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"This military anti-tank rocket launcher is both large and heavy which restricts movement as well as safe operation."
―Inventory description.

The Rocket Launcher is an unlockable weapon in The Evil Within and its DLC The Executioner.


The Evil Within

The Rocket Launcher offers devastating firepower at the cost of its ammunition being nowhere to be found, as well as pinning Sebastian in place it is equipped. It is good for crowd control, as long as the intended targets are not too close to the player themselves as the splash damage is significant.

It is used by the Sadist in Chapter 15, and by Sebastian himself during the boss fight with Ruvik after obtaining it from the corpse of the very same Sadist he fought a while back. The Rocket Launcher has a liberal amount of ammo to use (15 shots), and must be shot at the boss several times to weaken it, at which point the battle moves to the next phase.

Completing the game on any difficulty unlocks the Rocket Launcher for Sebastian's own use. It comes with 21 shots, one of which is initially loaded and virtually cannot be resupplied at all, nor can it be upgraded.

The Executioner

The Rocket Launcher is unlocked for use after defeating the RPG Sadist.

It retains more or less the same properties as the one used by Sebastian in the main game, though it can only hold a maximum of 10 shots after upgrades and is aimed using an on-screen reticle rather than the scope. This launcher does not pin The Keeper in place when equipped, though it still requires him to stop moving in order to fire. 

Unlike the one used in the main game, The Keeper's own launcher can be upgraded, and additional rockets can be purchased at the shop.


  • Pressing C lets Sebastian sling the Launcher onto his back, allowing him to move around freely while having it at the ready without needing to repeatedly opening the radial menu to swap weapons.


Blow Up the Playing Field.jpg Blow Up the Playing Field
25 Gamerscore - This is a silver trophy.

Use a secret explosive weapon to kill 10 enemies.
Agony Bolt effects negate results.
I Might Close Early.jpg I Might Close Early
20 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Purchase all items in the Shop.


  • The Rocket Launcher is modeled after a slightly-modified Panzerfaust 3 with the rear half being borrowed from an RPG-7. Its movement-restricting weight in the game is likely exaggerated for balancing purposes, as the real unit as a whole only weighs 29.5lb fully-loaded.
  • The Rocket Launcher unrealistically does not have any backblast at all. This is most glaring during the final boss fight, where Sebastian fires it with his back against a flat surface, which would have blown him apart as soon as the weapon is fired.
  • While ammo pickups for the Rocket Launcher are virtually-nonexistent in the game, the weapon itself strangely has a noted stock capacity of 30.
  • The Rocket Launcher is the only weapon usable when crouched, due to it forcing Sebastian down to his knees when equipped.
  • When used by the RPG Sadist in The Executioner, the Rocket Launcher is capable of firing 3-shot volleys with just one loaded warhead.