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Silent Kill is an achievement in The Evil Within.


This achievement is unlocked by killing 5 enemies in a row with Sneak kills in any given area of the game. Being detected or killing an enemy by any other means in between Sneak kills will reset the counter.


  • Using bottles and Flash Bolts will void the achievement progress despite both opening enemies up for a Sneak kill. Flash Bolts may not cause progress to wipe if deployed without being seen, however.
  • Killing enemies with Axes or the Brass Knuckles also void the achievement progress due to them not being counted as Sneak kills.
  • Burning enemies playing dead with matches also resets the kill counter.


  • Abusing checkpoint restarts can help with this achievement if there are Stealth kill opportunities close to the save point.
  • This achievement can be easily acquired at the start of Remnants, starting with the Stealth Kill tutorial, which cannot be missed unless intentionally bungled. The village area up ahead also contains numerous Haunted that are spaced apart from each other, giving a sneaky player ample chances to rack up kills.