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"This light machine gun uses standard rifle ammunition. It can fire barrages but goes through ammunition quickly"
―Inventory description.

The Machine Gun is an unlockable weapon in The Evil Within.

Along with the Rocket Launcher, it is automatically deposited into Sebastian's inventory upon completing the game once, and is accessible as soon as Chapter 2 in a New Game+ playthrough.


The Machine Gun is a relatively powerful weapon, capable of dropping lesser enemies like The Haunted in just a handful of shots and has good stopping power. Its fast fire rate gives it great potential DPS as long as there's still enough ammo to feed it. It is also surprisingly accurate for an automatic weapon.

With that said, the Machine Gun still sees very limited use if at all. The first major problem of the Machine Gun is that it uses a proprietary ammo type that isn't shared with anything else on top of being exceedingly rare, which is not helped by how quickly it burns through these bullets in a firefight. Despite its high reserve cap, rarely will there ever be enough ammo in one playthrough to fill up this stock. Secondly, while indeed powerful, it is still much too weak to use on bosses effectively due to their high health. Last but not least, it cannot be upgraded at all, so other, more specialized weaponry collected from the first playthrough tend to outshine it in most aspects.


  • Fire the Machine Gun in short, controlled bursts to maintain accuracy and avoid needless ammo wastage.
  • Go for kneecapping shots and burn the fallen enemies with a match to conserve ammo.


  • The Machine Gun was seemingly based upon an upsized Japanese Type 100 submachine gun that was rechambered for rifle ammunition and has the magazine block moved down to forward of the trigger group instead of being canted to the side. The Machine Gun also features a Heckler & Koch-type diopter drum rear sight instead of the one on the Type 100 proper.
  • The weapon's use of the name "Machine Gun" is inappropriate. A machine gun is generally defined as a crew-served support weapon with a heavy barrel and provisions to lay down large volumes of suppressive fire, and is usually fed with high-capacity ammo belts. As such, the "Machine Gun" could only be realistically considered an assault rifle at least, and a battle rifle at most, depending on its caliber.
    • The model viewer's claim that the "Machine Gun" is actually a light machine gun is also not entirely accurate. While light machine guns are more often than not man-portable and don't necessarily have to be crew-served, they are still for all intents and purposes support weapons, and would come with most if not all of the acoutrements of a regular machine gun, if only downsized.