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"Sebastian hones in on a signal that sounds like Lily's voice. Using his Communicator as a tracking device, he follows it..."
―Chapter description.

Resonances is the third chapter of The Evil Within 2.


After narrowly escaping death at the hands of the mysterious killer and his monster, Sebastian Castellanos manages to enter into Union proper. On the outskirts of town, he has his first run-in with the deranged denizens of this STEM space, and soon after discovers the survival of Alpha Team member Liam O'Neal. Afraid and reluctant to trust Sebastian, O'Neal nevertheless allows him to share the same shelter and gives him some direction around town.

Exiting the safe house, Sebastian is shocked to find the town being cut off from all known exits by huge chasms, and that the many fragments of it are hovering eerily above the skyline. He soon picks up an odd signal on his communicator that sounds much like Lily's crying. Following the signal, Sebastian reaches a hilltop diner on the far side of town, where a resonance reveals that whoever stalked him before was going after Lily as well. Using his communicator, Sebastian traces the signal residue back to the Tredwell Trucking warehouse, where it becomes apparent that Lily was captured and taken to another area of Union.

Although reluctant, O'Neal offers to aid Sebastian in his search by giving him the password to The Marrow, a master tunnel system that connects the many fragmented parts of Union into one, while advising him to first restart the Stable Field Emitter at the City Hall, so that the town will cease to fracture further.



This chapter has additional This is a side quest Side Quests. This walkthrough will prioritise the main chapter quest last. Side quests (if any) and notable explorations will be covered in chronological order.

The chapter picks up where Something Not Quite Right left off.

Talking to O'Neal gives the This is a side quest Rogue Signal sidequest, along with an option (Something stronger) to mark the location of the powerful Warden Crossbow on the map. Once the conversation ends, feel free to save using the save station behind O'Neal, and be sure to gather the supplies around the room, including some ammo next to the workbench. Restock here if needed, then head out the other door. A short scene will play showing nurse Tatiana Gutierrez walking towards a mirror. Using this mirror takes the player back to Sebastian's Room while also unlocking the wheelchair to upgrade one's skills.

Once done with everything, leave the safe house via the front door.

Residential Area

Getting the Warden Crossbow and Sniper Rifle

Before tracking Lily's voice, you'll want to make your way towards the APC that O'Neal mentioned to retrieve the Warden Crossbow. To find it, exit the safe house, then make a left onto the street then follow it until you reach a dead end, then make another left to find the Warden Crossbow near a dead MOBIUS operative near a pile of supply crates. Be careful as there are a few enemies patrolling the zone, but you can sneak past them to retrieve it without incident.

The Sniper Rifle can be found nearby as well, located on top of the Visitor Center across the street from the safe house, which is accessible by going to the alley and climbing up the ladder. Be careful, as a Lost will patrol the roof. Sneak up to it for an easy stealth kill. Take the broken Sniper Rifle and loot the dead MOBIUS operative for Mobius Communicator Log: Replacement Parts, as well as come crafting supplies and ammo.

In order to find the replacement parts, make your way to the northwest side of town. Use your map to place a landmark for extra guidance. There are several Lost patrolling the area including a Lament. You can sneak around them to get inside the shed. The Sniper Rifle parts will be on the workbench. Loot the area for crafting supplies and ammo. Craft the sniper rifle now that you have the barrel and the body of the rifle, stock up on ammo if necessary.

Tracking Lily's Signal

Once your armed, take out your communicator and make your way to Lily's signal. From O'Neal's safe house turn left down the street and on the right where the road ends. Follow the road until you reach a dead end. On the right, there is a garage that you can use a shock bolt from the crossbow to find a secret optional safe house.

Continue on the road to the left until you see The Pit Stop. Just outside the front door, you will see a silhouette of Lily. Tune into the resonance to find Lily running into the building. Follow the footprints to a locked door at the back of the counter. Move the freezer out of the way and crawl through the small hole to get inside the office where you can find Lily's doll, which triggers a cutscene where you see Lily escape through the window. Leave The Pit Stop and go around the back of the building where you see a dumpster. Investigate it to pick up a new resonance placed on your map.

