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Obscura is an antagonist in The Evil Within 2.


Obscura was created by Stefano Valentini from the remains of at least two victims, one of them being a young woman living in Union at the time of its breakdown. The main body consists of a female corpse arched backwards on its back sitting on top of a stitched-together pelvis with three legs, while its head is composed of an old, perhaps overly long, large format camera with a weaponized flash bulb that it can wield against its victims. Developing three legs for a tripod, Obscura models after its creator due to its ability to stop time and often taking pictures of its victims. It is now Stefano's prized pet and ultimate masterpiece.


Chapter 5: Lying in Wait

Obscura is directly fought near the end of Chapter 5 as Valentini unleashes it on Sebastian to prevent him from activating the Stable Field Emitter

Obscura attacks mainly with its camera head. If it manages to get close enough, it will use its camera flash to briefly stun him and either does a headbutt that knocks him down, or stab him with multiple sharp appendages coming out of its rear. The camera lens is its weak spot, and can be shot to daze it for a few seconds, similarly to Shade's spotlight. If Sebastian keeps his distance, the creature will instead use the flash to disrupt progress on the Emitter until stunned. Upon taking enough damage, Obscura will retreat into one of the side rooms and hang itself upside down from the ceiling to ambush Sebastian, though it can be shot down to stun it for a few seconds. 

During this encounter, Obscura takes an obscene amount of damage to kill, so the most practical approach is to either drive her away or hide. Sebastian must defend the Emitter for 90 seconds, after which the device activates and Obscura will vanish after apparently being temporarily phased out of existence by the device's effects.

Chapter 7: Lust for Art

Obscura appears again in Chapter 7 as Sebastian goes to destroy Valentini's artworks, slightly larger this time. The painting it resides in is located on the second floor of Sanctuary Hotel.

Unlike the last encounter, Obscura is initially unaware of Sebastian's whereabouts, who must sneak past the creature to find the key to the nearby metal gate. Obscura patrols the halls slowly in a set pattern. If it spots Sebastian, he will have to run away or incapacitate it with gunfire long enough to lift the gate and leave. Directly fighting the creature and actually "killing" it is possible this time with enough firepower, and will net the player with a pool of either Green Gel 7000 in New Game or Green Gel 21000 in New Game+ for their troubles.

If it was not fought and killed during the second encounter, it is unknown what became of Obscura after Sebastian defeated Valentini, though it presumably perished as Union is destroyed towards the end of the game.

Death Animations

  • If Sebastian is finished off by Obscura's metal appendages, the creature will stab him in the shoulders with said blades, pin him to the floor, then impale him through the head as it takes a picture of the scene with its camera.


  • Camera obscura (Latin for dark room) is the precursor to modern cameras, consisting of an enclosed box or room with a lens that projects the inverted image of an object behind it onto a wall or canvas, commonly used as a drawing aid.
  • Oбскура (Obscura written in Cyrillic alphabet) is written on the top plaque on Obscura's camera face.
  • It is worth noting that during the player's battles with Obscura, it makes disturbing, low-pitched moaning noises when at a stand-still, and faster, high-pitched sounds while on the run or chasing after the player. These noises could be connected to what Stefano himself hears when making his "art"; instead of the pained screaming of the woman he is working on, he only hears sounds of pleasure.
  • In the middle of Chapter 2, if the player ascends the staircase a second time and reaches the end, a faint moaning sound can be heard from a distance, foreshadowing Obscura's appearance early in the game.


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