The Sadist's Torture Room is a location in The Evil Within, as well as The Consequence and the comic series.


Utilized by the Sadist to conduct his butchery, this room is based on how Ruvik sees the real life counterpart in Beacon Mental Hospital. In real life the sewer closets were a planning and experimenting sanctum for Ruvik. It's STEM cousin is much more bloody and gruesome.

The Evil Within Edit

In Chapter 1, Sebastian wakes up in the Sadist's Torture Room after being stabbed with an orbitoclast by Ruvik in Beacon Mental Hospital's surveillance room.

He finds himself hanging upside-down by his feet from a rope, amid several other dead bodies. After witnessing the Sadist bisect a corpse with his cleaver and drag it over to the countertop to cure, Sebastian retrieves a knife from a hanging body beside him and uses it to cut himself loose.

When the Sadist heads behind a curtain into the next room, Sebastian sneaks over a grabs a pair of keys from a meat hook. Quickly tiptoeing back behind the wall, Sebastian uses the key to unlock the metal door to the stairway out. In the hallway above the Torture Room, Sebastian looks back down through the windows, the Sadist nowhere to be seen.

As he continues on, Sebastian accidentally triggers a tripwire that sets off an alarm. The Sadist tromps into the hallway, chainsaw revving. Sebastian fearfully sprints as fast as he can through the tile hallways, bursting through a door, the Sadist rushing forward and slashing his calf as he runs. The Sadist then walks over and steps on a switch, dropping a set of bars, trapping Sebastian in the other half of the room. A set of rotating combine-like blades whir to life, and begin towards the center of the room as Sebastian hobbles towards a gory escape hatch, which slides on down to a pool of blood. In addition to several other saws placed down the chute, it would seem a couple of crude attempts were made to seal it off with boards, which Sebastian slams straight through.

Sebastian returns through the Sadist's lair one final time in Chapter 15, now completely vacant.

The Consequence Edit

Juli visits the Sadist's Torture Room in The Consequence, and experiences visions of what had happened there, seeing Sebastian unlock the door and sprint away down the tile hallway, which she is surprised by.

Later on, Juli uses her flashlight to reveal that Ruvik saw the hospital's equipment and patients as nothing more than a cesspool of ripe decay.

The Evil Within (comic) - Chapter 3: To the Slaughter Edit

In Issue 3, Dana, Paul, and Jack are thrown into the Sadist's Torture Room on the other side of the cliff adjecent to St. Judes high school. They awaken in a pitch dark, previously unseen area of the lair, the floor knee-deep in blood, the only light shining in from the grating above. Paul finds a ladder leading up a hatch to the main floor, where they explore about, Jack facing his own internal turmoil regarding the unspeakable horrors he experienced while at war.

As they delve deeper into the dungeon, Jack recognizes the faces of the hanging bodies, and the tattoos in the flesh curtains as that of his friends. He uncovers one of their uniforms seen lying on the ground shortly before the Sadist enters the room, yanking a body from the wall and hacking away at it with his cleaver while classical music plays from a phonograph. Jack and Dana hide as Paul hyperventilates, and the three head past him down a hallway behind a closed door as he places the body's brain in a jar.

Much like Sebastian, Jack falls victim to one of the Sadist's tripwire traps, and alerts him via an alarm that goes off. As the Sadist grabs his chainsaw, Jack barricades the door with a desk and filing cabinet, buying them time.

They shortly thereafter encounter another trap, a wall of razor wire blocking their path, Paul nearly running straight into it.

Dana and Jack struggle to pry apart the wire using a steel pipe as she and Paul pass through. Before Jack can go under, the bar snaps and he is trapped on the other side. Jack and Dana wish one another a final goodbye as the Sadist breaks through the doorway.

Jack readies himself for a final battle to the death as the Sadist charges towards him, a distraught Dana running off down the tunnel into the Subway.


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