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Personnel Files are special Documents that can be collected throughout The Assignment and The Consequence. These are files, records, and logged interviews between Juli Kidman and an unnamed Mobius agent, which provide more insight into the life, mission, and personal details of Kidman that the main game otherwise glossed over.

The Assignment

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The article or section below may contain minor to major plot spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

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KCPD Criminal Record

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Case # 4576-564-G7
Description: <Record Expunged - Juvenile Offense>

Case # 8467-835-F4
Description: <Record Expunged - Juvenile Offense>

Case # 9264-836-X3
Description: <Record Expunged - Juvenile Offense>

Case # 7203-194-D3
Description: <Record Expunged - Juvenile Offense>

Case # 7203-194-D3
Description: <Record Expunged - Juvenile Offense>

Case # 7394-247-H3
Description: Criminal Trespass, Destruction of Property

Case # 8354-102-K4
Description: Grand Theft, Receipt of Stolen Goods

Case # 9203-710-F4
Description: Vagrancy, Underage Consumption of Alcohol

Case # 7104-846-J7
Description: Shoplifting, Resisting Arrest

Case # 7103-825-D3
Description: Burglary

Case # 8230-835-G5
Description: Possession of Controlled Substance, with Intent to Sell

Case # 8493-492-W2
Description: Description: Robbery with Use of Firearm, Assault, Grand Theft, Criminal Evasion, Resisting Arrest, Assault on an Officer


Location: Found in Chapter 1: An Oath. After being attacked by the Haunted Oscar Connelly, go down the tunnel on the right to find the file sitting on a chair.

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Recording #1: Recruitment

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AGENT: Kidman, Juli. You've assembled quite the resume, I see.

KIDMAN: They taught you to read at the police academy. I'm impressed.

AGENT: Your attitude won't be necessary today.

KIDMAN: What is this place? Why am I here?

AGENT: You've been arrested, Ms. Kidman, and you are currently being detained. I'm sure even you could decipher that.

KIDMAN: That's not what I asked. This isn't a regular interrogation room. They don't give you cushy chairs when you're about to be sent to lockup.

AGENT: No current address, on your own since fourteen. A runaway, it seems. Quite impressive you've made it this long without coming to your sense. If your street smarts are that keen, I'd imagine you'd have turned yourself around by now.

KIDMAN: It's more about survival. You think I'm pissed I got caught? At least I get free food in jail. It's all good to me.

AGENT: What if I told you that today could be different for you? You're a smart kid. You've got nothing to lose, no one to miss you. A person with those qualities could be open to very specific opportunities.

KIDMAN: What are you saying? You offering me a Get Out of Jail Free card or something?

AGENT: Not quite that, but something close.

KIDMAN: I'm listening.


Location: Found in Chapter 1: An Oath, on a desk in the room with the neural scanner.

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Recording #13: Disposition

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AGENT: Ms. Kidman. Please tell me about your family.

KIDMAN: Next Subject.

AGENT: No, we've prolonged this talk for a while now. It's important for our understanding of you.

KIDMAN: They never gave a shit. Too caught up in that church of theirs. More like a cult. It was like a punishment. Nothing I ever did was good enough for them.

AGENT: They abused you?

KIDMAN: No. It was more like neglect. That's why when I just left they didn't care. They never came looking. They just gave up.

AGENT: And you never went back to them?

KIDMAN: I did, a couple of years later. They were gone. Everyone was gone. It was like the whole town got up and moved. I should have felt something but I didn't.

AGENT: And how do you feel about it now?

KIDMAN: The same. They can rot for all I care. It was strange, though. There's a statue in the center of town; an angel with its head in its hands. I used to just stare at it when I was young, thinking it was sad. But now, I felt like even that statue knew how pitiful life was there. What a terrible place.


Location: Found in Chapter 2: Crossing Paths, on Juli's mother's old rocking chair.

The Consequence

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The article or section below may contain minor to major plot spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

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Recording #31: Debriefing

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AGENT: You've been on assignment for a week. How has it been?

KIDMAN: Observe and report, just like you ordered. It's surreal to be on the other side after all I've been through.

AGENT: Any signs of anything?

KIDMAN: Nothing yet. I'm not about to be caught snooping around the classified room while I'm still on probation, so I can't get what they have on us.

AGENT: Just earn their trust. That's all you can do now. It'll take a while, but in the end they will let you in.

KIDMAN: I didn't know all these police officers were characters, though. Guess the tough hardboiled detective stereotype is still going strong.

AGENT: Our reports on Oda are that he doesn't let things slide, so be extra careful around him.

KIDMAN: Will do, though I can't imagine us getting along well.

AGENT: And Detective Castellanos. Anything you have to share on him?

KIDMAN: Seems drunk half the time, but at least he's considerate. Is he really the one people are concerned about? He seems almost harmless.

AGENT: He is known to get emotional. Just make sure to give him his space. Respect him as your superior.


Location: Found in Chapter 3: Illusions. After looping into Sebastian's office for the third time and witnessing the flashback between him and Joseph, check the small table with a lamp next to the bulletin board near the other door.

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Recording #26: Assignment

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AGENT: Well, here's where you'll be living. The view's pretty spectacular, huh?

KIDMAN: Holy shit, this is different than I'm used to. If you saw where I grew up.

AGENT: The past is over; you are with us now. Here are the keys. It's yours. You'll have to take care of your own food, clothing, and incidentals, but your bank account has more than enough to take care of that.

KIDMAN: So, that's it? What am I supposed to do?

AGENT: Whatever you desire. But your assignment at the Krimson Police Department is precedent to everything. You are a police officer and you must live as such and act as such.

KIDMAN: I don't normally say this, but thank you.

AGENT: You shouldn't be thanking us. These aren't gifts we provide. You have a very specific assignment at KCPD and all of this is in exchange for that.

KIDMAN: OK, you're right. Sorry.

AGENT: Don't apologize. Just show us you can do your job.


Location: Found in Chapter 3: Illusions, pinned to a wall with a knife in the hotel.

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Recording #4: Indoctrination

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AGENT: Please, roll up your sleeve.

KIDMAN: Whoa, now. That's a big syringe. Don't think you're putting that fucking thing in me.

AGENT: Ms. Kidman, you agreed to this. Don't forget that. Nothing we are doing is malicious; it's only proper protocol.

KIDMAN: You know what's proper protocol? Telling the person getting the fucking shot where the hell she is and what's the fucking <cry of pain> Dammit! That hurt!

KIDMAN: Hey guys, what the fuck? Is anyone there? You give me a shot then just let this weird video play on repeat? Some great fucking medical science you've got going on in here!

KIDMAN: About damn time. All right, can I go now?

AGENT: Not right now, Ms. Kidman. How are you feeling? Any headaches? Nosebleeds, perhaps?

KIDMAN: What? No. But I do feel a little floaty, almost like I'm underwater.

AGENT: That's consistent with the effects of the compound. We just have one last part of this test to partake in. Then you will be free to go.

KIDMAN: Sure. Go for it, I guess.

AGENT: Good. I will now ask you a series of questions. You will answer them while watching the images in front of you. You will not look away from the screen. Do you understand?


AGENT: Question Number 1: Have you ever felt abandoned by the ones you trusted?


Location: Found in Chapter 4: A Ghost is Born, on a table next to the red sofa just before descending the escalators near the end of the level.


A Piece of My Past.jpg A Piece of My Past
15 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Collect all Personnel Files The Assignment.
Becoming an Agent.jpg Becoming an Agent
15 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Collect all Personnel Files in The Consequence.
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