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Oscar Connelly is a character and a police officer who appears in The Evil Within.


Despite him being an all-around nice and friendly person, Oscar is notably lazy and unmotivated, though not that he minds in any way and is entirely content with spending much of his career as a regular patrolman.

As soon as he turns into one of The Haunted, however, all of the noted friendliness goes away, giving rise to a vicious and murderous side of the officer that his colleagues have never seen.


The Evil Within

Oscar Connelly was the police officer responsible for driving Sebastian CastellanosJoseph Oda and Juli Kidman to Beacon Mental Hospital following the disappearance of the previous dispatch. Upon arriving at the asylum, Oscar is left outside along with Kidman to attempt to contact others in the police department, while the other two detectives make their way into the reception.

Later on, after Sebastian has successfully escaped from the Sadist, Oscar arrives in an ambulance with Kidman, Dr. Marcelo Jimenez and Leslie Withers in tow, but he has no idea where Joseph went. The ground then shakes, and Oscar tells the detective to get in quickly as the scenery around them dissolves. As they make their escape, another wave of ringing noises stuns the occupants of the ambulance before turning Oscar into one of the Haunted, who promptly proceeds to attack Sebastian. With no one at the wheel, the ambulance veers off the road, crashes and overturns.

Sometime prior to Sebastian's awakening, the Haunted Oscar have managed to kill an extramural denizen of Randall's Crossing and proceeds to eat his brain. His police sidearm is dropped in the process, which is then used to shoot him down by Sebastian in self-defense, much to his horror. Oscar expires soon after, and his lifeless corpse is seen at the end of the game slumped over in the STEM pod along with Dr. Marcelo Jimenez.

The Assignment

Oscar appears briefly in the DLC in an encounter where he attacks a disoriented Juli Kidman in an attempt to kill her. After getting wounded by Juli kicking him through the chin with her high heel, the Haunted Oscar pushes her down a ledge and walks away and dies shortly after at the hands of Sebastian.

The Executioner

Connelly appears as a Haunted at the very start of the DLC, bursting through the doors of the Victoriano Mansion as Pedro Martin/The Keeper approaches and serves as a live tutorial for the player to learn the basic moves of this mode.

Connelly will not appear during a New Game+.


  • When Sebastian encounters Connelly as an enemy, the scene is a reference to the first zombie encounter in Resident Evil, another horror game from Shinji Mikami.
    • Connelly does not have to be fought and can be fled from. He will not pursue Sebastian into the caves due to there being a scripted event involving Leslie, and will just patrol the area he was encountered in.
  • He is the first enemy that Sebastian, Juli, and The Keeper face.


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