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The Residential Area is a location found in The Evil Within 2.


The Residential Area serves an area where inhabitants of Union live. There are few shops and community places such as the Union Visitor Center and the Church.


O'Neal's Safe House

A safe house located just past the sign that says "Welcome to Union". Several Lost patrol the area around it. Liam O'Neal can be found in this safe house in Chapters 3-7. There is a workbench, a save point and a coffee maker, as well as a mirror in the hallway past O'Neal.

Sebastian can talk to O'Neal in Chapter 3 to start the Rogue Signal side quest and add the location of the Mobius APC with a Warden Crossbow on his communicator.

Union Visitor Center

An information center across from O'Neal's safe house and to the left of the Church. The final resonance point for the Rogue Signal side quest can be found in the basement.

Viewing it will cause Stefano to appear in the stairway, teleporting him to a section of his domain with two Lost enemies.


A community church next to Visitor Center and across from O'Neal's Safe House where people practice their religion. The priest can be found here begging to be forgiven for killing the Lost who is then turned into a Lost by an invisible Anima.

Tredwell Trucking

A warehouse consisting of cargo shipments. Several Lost patrol the entrance to the warehouse and one can be found inside as well. A Workbench is found in the first office on the second floor, as well as Lily's doll in the second office where the third resonance point is located.

Krimson's Supermarket

A local supermarket where citizens can shop for household goods. Several Lost patrol the parking lot as well as a Lament.

322 Cedar Ave.

A house on the left side of the street around the corner of the church a few blocks. A computer that leads to Marrow: Armory can be found in the basement, where the Sawed-Off Shotgun is found. One of the residual memories for the Rogue Signal side quest can be found in the garage.

Mitchell and Sons Construction

A small building with several crates and boxes, mainly used for manufacturing purposes. Several Lost can be found patrolling the area. Further at the back of the room, a hole can be found to access the secret Mobius supply cache under Union Auto Repair.

Union Auto Repair

A repair shop for vehicles. Underneath one of the suspended cars is a trapdoor leading to a secret Mobius supply cache. One of the residual memories for the Rogue Signals side quest can be found in the main office at the back of the building.

The Laser-Sighted Handgun can be found in the parking lot. One of the first Hysterics in the game can be found here once Sebastian turns power on to the shop.

344 Cedar Ave.

Where the woman survivor has holed up.

Northern Safe House

A safe house located at the north side of town. The safe house contains the first Smoke Bolt, a mirror, a save point and coffee maker, along with a computer that can be used to access The Marrow: Operations, only available in Chapters 4-7.

345 Cedar Ave.

A house located on the right side of Cedar Avenue at the far end of the street. This is the location where the Beacon Residual Memory is found.

336 Cedar Ave.

Located on the left side near the Hysteric guarding the second Handgun Ammo Pouch upgrade. This is the location where the first main encounter with Anima takes place.

The Pit Stop

Where Lily's first resonance point is located. This is also the location where the first encounter with the Spawns take place.

The Evil Within 2

The Residential Area is the first area Sebastian comes across when entering Union for the first time. It is a major location in the first quarter of the game. Although, this area can be explored optionally in Chapters 4-7.

Chapter 2: Something Not Quite Right

After outrunning the Guardian in the strange realm, Sebastian enters Union via an abandoned house. Severely wounded from the knife thrown by the mysterious killer during the chase, he manages to find a Medical Syringe and a Semi-Automatic Handgun.

Exiting the house, he is contacted by Kidman, who informs him that they lost contact with him. He replies that Baker is dead and that there is a killer running around in here doing things as if it was "Beacon all over again". Continuing his search for the MOBIUS Alpha Team members, he comes across a mysterious person running in a house. Sebastian investigates only to find that the citizens have turned into creatures as well.

He then finds two MOBIUS operatives running from a horde of Lost, where the member sacrifices himself so that Liam O'Neal can escape into his safe house. Sebastian must then pursuit him while trying to avoid the same horde that ambushed O'Neal. Entering the safe house, O'Neal acts hostile towards Sebastian as he tries to convince O'Neal that he is on his side despite him not being MOBIUS.

Chapter 3: Resonances

Through a reluctant partnership, Sebastian must track down Lily's signal with O'Neal's guidance and valuable information. He first goes to the Pit Stop where Lily's voice can be heard, which involves a memory of her being chased into the place by some mysterious person.

More signals of her voice can be found throughout town. Sebastian must follow them until he reaches the warehouse where Lily is currently hiding. He finds another one of Lily's dolls where he receives another memory where Lily hides under a desk being chased by the same person who reveals himself as the killer from Chapter 2.

Out of luck to get Lily, Sebastian attempts to contact O'Neal with poor communicator reception. He exits the warehouse hoping for a better signal. He is then ambushed by the killer and multiple Spawns. At safety, he contacts O'Neal reminding him that Lily has been kidnapped. Liam has a lead that she is currently at City Hall and tells him that getting to it is "a bit complex".

Theorofore, Sebastian must return to his safe house where he is informed about The Marrow; a secret area used by MOBIUS to monitor Union, as well as a passageway to other parts of town. Sebastian is also given a gas mask which will be used to bypass the gas leak in the Access Tunnels leading to City Hall.


The Residential Area consists of suburb houses inhabiting Union citizens. The south part of the town consists of information and community centres, like churches and supermarkets. The west side of town is where a lot of construction


  • This is the only location in Union where physical workbenches can be found, alongside the workbench inside City Hall.
  • The Residential Area of Union is the only area where Liam O'Neal can be physically seen in his normal MOBIUS uniform before being turned into a Harbinger by Theodore Wallace.
  • This is the first area where a map will be available on Sebastian's communicator, as well as open world exploration being introduced.