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TEW1 Map Fragment.png

Map Fragments are 28 pieces of square tiles found throughout the game's world and are added to the board in the Safe Haven when collected, forming a complete overhead map of Krimson City. Collecting all 28 fragments unlocks two gun cases containing the Burst Handgun and High-Penetration Sniper Rifle in the Haven's back room upon loading a cleared save and viewing the completed map.

Collecting these is part of the Every Nook and Cranny Achievement/Trophy.

Map Fragments

# Image Location Chapter
TEW1 Map Fragment 1.png

This tile can be found during the Green Gel upgrade tutorial behind the upgrade chair.


TEW1 Map Fragment 2.png

After the scene where two villagers are turned into The Haunted, proceed up the road until hitting a fork. Take the right path up to the house on the nearby hill and check the couch near the front door for the piece.


TEW1 Map Fragment 3.png

After exiting the village via the crank gate, stick to the left of the path and check the small shack to the roadside for the piece.


TEW1 Map Fragment 4.png

On the floor of the chapter's only Safe Haven room, just in front of the mirror.

Claws of the Horde

TEW1 Map Fragment 5.png

As soon as the chapter starts, move up the left path to a small shack on stilts. A fat Haunted will burst through the door, revealing the room beyond. Check inside to get the fragment.

The Patient

TEW1 Map Fragment 6.png

Using the mirror in the shack next to the hospice, enter the Safe Haven and check the floor inside Sebastian's cell to find the piece.

The Patient

TEW1 Map Fragment 7.png

Immediately after collecting Fragment #6, go out into the hall and approach Nurse Tatiana. The cell closest to her right will creak open and Leslie's voice can be heard coming from within. Enter this room and inspect the sink after the first ripple.

The Patient

TEW1 Map Fragment 8.png

As soon as the chapter starts, look in the corner to the left of the bloody writing on the wall, opposite the door to the cracked mirror portal.

Inner Recesses

TEW1 Map Fragment 9.png

Before entering the room where Juli Kidman is trapped in the water tank, Joseph Oda will wait by a set of double doors. The save room is to the right, while the tile is on the floor to the left.

Inner Recesses

TEW1 Map Fragment 10.png

After being pulled through the floor by Laura, go through the nearby Safe Haven door to find the fragment on the floor in a corner.

Inner Recesses

TEW1 Map Fragment 11.png

After gaining access to the tower with the broken elevator, go upstairs and check around the lift shaft near the stacked crates.

Losing Grip on Ourselves

TEW1 Map Fragment 12.png

After the cutscene with Joseph outside the cemetery, the player will regain control of Sebastian in a room full of butchered animals and meat. Check on a cage near the cutting table for the piece.

Losing Grip on Ourselves

TEW1 Map Fragment 13.png

The fragment is on the altar in the starting hall.

The Keeper

TEW1 Map Fragment 14.png

After Sebastian enters the pulsating cave path and falls into the Hospital hallway, immediately turn around to spot the fragment in the direction the player was walking from.

A Planted Seed Will Grow

TEW1 Map Fragment 15.png

Entering the forest, Sebastian will approach a single sunflower before Ruvik appears. In the path leading to the mansion, look to the right on some ruined pillars for this piece.

The Cruelest Intentions

TEW1 Map Fragment 16.png

On the second floor of the Victoriano Estate. Along the same passage with the grinder trap is a bathroom with the tile sitting on the bathtub.

The Cruelest Intentions

TEW1 Map Fragment 17.png

After escaping the mannequin head nightmare and teleporting into Ruvik’s lab, look on the bloody desk near the door for the piece.

The Cruelest Intentions

TEW1 Map Fragment 18.png

Inside the twisted chamber with the spinning blade, there is an exit into a hallway leading to a ladder. To the left of the ladder there’s a side-room. Check out the cabinets inside to get the fragment.

The Craftsman's Tools

TEW1 Map Fragment 19.png

In the maze hallway where a series of heated crushers slam against the wall, crawl inside and turn right to find a ladder. Up above, the player can find the fragment in the vent system.

The Craftsman's Tools

TEW1 Map Fragment 20.png

After returning to the mansion, look on the locked save room door to the left of the long passage for this piece.

The Craftsman's Tools

TEW1 Map Fragment 21.png

In the same room as the Magnum.


TEW1 Map Fragment 22.png

After riding the gondola through the destroyed building while enemies appear on both sides, the player will be able to jump down a level to enter the ruined offices. Jump down one more ledge then look right toward the edge to find a hidden fragment.


TEW1 Map Fragment 23.png

At one point, Sebastian will have to push open a blue door while Kidman asks about nosebleeds. Just after opening the door, turn left and check the back of the narrow alley.


TEW1 Map Fragment 24.png

Go to the ambulance and look inside to find the fragment.

The Ride

TEW1 Map Fragment 25.png

In the hallway with the suicide-bomber Haunted, clear out the enemies then look on the desk right through the first door on the right in the laundry room to find the piece.


TEW1 Map Fragment 26.png

At the start of the chapter, enter the security office to the right of the turnstiles. There’s a small room in the back with the fragment on a blue-ish desk.

Ulterior Motives

TEW1 Map Fragment 27.png

The last fragment in the chapter is found in the save room before the Quell boss fight.

Ulterior Motives

TEW1 Map Fragment 28.png

In the courtyard just before the save point. There’s a door directly left of the yard’s entrance. Go down the stairs and down the hall to get the tile.

An Evil Within


Every Nook and Cranny.jpg Every Nook and Cranny
30 Gamerscore - This is a silver trophy.

Collect every collectible in The Evil Within.
For other collectibles, consult the pages below.


  • The Fragments are not collected in the order in which they are assembled on the board.

Proper alignment order of the map fragments on the board.

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