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The Medical Kit is a consumable item in The Evil Within and its DLC The Executioner. It returns in The Evil Within 2 with its prior role unchanged.


The Medical Kit appears as a nondescript first-aid kit with a red logo of Beacon Mental Hospital on the lid. It presumably contains painkillers or various analgesic agents to help dull pain when applied, along with unrevealed components that increase the physical fortitude of the user.

By the time of The Evil Within 2, the Medical Kit bears a red Union insignia with a white cross on its lid instead of the Beacon logo. Such Kits can now be crafted in addition to being found, instead of being strictly rare finds like in the first game.

Using a Medical Kit restores a set value of 110% of Sebastian Castellanos' base health, completely healing him while extending his life meter by 10%, at the cost of leaving him disorientated for a short amount of time after use. Subsequent kits will add 10% base health value to his maximum life each, up to a maximum of 150%. For tougher users like The Keeper, consuming a Kit does not completely heal them, but does replenish a significant amount with no other ill effects.

The Medical Kit serves the same purpose in the sequel as it did in the previous game, however, it will no longer cause Sebastian to become disoriented. Medical kits can also be crafted by using medicinal herbs.


  • One Medical Kit is granted for free to players who pre-ordered the games. These Kits are bundled within The Fighting Chance Pack and The Last Chance Pack, respectively, and are not given again upon starting a New Game+.
  • Sebastian injects the medical kit directly into his chest.
  • Like Keys, Medical Kits are one-time use items and, once collected, do not reappear in New Game+.
  • The Beta icon for the Medical Kit has a red cross emblem on the lid, however this was changed as the icon cannot be freely used in media without explicit consent of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. The old icon can still be found in the game's files.