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"At least he died fighting...Without him, that Stable Field Emitter would still be off."
―Sebastian, reflecting on Miles missing person poster

Miles Harrison is the arms specialist and hardware expert of Alpha Team. He is a minor character in The Evil Within 2 and a brief ally to Sebastian Castellanos during this search of the City Hall.


Miles Harrison wears the standard uniform of MOBIUS combatants and wears his blonde hair in a short buzzcut.

The Evil Within 2

As a member of Alpha Team, Harrison was sent inside Union about one week prior to Sebastian's own insertion to investigate the disturbances caused by the disappearance of its STEM Core, only to be beset by deranged versions of the townspeople and separated from his team.

Eventually, Harrison fought his way to the Union City Hall, where a Stable Field Emitter was housed in an attempt to restore some semblance of stability to the environment. However, before he could turn on the device, Harrison was attacked and fatally injured. Regardless, he was still able to give his communicator to Sebastian and implored him to reactivate the Stable Field Emitter before dying.


  • If Sebastian opted to use the back door to enter the City Hall, Harrison will instead be met in a back office just a few steps away from the ladder leading to the basement. Should the fight with the Guardian be avoided entirely, Harrison will even have some unique dialoge to reflect this, but will still die regardless.
  • Due to the large amount of dead MOBIUS agents found throughout the vicinity, it can be suggested that Harrison met up with members of the Union security detail to protect and assist him with the job.
  • Harrison expresses knowledge of Stefano Valentini's powers, hinting at him possibly having fought the man before, and also knows that the Stable Field Emitter would limit them, as the machine's function is to stabilize any abnormalities in Union.