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Premiere is the Eighth chapter of The Evil Within 2.


Grand Theater

You will begin the chapter in the theatre. Go upstairs in the main lobby, then look behind you at the top of stairs where you see a painting. There is a resonance point here. Tune into the residual memory then head through the double doors to trigger a cutscene.

Avoiding the Aperature

After the cutscene, you will be transported in a long hallway. Run down the hallway towards the light and chase Stefano only to find the hallway crumbled and destroyed by the Aperature.

At this point, you will have avoid the Aperature's light by moving from cover points. Be careful, as remaining in the Aperature's light for too long will result in immediate death. In order to avoid this, wait for the spotlight to pass and quickly make your way to another cover point.

There is a locker key halfway through, hidden behind some rubble. To get it, instead of rushing to the slanted piece of wall after climbing up over the big step and to the tall rubble, take cover behind the small piece of rubble away from the eye to find a statue on the opposite side. Once you got the key, keep moving from cover point to another until you reach the end.

Finishing Stefano

You will find yourself in a room with double doors in front of you. Go through them to find a dark room with a mirror, some red gel and crafting supplies. Save and horde some ammo for the upcoming boss fight before leaving.

Once you exit the room, you will enter the same area you were in Chapter 2. Make your way down the stairs to the bottom level. Grab the Medical Kit behind the stairs before entering the hallway and through the double doors labeled "Sebastian Castellanos" to start the fight.



  • Sebastian Castellanos
  • Stefano Valentini
  • Lily Castellanos
  • Myra Hanson




  • Aperature
  • The Watcher (cutscene)



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