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On the Hunt is the Sixth chapter of The Evil Within 2.


The Marrow

From City Hall, follow the curve of the road until you reach the small building on your left which is where you originally came from. Go inside, climb down the ladder and return to The Marrow via the computer.

You will enter the area where you originally came from, this time you are searching for "Exit D5". A new passage that you couldn't access before will open up in front of you as you enter The Marrow. You will hear Lily's voice as you pass through. To your left, there is a door locked by a waveform puzzle. Match the amplitude and longitude to unlock the door to find a supply crate with ammo inside you can take. Continue down the hallway to find another door on your left. Go inside to find a dead MOBIUS operative with a handgun ammo pouch. Pass through the opening in the fence on your right to find two Lost lurking in the area. Kill them with a sneak attack or use the barrels laid out in the area to take care of them with a single shot. Once they're dead, look up into the piping to find a hidden statue containing a locker key. Shoot at the statue and pick up the key on the ground and continue through the open doorway. Go down the stairs until you reach a dead end and pass through the door on the left.

You will enter an area covered in white goop. Continue down the hallway and down the stairs on your right. At the bottom of the stairs, turn right to enter the door to find a large room with several monitors. This will trigger one of Sebastian's flashbacks. As soon as it ends, look on the counter with a projector to find Slide 04: Sebastian and Myra next to the projector.

Encountering The Watcher

After collecting the slide, go through the door on the left of the projector and turn around the corner to find a monster slamming the doors shut. Open the doors to find The Watcher inside. Try to sneak past it by using the boxes laid on the right side of the room for cover.

When you reach the pillar at the far right corner, you will find your path blocked by several boxes that you can't break or leap over. Instead of going around it, wait for The Watcher to move the boxes, then sneak around it to avoid detection.

Go into the next room, then follow the path through the hallway until you find an open doorway on the left. Enter the room to find some unbreakable crates and double doors at the far side of the room. In the far left corner behind some crates, you can find a Mysterious Bobblehead collectible.

Once you've looted the area, try to open the double doors. This will trigger a quick-time event where Sebastian is attacked by The Watcher. You'll be equipped with the standard Semi-Automatic Handgun and will be required to shoot it to break free.

Exit D5

After escaping The Watcher, take a left in the new area and follow the markings on the wall to Exit D5. As you make your way down the hallway, you will find a door locked by a waveform lock. Solve the puzzle to enter the room, grab the Report #00532: Displacement Protocols, loot the rest of the items in the room and make your way to Yukiko Hoffman's safe house to trigger a short cutscene.

Post Plus

After the cutscene, check Hoffman's computer for an Email - Core Candidates. Search the rest of the safe house for items, then leave her safe house through the door marked "Exit D5" to return to Union.

You'll find yourself in the Post Plus safe house, refill on health and ammo if necessary, then leave. Directly outside the safe house, there is a resonance point. Tune into the resonance point then leave the building.

When you're outside, look to your right to see the Grand Theatre. Make your way to the front gate to discover it has been blocked off with two pieces of Stefano's artwork. This will trigger a conservation with him, marking the end of the chapter.


  • On the Hunt


  • Sebastian Castellanos
  • Yukiko Hoffman
  • Myra Hanson (memory)


Mysterious Items

  • Mysterious Bobblehead

Photographic Slides

  • Slide 04: Sebastian and Myra


  • Report #00532: Displacement Protocols
  • Email - Core Candidates


  • Handgun Ammo Pouch


  • The Lost
  • The Watcher



  • If The Watcher spots you while escaping the room, it will start chasing you until you reach the room with the Mysterious Bobblehead, and then vanishing as if it lost your sight. However, opening the doors will cause it to come back and attack you.
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