Research document

Research Documents are collectibles found within the 2 part DLC's following Kidman's story (The Assignment and The Consequence. These are tapes recorded by Marcelo Jimenez. Collecting these results in obtaining the Doctor's Notes trophy/achievement.

The Assignment Edit

Chapter 1: An Oath Edit

  • Research Document #1: Entry #231

Follow Shade through the double doors. It's on the ground in front of the corpse.

  • Research Document #2: Entry #16

After getting past the light puzzle, shine your flashlight on the Mobius symbol to make a desk appear.

  • Research Document #3: Entry 229

Left of the double doors descending the stairs.

Chapter 2: Crossing Paths Edit

  • Research Document #4: Entry #239

After killing the second invisible Haunted, it's on a desk in the room with the windows.

  • Research Document #5: Entry #246

After getting all 3 fuses and restoring power to the gate, go through the door and it's sitting on a yellow barrel in the corner.

  • Research Document #6: Entry #215

At the top of the staircase, shine your light on the Mobius symbol to reveal a door. Solve the puzzle (rotate the piece on the right once) inside by completing the symbol to reveal a secret panel containing the document.

  • Research Document #7: Entry #201

On the table at the end, next to the red sofa.

The Consequence Edit

Chapter 3: Illusions Edit

  • Research Document #1: Entry #154

Look into the lit up cell. After the man leaves, it will be on the stool he was sitting on.

  • Research Document #2: Entry #120

After getting the track, head through the security door. It's on the desk across from where you entered.

  • Research Document #3: Entry #209

Once through the giant locked puzzle door, it's on a shelf to your right.

  • Research Document #4: Entry #133

After crossing the scaffolding, it's on an electrical box to your right with a red warning light close by.

Chapter 4: A Ghost is Born Edit

  • Research Document #5: Entry #31

After going through the elevator shaft/vent, it's on a table to your right.

  • Research Document #6: Entry 232

On a table next to the red sofa.

  • Research Document #7: Entry 188

After you hear Leslie's past, it's at the end of the hall on a shelf.

  • Research Document #8: Entry #264

Enter Beacon Mental Hospital. Go in the open door on your right to find it on a desk.


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