"I'm getting tired of playing games."
―Sebastian, tracking down Leslie

The Mannequin Factory is a location found in Chapter 11 of The Evil Within.


Located in the levee and utility district of Krimson City, little is truly known about the factory in the real world. Given that Krimson City was always fond of it's fashion, even publishing newspaper articles pertaining to the latest trends, it can be assumed that the mannequins manufactured here were in high demand, and a great number of them were always needed to fill such roles.

The Mannequin Factory consisted of five general areas, the employee quarters, the storage room, the assembly area, the balcony exit, and the loading yard.

Overseer Office Edit

The employee quarters are accessed from the steps outside the building. The door was unlocked, as the only employee on duty at the time of the factory being pulled into STEM was killed before she could lock up. The office features a desk in front of a window overlooking the storage area for the overseer. A stairway leads down to the room.

Storage Edit

Accessed from a stairway leading to the employee office, the storage area is the main workshop where the abundance of spare parts were kept in barred bins, awaiting assembly and shipment. Inside STEM, the storage area suffers a gas leak, and will erupt in a burst of flames if Sebastian uses any firearms or matches. The Haunted lurking the area all wear black insulated coveralls, which could denote them as workers, though the true meaning is unclear. If they light their dynamite, the storage area and the room leading to the balcony explode violently.

Assembly Edit

An unseen area, and likely the true source of the gas leak, the assembly room is blocked off by a chainlink fence, the room behind it shrouded in darkness. The assembly line likely featured workshops and pallet racks, as well as intense heat to melt the plastic and other elements needed for production.

Balcony Exit Edit

An area accessed from the far side of the storage area, the balcony is only accessed by passing through a garage-style door, only unlocked with a keycard, leading into a room with a ladder. The balcony leads outside, to a separate balcony in front of the large windows. On Akumu, a horde of the halloween mask Haunted wait behind the garage door, and will grab him in a split second to kill him unless they are hastily frozen with a Freeze Bolt.

Loading Yard Edit

Outside the factory, near the steps to the office door, the loading yard is where the parts are placed into the intermodal containers and shipped off to where they are needed. In STEM, they contain both traps and supplies. The yard itself has notably overgrown grass.

The Evil WithinEdit

The Mannequin Factory is visited during the course of Chapter 11: Reunion as Sebastian Castellanos and Juli Kidman were searching for Leslie Withers.

After the assimilation of Krimson City into STEM space, the factory became rundown and infested with scores of The Haunted and Trauma. Its structural integrity became compromised, with sprung gas leaks in the warehouse posing a great fire hazard while other electrical systems have ceased to function properly.

On Akumu mode, the Trauma are replaced with mannequins riding sawblades.

In order to reach the end of the segment, the player must locate a keycard held by a deceased employee in a storage container in the far corner of the warehouse. The entire sequence is essentially a stealth-only challenge, as any gunfire at all will cause the entire factory floor to explode.

The Consequence Edit

The Mannequin Factory is only briefly visited in a cutscene in Chapter 4 of The Consequence, where Sebastian first turns into a Haunted inside the Overseer office.


  • Despite the gas leaks permeating every corner of the warehouse, Sebastian will not choke to death no matter how long he spends in there.
    • Rather oddly, lighting matches in the warehouse will cause the place to blow up, while turning on the Lantern will not.
  • The Entfremdung sociological theory, which Shinji Mikami has made remarks similar to, explores the belief that in order to combat feelings of social alienation and boredom from performing the same specialized task all day, workers achieve job satisfaction through seeing themselves as the objects they have created, and that these products in turn would be "mirrors in which the workers see [their] reflected essential nature", and subsequently, the labor is a chance to externalize facets of one's personality. Shinji Mikami has stated that many Haunted utilize bloodshed to express the evil that now permeates them. The Mannequin Factory Haunted, who worked alone in an industrial environment all day, now take to adorning featureless mannequin-like masks. The featureless nature of the masks could coincide with the disconnection that a worker feels between what they do all day, and who they really are.
  • The Trauma present in the factory could be a dark joke on how factory workers often have around 25 centimeters to move, and repeating the same motion hundreds of times per day is pathological with physical stress trauma.

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