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This article is about the weapon obtainable in The Consequence. For the pistol of the same name in The Evil Within 2, see Semi-Automatic Handgun (TEW2).

The Semi-Automatic Handgun is a usable weapon briefly in The Assignment, and a proper firearm in The Consequence, being one of two firearms obtainable by Juli Kidman in said DLC next to the Sawed-off Shotgun.


The Assignment

Due to the general lack of usable firearms in The Assignment, the Semi-Automatic Handgun (referred to as just "Handgun" beyond this point) is mostly inaccessible throughout the DLC's two chapters. It becomes briefly usable during Chapter 2 after Kidman got her foot stuck under debris and has to defend herself against waves of Cadavers and The Haunted, with the final enemy being Shade. The Handgun has a standard magazine size of 7 and unlimited reserve ammunition, but slightly higher recoil compared to that of The Consequence. It promptly runs out of ammo after this section and becomes unusable.

The Consequence

The Handgun is obtained late into the first half of The Consequence. It is a very capable weapon, possessing such critical hit chance that single headshots may kill most enemies instantly. Ammo is also not much of a concern, since slain Haunted drop them in copious amounts anyway.

With that said, the Handgun's chief drawback is its uncomfortably tiny reserve capacity of 10, making it so that Kidman can only carry two fully loaded magazines on hand at anytime, plus three additional shots. This can prove troublesome when faced with a large mob of enemies, though thankfully this does not happen too often.

Kidman loses the Handgun at the start of the second half of the DLC. While she does gain a new one later on, it serves little purpose beyond being a simple plot item, as ammunition for it is almost non-existent in that chapter.


  • Aim for the head and make every shot counts. Kidman's Handgun crits on almost every headshot, and enemies that survive can be finished off with another bullet to the torso.


  • The Semi-Automatic Handgun is based on a modified M1911A1 with a squared trigger guard and lacks the traditional bearvertailed grip safety, and the grip body is additionally machined with finger grooves. A burst-firing parkerized version of it is unlockable in the main game by collecting all 28 Map Fragments.
  • This is likely the standard-issue firearm of KCPD detectives, as Joseph Oda also uses one, and Sebastian Castellanos has his own holstered around his belt that he only draws during emergencies.
    • Sebastian's seeming ownership of one such handgun creates a plot hole, however, as he never visibly acquires it or was he ever given one by his colleagues, meaning he must have it on him at all times, yet completely refuses it at certain times when it could have saved his life (e.g. when chased by the Sadist during Chapter 1) and made gameplay easier.
  • Similar to Sebastian's own Handgun, the Semi-Automatic would always have its hammer up and uncocked, despite being a single-action firearm. Trying to dry fire it produces the sound of the hammer clicking with every attempted shot, though this is not reflected by the weapon model itself nor is mechanically possible for a firearm of its design.