Sebastian's Room is a key location and recurring area in The Evil Within 2. It is a safe room for Sebastian Castellanos within the STEM world of Union.

Overview Edit

Sebastian's Room modeled after his old office in the KCPD Precinct as he remembered it, though there were changes made to further streamline and personalise the space.

In the Room, Sebastian can upgrade his abilities with Green Gel, craft weapon upgrades and ammunition from the workbench, view slides from the projector, store collectibles in his office, and hone his shooting skills at a shooting gallery. As well as this, Sebastian can read files relating to the Alpha Team and important figures within Union such as Theodore Wallace and Stefano Valentini.

It serves the same purpose as the Safe Haven from the first game and acts as both his entry into and exit from within STEM.

Areas Edit

Sebastian's Office Edit

A recreation of Sebastian's office from his time at the KCPD, this area contains a board with files on his investigation of Union. The dossiers of Alpha Team members can be reviewed here and will be updated as Sebastian encounters each member. As the plot unfolds, files regarding Stefano Valentini and Theodore Wallace are additionally appended to the collection.

The Mysterious Objects are found in this area. If the game is already beaten, Sebastian can change his outfits via the coat rack near the door.

Briefing Room Edit

The most prominent portion of the Room is the KCPD outer office, where Sebastian could save his progress and converse with Juli Kidman about the memories gleaned from Photographic Slides. The exit mirror is located here at the far end.

The outer hallway is initially blocked off, however it becomes available shortly after meeting MOBIUS agent Liam O'Neal, granting access to the Workbench and Upgrade Chair.

Upgrade Chair Edit

This is where Sebastian upgrades his attributes. It is found at the end of the office's outer hallway and first becomes available after linking up with agent O'Neal. Sitting on the chair transports Sebastian to a dark room resembling the old Safe Haven where he can upgrade his attributes with Green Gel, converse with nurse Tatiana Gutierrez, or spending earned Keys to unlock the many safes lining the wall for supplies.

As Gel upgrades are unavailable while playing on Classic difficulty, sitting on the Upgrade Chair only allows the player to open safes.

Shooting Range Edit

A place for Sebastian to practice his aim and obtain extra supplies. It is accessible from Chapters 4 to 16 when accessing Sebastian's Room. There are two playable modes; Gallery Mode and Chain Attack Mode

Due to the removal of upgrades while playing on Classic difficulty, both modes of the Shooting Gallery will offer different reward pools.

Gallery Mode is a traditional shooting gallery where Sebastian can shoot monster cutouts to obtain points.
  • Valid targets are those of rats, The Haunted, certain boss monsters like the Sadist, and the occasional Ruvik dummy that can be shot for massive points gain. Shooting the cutouts of Tatiana will deduct points from Sebastian's score. Once all targets have been shot/missed, there will be a boss that will define the end of the trial.
  • There are five playable difficulties; Free, Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard. If Sebastian passes the trial, he will obtain some loot depending on the difficulty.
Difficulty Score Rewards Rewards (Classic)
SebRoom GalleryFree Free N/A N/A N/A
SebRoom GalleryEasy Easy 800 CraftParts 500 TEW2 crafting gunpowder x5
1,800 GreenGel 4,500 TEW2 crafting gunpowder x15
SebRoom GalleryNormal Normal 1,200 GreenGel 3,000 TEW2 crafting herb x4
2,500 CraftParts 1,000 N/A
SebRoom GalleryHard Hard 1,000 CraftParts 750 TEW2 crafting gunpowder x5
2,300 TEW2 crafting herb x8 TEW2 crafting gunpowder x15
3,500 GreenGel 10,500 Key 1
SebRoom GalleryVHard Very Hard 1,000 GreenGel 6,000 TEW2 crafting herb x4
2,500 Key 1 TEW2 crafting herb x12
4,000 GreenGel 30,000 TEW2 crafting herb x20

Chain Attack Mode tasks the player with destroying as many coloured boxes as possible within the time limit. The initial timer is 30 seconds, which can be extended by shooting bonus boxes.
  • There are three types of boxes:
    • Coloured boxes come in five variants: red, blue, purple, white and black. Shooting one automatically destroys any adjacent piece of the same color for a combo. Coloured boxes are worth 100 points when destroyed without initiating a combo.
    • Hourglass boxes appear after a long combo is made. They extend the timer by 5 seconds when shot, on top of awarding the player with 1,500 points while also changing the colour of every adjacent block into its own. The Hourglass block itself is not destroyed when shot, it simply turns into a standard one after the bonus is taken.
    • X-marked boxes deduct both points and time when shot. They can be neutralised by shooting an adjacent coloured block, which will turn them into a normal target of the same type.
Score Rewards Rewards (Classic)
40,000 GreenGel 2,000 TEW2 crafting gunpowder x4
50,000 TEW2 crafting herb x4 TEW2 crafting herb x5
60,000 CraftParts 150 TEW2 crafting gunpowder x20
70,000 Key 1 Key 1
80,000 GreenGel 5,000 TEW2 crafting herb x40
100,000 CraftParts 300 TEW2 crafting gunpowder x100

Trivia Edit

  • Much like Ruvik's influence invading Safe Haven, Sebastian's Room was temporarily taken over by Theodore Wallace's presence after defeating Stefano Valentini. This is marked by candles littering the area, along with the appearance of the Mu symbol on top of an altar that appears in Chapters 9-14.
  • Sebastian's keepsake trenchcoat is hung on the rack used to change outfits.
  • While using the slide projector, drinking the coffee next to Sebastian will heal him.

Shooting RangeEdit

  • The target dummies of the time trial mode are those of The Haunted. Occasionally there will be Ruvik targets as well.
  • Depending on the player's score in the shooting gallery, Tatiana will offer different dialogue, with most of them being references to either various other media, or the series itself.
    • If Sebastian scores a high amount of points, she will sometimes say that he earned a round of applause, and says that someone in Union that will provide that for him.
    • As another expression of praise, Tatiana will state: "You're the best around, detective", which is replied with "And nothing's gonna ever keep me down!" by Sebastian. This is a nod to the 1984 song You're the Best by Joe Esposito.
    • Alternatively, if Sebastian gets a low amount of points, she will sometimes say that he doesn't have to worry as she was the only one who saw him, or Sebastian will say that he though was better than that and is disappointed.
    • Achieving the highest possible score milestone during the score attack mode will prompt a highly-engrossed Sebastian to suddenly remind himself of his original quest.

Gallery Edit