When you begin tracking the new resonance, you will be attacked by two Spawn enemies. Trying to outrun these enemies can be difficult. Shoot them to stun them and make your escape as they take a lot of ammo. When you get back down the road, turn right towards the garage and you will see Lily's silhouette outside the garage. Tune into the resonance and follow her footprints as before until you find a bloodstain on the side of the wall then you will see Lily running away, revealing a new resonance point on the map.

Turn left at the Union Auto Repair, then continue until you find a waypoint outside of another house, next to a pickup truck. Lily's silhouette will run into the bushes. Follow it to examine more footprints. Follow the footprints to a car and investigate underneath it. Lily will run across the street into the Tredwell Trucking warehouse.

Be careful as several Lost are patrolling in the parking lot. Sneak around the back-left corner to find a power relay closed off in a locked fence with two Lost. Break the lock with a melee attack and kill the two Lost inside and flip the switch to restore power to the warehouse door. Get back to the door and flip the switch next to it to open the door. Before going inside the warehouse, turn around to find a truck parked nearby. Open it up to find a Panzerhund from Wolfenstein at the very back.

Once you're inside, go straight to see Lily's silhouette run through a boarded up passage. Rip the board off, then crawl through to reach the other side of the fence. Turn left between two storage containers and then turn right. Continue forward until you reach a dead end and round the corner to crawl through the hole marked by a dead MOBIUS operative. On the other side is an axe-wielding enemy. Take the enemy out, then go up the ladder. Open the first door on your left to find a workbench in case you need more ammo for the upcoming fight as well as a file Report 00654: Core Displacement. Open the next door, to find one of Lily's dolls in a pool of blood. Take the doll to get a glimpse of Lily's memory.

Return of the Killer

After the cutscene, make your way out of the warehouse and you will find the murderer from Chapter 2. Follow him to be transported in a long hallway where another MOBIUS operative was murdered. Continue down the hallway to return at the entrance of the warehouse where a cutscene will play.

You'll be attacked by three Spawns. However, you cannot escape them this time. Use explosive bolts from the Warden Crossbow or the Sawed-Off Shotgun if you have it. Use those weapons if you can to kill them quickly. Once all of them are dead, you will be transported back to Union and have a conversation with O'Neal via the communicator, who will ask you to return to his safe house.

When you leave the parking lot, turn left and make a right at the end of the street and make another left and finally a right to O'Neal's safe house. Make sure to stay on the streets, as The Lost have overrun Union and areas of the street are filled with several Spawns and other tough enemies. Once you enter his safe house, talk to him to trigger a cutscene, marking the end of the chapter.


  • Resonances
  • Rogue Signal


  • Sebastian Castellanos
  • Liam O'Neal
  • Stefano Valentini
  • Lily Castellanos
  • Ryan Turner (residual memory)


Photographic Slides

  • Slide 02: Beacon Hospital
  • Slide 03: Fire Article


  • Welcome to Union Pamphlet
  • Mobius Communicator Log: Replacement Parts
  • Report #00592: Disposal Request
  • Turner's Communicator Log
  • Woman's Journal
  • KCPD Request for Psych Exam
  • Torn Psych Evaluation Report (Top Half)
  • Report #00654: Core Displacement

Mysterious Items

  • Mysterious Item




  • Collecting the Warden Crossbow in a prior playthrough will remove the "Something stronger" dialogue option when speaking to Liam O'Neal for the first time in a New Game+. The MOBIUS Humvee is still marked as a location of interest, however there will only be additional Harpoon bolts to retrieve.
  • An additional Sawed-off Shotgun can be collected in the yard of Tredwell Trucking on Casual difficulty.


  • Even if the player manages to kill off every Lost in the area before entering O'Neal's safehouse, a crowd of around two to three of them will spawn after Sebastian barges through the door. These cannot break in through the barricaded door and can be killed by shooting at them through the opening on the door, but this is pointless as the items they drop cannot be retrieved.
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