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Pedro Martin is the father of Marta Martin and protagonist of The Executioner DLC[citation needed].


Prior to The Evil Within

Pedro was an ordinary citizen of Krimson City, where he lived with his daughter Marta and an unnamed wife. Despite their efforts, Marta was struck with an unknown mental condition that can prove dangerous, so against his will, she left home to put herself under the care of doctor Ruben Victoriano.

The Consequence

Pedro is seen on a missing persons poster at the Krimson City Police Department Precinct. Unlike before when it was always blurred, Pedro's whole face is visible this time around.

The Executioner

After the events of the main game, a second STEM device was created by MOBIUS to try and replicate Ruvik's mind transfer attempt, and to that end they've connected a handful of subjects they have on hand into the machine, one of them being Marta herself.

Reluctantly enlisted by the organization, Pedro was plugged into their system, where he takes on the role of The Keeper, and was tasked with traveling through the Victoriano Manor and take out the other subjects if he is to rescue his daughter.

After killing his way through everything else MOBIUS has to offer, Pedro/The Keeper finally reaches his daughter at the end of a hallway. Before he can approach her, however, his avatar suddenly collapses to his knees, where a mass of dark matter emanates from him and condenses into the form of the Dark Keeper, who takes Marta away. Pedro gives chase, and after a grueling fight, manages to take out his dark counterpart at the cost of his own avatar.

Despite the Keeper avatar's demise, however, Pedro does not suffer from brain death. The final shot of the DLC shows Marta, alive and well, standing over Pedro's STEM tub and holding his hand as she awaits his awakening.

Killed Victims


  • Pedro along with his daughter are one of a very small handful of people featured in missing posters that are still alive.
  • During the few out-of-STEM shots of the DLC, Pedro seems to be garbed in the same overalls and apron as the Keeper he controls, right down to the same gloves and boots. Whether this was a coincidence or that Tango Gameworks just rescaled the Keeper's headless model to provide a stand-in for him is still debatable.
  • Probably like his daughter, he was going to be named Pedro Diez, but the name was later changed.