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This article is about The Evil Within 2 weapon. For the weapon of the same name in The Consequence DLC, see Sawed-off Shotgun (The Consequence).

"This pump-action shotgun has a sawed-off barrel, which does more damage at close range."
―Inventory description.

The Sawed-off shotgun is the first long firearm found in The Evil Within 2 and the second firearm found within Union.


The Sawed-off can be found in multiple locations throughout the Union Residential Area.

  • The Marrow: Armory: It is found in the basement of 322 Cedar Ave. in the Residential Area during the second part of This is a side quest Rogue Signal, inside a weapon case in the last room of the armory.
  • Tredwell Trucking: It can also be found in the Tredwell Trucking warehouse, in the room where Sebastian finds one of Lily's dolls if the player did not pick it up from the location above.
  • Lying next to a car en route to The Pit Stop.
  • The Marrow: Facilities.
  • Outside 345 Cedar Ave. next to a car with the lights on (Casual diff. only).


The Sawed-off Shotgun (referred to as just "Shotgun" beyond this point) fills the role of the close-ranged powerhouse that excels more up close and personal, while suffering great damage drop off at range. It tends to perform well during indoor sections of the game due to the mostly-tight corridors design of Union structures. Most starting enemies can be felled with just a handful of shots, though it is not economically viable against The Lost unless encountered in mobs.

Unlike the Shotgun of the first game, the one given in The Evil Within 2 is much easier to maintain due to the much more common ammo distribution in the game's world, and the fact that Shotgun shells can now be crafted at the player's discretion instead of being rare pickups.



  • Powerful at close range
  • Cheap upgrades
  • Slightly-common ammo distribution in the game's world


  • Ammo stock limits frequent use in the early game
  • Accuracy suffers from mid-range and out
  • Shotgun shells are slightly expensive to craft off-bench


"This medium-range pump-action shotgun has a long barrel, giving it a longer range to do damage."
―Inventory description.

TEW2 Shotgun Full.png

  • Long-barreled variant with increased range. Shots fired land reliably at up to 10m. Deals slightly less damage up close, but drops off significantly less at mid range.
    • Found in the storage shed just south of Post Plus. The key to the shed must be found first from the corpse of a MOBIUS solder near the Sanctuary Hotel. This key is guarded by several Lost and a Guardian.

"Twice the barrels, twice the buckshots, twice the damage. Light and sturdy, but needs to be reloaded more often."
―Inventory description.

TEW2 Shotgun Double.png

  • Double-barreled variant that fires both barrels in one go, one after the other, for massive damage up close. Does not share Ammo Capacity upgrades with the other variants.


Tier I
Tier II
Tier III
Firepower2.png 105% Firepower2.png 110% Firepower2.png 115% Firepower2.png 120% Firepower2.png 130%
CraftParts.png 90 CraftParts.png 120 CraftParts.png 240 CraftParts.png 480 CraftParts.png 960
Crit2.png 20% Crit2.png 40%
CraftParts.png 100 CraftParts.png 300
Legend: Firepower2.png Firepower, Crit2.png Critical %
Tier unlocks with CraftPartsHQ.png High-grade parts are shared across all upgrade categories.

Tier I
Tier II
Tier III
Clip size2.png 4 Clip size2.png 5 Clip size2.png 6 Clip size2.png 7
CraftParts.png 30 CraftParts.png 80 CraftParts.png 140 CraftParts.png 140
Legend: Clip size2.png Clip size
Tier unlocks with CraftPartsHQ.png High-grade parts are shared across all upgrade categories.

Tier I
Tier II Tier III
Fire rate2.png 1.25 Fire rate2.png 1.07 Fire rate2.png 0.75
CraftParts.png 40 CraftParts.png 80 CraftParts.png 160
Legend: Fire rate2.png Fire rate
Tier unlocks with CraftPartsHQ.png High-grade parts are shared across all upgrade categories.

Tier I Tier II
Tier III
Reload2.png 1.80s Reload2.png 1.58s Reload2.png 1.24s
CraftParts.png 30 CraftParts.png 60 CraftParts.png 120
AimMove.png 165%
CraftParts.png 150
Legend: Reload2.png Reload time, AimMove.png Movement speed increase when aiming
Tier unlocks with CraftPartsHQ.png High-grade parts are shared across all upgrade categories.

Ammo pouch shotgun.png
Max ammo pouch.png
Max ammo pouch.png
Max ammo pouch.png
Max ammo pouch.png
10 13 16 25 -

Ammo Pouch locations

  • Pouch 1: Chapter 3 – Climb the ladder in the back-right corner of the large building south of the Pit Stop. The pouch is inside a MOBIUS supply crate all the way at the end of the balcony.
  • Pouch 2: Chapter 7 – Go to the alley behind Sykes’ Safe House to locate a dead MOBIUS Agent guarded by a Hysteric.
  • Pouch 3: Chapter 11 – This one is pretty straight forward and impossible to miss, as the MOBIUS agent carrying it lies directly on Sebastian's path as he moves through The Marrow. The communicator will ping when close to the body.
  • Pouch 4: Chapter 13 – On the eastern edge of the map, find the red train cars behind the Credit Union. The pouch sits on a seat in the first train car.


  • The Shotgun works best up close and against mobs, or single powerful enemies like the Lament early on where options are limited. Refrain from using it on lesser single targets to conserve ammo.
  • Unlike the other firearms, aim the Shotgun at the enemies' center of mass to make the most out of its potential damage.
  • The Shotgun is great for bursting the weak spots of bosses due to its wide spread. Use it against the likes of Obscura or The Watcher for maximum effect.
  • The Full-Barreled variant is overall superior to the Sawed-Off, as the additional range does not decrease the weapon's damage or close-quarters effectiveness.
  • The Double-Barreled Shotgun should only be used if the player has upgraded the weapon's reload speed and they have a large supply of either shotgun shells or gunpowder. Even then, sparing use is recommended due to the weapon's rapid fire rate being more than capable of burning through the player's ammo stock in just a few bursts.


  • The Shotgun looks to be a cross between an Ithaca 37 forend and magazine tube and what appears to be a Benelli-type receiver. The Full-barreled variant is additionally furnished with synthetic parts and rails, though the latter is unused.