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Randall's Crossing is a location found in The Evil Within and The Assignment.


Randall's Crossing is a village found in the outskirts of Krimson City, a significant distance below it's elevated level, and eventually leading down to the neighboring village of Elk River.

It is unknown what year the community was founded, though given the informal dispersion of homes thoughout the countryside, it is possible that there never officially was, and, as a result, the phrase that was initially given to the forested land and became referencial to both the community and the land itself as people began settling there.

The denizens of Randall's Crossing lived a rather simple and old-fashioned life in comparison to the vast and sophisticated metropolis extramural to their land, sporting small wooden cottages and sheds clad with decor reminiscant to that of the Amish lifestyle.

Livestock and farming were primarily relied upon for produce, and come nightime, campfires, torches, lanterns and candles were used for lighting. The abundance of wagons and cottages would imply that many of the village's residents were settlers, and those without a cabin would make due with tents, and what furniture couldn't fit inside would be placed outside them.

At the edge of the town, outside a crude crank-operated gate, is a massive bridge constructed from logs, the Crossing's namesake, closed off by another gate. Below lies the Elk River and several small boats to maneuver the waters, leading straight down to the Elk River Village close by.

Around mid 2009 or sometime therafter, the unassuming farmers would begin falling prey to the murderous neuroscientist and heir to the Victoriano wealth, later known as Ruvik. The hapless peasants would serve as no more than expendable "microbes" in his pursuit of the creation of STEM, their disemboweled and vivisected corpses occasionally being left behind in the Crossing's vicinity thereafter.

After Marcelo Jimenez activates the wireless STEM prototype, it would seem the remainder of the Crossing's populace were pulled in, resulting in the abundance of farmstead utility-weilding Haunted dressed in practical pioneer clothing, from floral gingham dresses to hide vests.

The Evil Within

After excaping Krimson City with Oscar Connelly, Juli Kidman, Leslie Withers and Marcelo Jimenez and surviving the ambulance crash, Sebastian crawls out from the flaing wreckage and dizzily heads into the dark and placid forest, gathering a few meager supplies along the way.

After finding an oil lantern and noticing silhouettes inside a tent below, Sebastian tumbled down the slope and approaches the figure, which is revealed to be an inhuman and vicious creature that was once patrolman Connelly.

Sebastian pursues Leslie through a small cave and down the countryside, battling Haunted and avoiding beartraps and dynamite-rigged tripwires along the way as he heads to the Crossing, where he is forced to jump over the edge into Elk River as a horde pursues him to the locked gate.

The Assignment

Juli Kidman awakens from the crash no differently than the others, though she seemingly remained in the rear of the ambulance until daybreak, unbeknownst to Sebastian. Though her stay in Randall's Crossing is brief, she heads down a cave tunnel where she is attacked by a Haunted Oscar Connelly as well, driving her stiletto heel into his throat before falling off a ledge to the rest of the tunnel below. Juli begins hearing voices as the tunnel shakes violently. Juli spots Leslie, and then has an epiphany. She then dizzily reconcentrates, finding herself in The Administrator's office within the MOBIUS Headquarters.


  • It would seem that Randall's Crossing endured the effects of STEM slightly better than Elk River Village, as at least two survivors can be found, dying shortly thereafter in a gruesome transformation.