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This article is about The Evil Within 2 weapon. For the weapon of the same name in The Consequence DLC, see Semi-Automatic Handgun (The Consequence).

"A standard semi-automatic pistol. It's nothing fancy, but it's reliable and can be upgraded."
―Inventory description

The Semi-Automatic Handgun is a starting weapon in The Evil Within 2 and the first firearm found within Union.

It is automatically collected in a cutscene at the very end of Chapter 2: Something Not Quite Right, and cannot be missed.


The Semi-Automatic Handgun (referred to as just "Handgun" beyond this point) fills the role of the bog-standard first sidearm collected in the game's world. While not particularly remarkable in any aspect, it tends to perform well during the early game due to its relatively good handling and accuracy. The Handgun works best against lesser foes such as The Lost, with one usually falling to 2-3 well-placed headshots, or 4-5 elsewhere (without upgrades).

Unlike the Handgun of the first game, the one given in The Evil Within 2 packs quite a handful of ammo, and owing to the fact that Handgun Bullets are very cheap to craft, maintaining prolonged use of the weapon is generally an easy task.



  • Relatively accurate
  • Ammo-efficient
  • Reasonably deep ammo pool
  • Fast fire rate and reloads
  • Cheap upgrades
  • Has multiple variants with good utility


  • Not powerful enough to be effective against larger enemies
  • Accuracy suffers from mid-range and out


"This semi-automatic pistol has been equipped with a laser sight for improved accuracy at longer ranges."
―Inventory description.

TEW2 Handgun Laser.png

  • Customized variant with nickel finish, ergonomic rubber grips and short-ranged laser sight. Laser dot is visible at up to 10m.
    • Found in the parking lot of Union Auto Repair. Sebastian will be ambushed by a Lost that he must defeat before claiming the pistol.

"This semi-automatic pistol has been equipped with a sound suppressor, which reduces gunfire noise but also reduces damage. If used carefully, single enemies can be lured away from groups."
―Inventory description.

TEW2 Handgun Silenced.png

  • Suppressed variant that has reduced damage and range in exchange for less noisy gunshots. Can be used to distract or draw single enemies away from crowds.
    • Awarded after completing TEW2 quest side.png Getting Back Online for Julian Sykes.

"This automatic pistol fires in 3-shot bursts and can do more damage than the standard Semi-Automatic Handgun, even though it shares the same ammunition."
―Inventory description.

TEW2 Handgun Burst.png

  • 3-round-burst variant. Fires three shots that deal higher-than-normal damage each, effectively tripling base DPS at the cost of more ammo.

"Sebastian's sidearm of choice. It's less accurate than the Semi-Automatic Handgun, but it does more damage. It uses the same ammunition as the Semi-Automatic Handgun."
―Inventory description.

TEW2 Revolver.png

  • Revolver: Sebastian's old pistol from the first game. Deals more damage at the cost of some accuracy.
    • Awarded after completing the three main Anima flashbacks in a single playthrough.


Tier I
Tier II
Tier III
Firepower2.png 120% Firepower2.png 130% Firepower2.png 140% Firepower2.png 150% Firepower2.png 200%
CraftParts.png 90 CraftParts.png 100 CraftParts.png 200 CraftParts.png 400 CraftParts.png 800
Crit2.png 30% Crit2.png 60%
CraftParts.png 120 CraftParts.png 360
Legend: Firepower2.png Firepower, Crit2.png Critical %
Tier unlocks with CraftPartsHQ.png High-grade parts are shared across all upgrade categories.

Tier I
Tier II
Tier III
Clip size2.png 7 Clip size2.png 8 Clip size2.png 10 Clip size2.png 12
CraftParts.png 20 CraftParts.png 50 CraftParts.png 120 CraftParts.png 120
Legend: Clip size2.png Clip size
Tier unlocks with CraftPartsHQ.png High-grade parts are shared across all upgrade categories.

Tier I Tier II
Tier III
Fire rate2.png 0.40 Fire rate2.png 0.33 Fire rate2.png 0.25
CraftParts.png 30 CraftParts.png 80 CraftParts.png 160
Legend: Fire rate2.png Fire rate
Tier unlocks with CraftPartsHQ.png High-grade parts are shared across all upgrade categories.

Tier I Tier II
Tier III
Reload2.png 1.86s Reload2.png 1.49s Reload2.png 1.16s
CraftParts.png 20 CraftParts.png 50 CraftParts.png 160
AimMove.png 165%
CraftParts.png 120
Legend: Reload2.png Reload time, AimMove.png Movement speed increase when aiming
Tier unlocks with CraftPartsHQ.png High-grade parts are shared across all upgrade categories.

