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There are several Mysterious Objects that can be found throughout the game, many off the beaten path, that are references to other games published by the subsidiaries of ZeniMax Media: Arkane Studios, Bethesda Softworks and id Software. These objects will appear in Sebastian's office when collected.


The Evil Within 2- All Mysterious Objects

Mysterious Objects

  • Mysterious Mask- Found in Chapter 3. Start by walking towards the end of the street from the first Safe house, then make a right and proceed to the trainyard. Look for this object inside the second traincar to the left, on top of a seat near the very back end of it.
  • Mysterious Machine - Found in Chapter 3 in the Tredwell Trucking yard. When going to activate the power to open the shuttered gate, make a right instead of going through the metal door and proceed around the fence to an opened truck with several crates in it. The object is located behind these crates.
  • Mysterious Weapon Replica - Also found in Chapter 3. Near the House Inn you will find a shed surrounded by a chain link fence. Climb to the top of the shed and walk across the boards to the top of a nearby house where the item is located.
  • Mysterious Bobblehead - This item is found during Chapter 6. After fighting off or escaping from the The Watcher, the object can be found hidden between two crates near the exit to the area. This is much easier to locate if one goes left around the stack of boxes in the room.
  • Mysterious Action Figure - This item is located in the Union Business District during Chapter 7. It can be found inside a large garbage bin next to the corpse and Residual Memory of MOBIUS agent Stevens while searching for the key to open the storage shed next to Post Plus.
  • Mysterious Symbol - This item is found during Chapter 12. When exploring Sebastian's house, go upstairs and find the door to his office to the left of the stairs. The item is sitting on his desk.
  • Mysterious Mug - This item is found during Chapter 13. After taking shelter in the Sanctuary Hotel with Yukiko Hoffman, this item can be found on the check in desk on the bottom floor of the hotel.
  • Mysterious Toy - During the final chapter, this item can be found sitting on a shelf in Sebastian's house in plain sight.


All in the Family.jpg All in the Family
25 Gamerscore - This is a bronze trophy.

Collected all of the Mysterious Objects.


  • The Mysterious Mask is that of Corvo Attano from Arkane's 2012 videogame Dishonored.
  • The Mysterious Machine is a model of the Panzerhund from MachineGames' 2014 videogame Wolfenstein: The New Order. Collecting it triggers the sound effects for picking up items from that game.
  • The Mysterious Weapon Replica is a model of the Rocket Launcher from id Software's 1996 videogame Quake. The sound bits that play after picking it up is the cue for Quad Damage from Quake II and Quake III Arena.
  • The Mysterious Bobblehead is one of Vault Boy from Bethesda's Fallout universe.
  • The Mysterious Action Figure is one of the collectibles depicting the Doom Slayer from id Software's 2016 2016 semi-reboot of the Doom franchise. Picking it up plays a short bit of the remastered soundtrack from E1M1, Hangar, from the first Doom. This tune also plays whenever collecting one of the figurines in the 2016 Doom.
  • The Mysterious Symbol depicts the logo for ZeniMax's 2014 MMO The Elder Scrolls Online.
  • The Mysterious Mug bears the logo of TranStar, the world's premiere aerospace corporation in Arkane's 2017 reboot of the Prey series.
  • The Mysterious Toy depicts the Keeper from the first Evil Within.


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