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Prestige Hotel is a location found in The Evil Within in Chapter 13 and The Consequence.


While the entire exterior of the large building isn't really seen directly, glimpses of it can be seen whilst travelling through areas near the side with collapsed walls. While the interior remains in relatively sound condition in contrast to the effects of STEM on most other locations, there are several portions of the exterior on sides of the building that have suffered immense damage. The interior has countless lovely rooms and several floors, decorated with all manner of things, from plants and luggage from previous guests to paintings and vending machines.

As Sebastian traverses further into the facility, more and more damage to areas on the lower floors can be seen. Some rooms are missing floors or ceilings entirely, and near one of the staircases the wall caved in on itself. There were many loose fires as well. Areas more predominantly inhabited by Haunted tend to have doors sealed off with intertwined barbed wire, and the Ruvik Doppelgangers have set up numerous acid-sprinkler traps, affecting only humans. Towards some of the lower floors of the facility is where The Keeper dwells, upon being driven from the catacombs of Cedar Hill Church. The dead bodies of victims who were caught in his traps lay scattered in his wake, along with discarded safes. There is one hallway he is seen dragging a body down that was filled with so much smoke Sebastian had to go through a ventilation system.

The hotel also has a dining hall and a kitchen, which was previously normal until Ruvik transformed it into a hellish collection of death traps. A walk-in meat locker nearby the kitchen is where The Keeper primarily lurks when not roaming the halls. Sebastian faces off with him there before escaping in a dumbwaiter and exiting the hotel not long after. In front of the hotel is a park-like area with many untainted trees and grass. Sebastian follows Kidman and Leslie there after escaping the hotel but it can also be seen when looking over the ledge from the area where Ivan talks to Sebastian and he acquires the magnum.

The Prestige Hotel keycard that Juli acquires in The Consequence.

The Evil Within

While travelling through the city on a bus, Sebastian, Joseph and Kidman are lifted through the air by Ruvik and thrown into the hotel, which they must escape from. Sebastian becomes separated from Joseph after a short while, and must make it on his own again, progressively travelling from floor to floor, battling Haunted along the way, virtually all the ones that aren't Ruvik Doppelgangers being iron masked, meaning Sebastian must make use of the abundant traps in the environment to take them out. At some point along the way, Joseph is pursued by The Keeper, who eventually chases him down to the meat locker where they battled long enough for a dumbwaiter to come for him to escape on. Sebastian catches up just as this is happening, and he must do the same. It is later revealed that the dumbwaiter became stuck on something along the way and without Juli fixing it on accident, he wouldn't have gotten out.

The Consequence

While Sebastian and Joseph are initially under the assumption that Kidman was still in the bus when it fell from the side of the building, it is revealed she was really in another floor of the hotel of the whole time, facing her own inner demons along the way, and spending a considerable amount of time in freezer-like areas or dining halls chasing after Leslie.