Ammo pouch pistol.png
Max ammo pouch.png
Max ammo pouch.png
Max ammo pouch.png
Max ammo pouch.png
Max ammo pouch.png
26 32 38 44 60

Ammo Pouch locations

  • Pouch 1: Chapter 3 – Located on the dead MOBIUS soldier out in the middle of the street, down the road with the residential houses. Clear out any enemies — the body is under a bright light, so it’s easy to spot.
  • Pouch 2: Chapter 3 – Inside the derailed red train car on the western edge of the Residential Area map. This is the train car that’s pointed sideways.
  • Pouch 3: Chapter 6 – Immediately after entering The Marrow – Access Tunnels West, go through the second door on the left and take the pouch off the dead MOBIUS soldier.
  • Pouch 4: Chapter 12 – At the start of Chapter 12, move toward the statue illuminating a small ruin. The pouch bag is sitting on a rock beneath the statue.
  • Pouch 5: Chapter 14 – On the third level of the stronghold, the player will enter an area patrolled by Lost with lots of pipes and flame jets. Go through the banging door on the right and take the pouch off the cabinet directly left of the flame jets.


  • The general rule of thumb when using any variant of the Handgun is to aim for the head, as it deals more damage. A possible exception is the Burst variant due to its recoil, in which case aiming for the mid-chest or the enemy's chin seems to work best.
  • Refrain from crafting Handgun Bullets on the fly as much as possible despite their overall cheapness, partly due to their abundance in the game's world, and the fact that crafting away from a bench costs twice the resource price.
  • Upon collecting the Laser-Sight version, the standard Semi-Automatic instantly becomes inferior due to its lesser accuracy. It would still be recommended to get used to it as much as possible, however, as it's still slightly more powerful damage-wise, and is the only pistol usable during emergencies.


  • The Handgun and its Laser and Silenced variants are modeled after a M1911A1, but with several minor aesthetic differences, namely a more squared profile overall and a railed frame. Notably, the Handgun seems to lack a recoil spring guide rod, the plug seemingly being treated as a solid component of the barrel bushing.
    • It's possible that for some reason the Handgun was designed with a short guide rod, rather than a full-length rod. A short guide rod would not be visible even when racking the weapon's slide, and has a solid recoil spring plug, unlike a full-length guide rod plug, which has a hole to fit the guide rod.
    • The Burst variant is seemingly modeled after a Beretta 93R with a modified frame, slide and "meat-tenderizer" muzzle. The patterned grip panels were possibly inspired by the laser grip of Spike Spiegel's Jericho 941 R.
    • There is also the "Silver Gust Mk. 8", a secret variant of the Handgun based on a squared Walther P99 usable near the end of the game when the player briefly assumes control of Juli Kidman. Yukiko Hoffman also makes use of this variant instead of the standard-issue one.
      • The trademarks on this variant references the Silver Ghost handgun belonging to Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 4. The pistol itself is seemingly and erroneously claimed to be chambered in .22 Long Rifle, which would suggest a much higher capacity than the basic 6 rounds it shares alongside every other stat with the base Handgun.
  • Sebastian does not make use of the slide release on the new Handgun models, opting to rack the slide manually to chamber a new round instead.
  • The handguns based around the default Semi-Automatic have their inventory icons depict them with a flat slide backstrap akin to that of a Glock pistol, while in actual gameplay all of them are hammer-fired.
  • The Handgun seems to be Sebastian's weapon of choice, as he is always seen with it drawn in certain cutscenes where he's supposed to have a firearm equipped. Likewise, he will always pull out a Handgun when grabbed by a large enemy to shoot himself free.
  • The standard Handgun seems to be standard-issue for MOBIUS field agents, as Liam O'Neal and Julian Sykes both carry one on them, with the latter's being fitted with a sound suppressor. Esmeralda Torres may also have one that she tried to draw when her Assault Rifle ran out of ammunition, but was overwhelmed off-screen and the pistol itself is never fully seen.
    • O'Neal holding the Handgun with the safety on.

      To provide further support for this, Handgun ammo along with carry pouches for them can be found on the remains of various MOBIUS personnel in and around Union.
    • As the game only has one model for the Handgun, the ones used by Sebastian also has the safety on like that of O'Neal's, though they still fire without problem. This has since been patched, and the model held by O'Neal is now unique to that scene alone.
  • Sebastian is seen with the Revolver in hand during the City Hall segment of the reveal trailer, which is at least six chapters earlier compared to its appearance in the final game. This suggests that either the pistol was intended to be Sebastian's first firearm, or that the City Hall sequence was planned to occur much later in the plot.
  • Unlike the other Handguns which are aimed with Sebastian using the two-handed Weaver stance, the Revolver simply has him pointing the gun straight ahead one-handed with his right arm outstretched.