly forward. Walking backwards will not trigger the event since it requires Sebastian to look at the scrawling on the wall beforehand.
  • The warehouse section of this chapter is where the game starts if playing the demo version of the game.
  • While entering the hallway where the Photo of Another Victim file can be found, one can hear the sounds of a buzzsaw being used, possibly foreshadowing the Guardian encounter later in the chapter.
  • Even if Sebastian manages to kill every Lost outside of O'Neal's safe house before entering, the cutscene that plays after shoving the door open will show them alive and ready to attack him. They can be shot and killed through the small window on the door after this, though for no real gain since the gel they drop cannot be retrieved.
    • Additionally, the Lost that's banging against the door will never drop any Green Gel when killed.



Something Not Quite Right walkthrough by OmegaGamesWiki

Something Not Quite Right walkthrough by OmegaGamesWiki - No damage, all collectibles.

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